Toys from improvised materials with their own hands / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Toys from improvised materials with their own hands / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Making children's toys from the throw-stuff with their own hands is always pleasant, but when this interesting work gives a second life to old things, it's also practical.

Cat with gloves

In each family there are several old gloves, from which their second halves fled. Throw a pity, but suddenly there is a couple. But somehow everything is not there. Sew them with your own hands kitten.

  • Turn out the middle finger inside the glove and sew a hole so that it does not return.
  • Sew and tighten the neck area. Put any filler inside the kitten.
  • Sew cat eyes and nose from old buttons. Sew the corners of the cuff, denoting the ears.
  • Cut one more single glove, sock or mitten and put on the kitten the resulting sundress.
  • Cat with gloves

    Spaniel from packages

    Of all the improvised materials and things in our life most of all there is a huge number and variety of packages. We will try to use them as the exterior of our dog. We will need:

    • a few old jackets;
    • 20-30 white plastic bags;
    • a piece of black dermatitis;
    • plastic colored bottles or a pair of tight packages (slightly, for the eyes);
    • glue, thread, needle.

    The order of performance of work

    • Sew your own hands on any pattern from old things doggie.

    Spaniel from packages

    • Cut a strip of 7-9 cm wide from the packages and make a fringe on them 2/3 of the width of the strip.

    Spaniel from packages-2

    • Starting with the fingers, tips of the tail and ears sew the strips of the packages in a spiral.

    Spaniel from packages-3

    • Cover the strips with half-width packages.

    Spaniel from packages-4

    • On the muzzle, leave 1-2 cm of tissue.

    Spaniel from packages-5

    • Make yourself a piece of artificial leather spout.

    Spaniel from packages-6

    • Cut out of the colored plastic four pieces for each eye.

    Spaniel from packages-7

    • Sew or glue them. For the eyes, you can also use pieces of colored dense packages.

    Spaniel from packages-8

    • Glue the nose and eyes, tie the bows to your ears and you can go to take the spaniel out of the packages.

    Spaniel from packages-9

    Toys made of natural material

    In order to make their own hands toysfrom natural material, it must first be collected. Take extra pleasure walking with your child in the park or in the forest, collecting cones, leaves and acorns. Sticks from straw. At all times, parents have made their children toys from any improvised materials: wood, cloth, cones, clay. But the easiest and most accessible raw material was straw. The photo shows how to make a human or horse figure out of a bunch of dry grass with your own hands. It is necessary only:

    • fold a bundle of straw in half, placing another bundle just below the fold;
    • a harsh thread (our ancestors used the same straw) tie your neck, bandaging your arms, waist, hands and feet;
    • cut the extra.

    Toys made of natural materialFrom acorns and nuts

  • Only three halves of the shell and three maple seeds will be enough to glue a small bird out of them.
  • From the acorn and its original hat you can make a Duck, a goose, a deer. The acorn is easily pierced with an awl. Neck and foot crafts can be made with their own hands from sticks or matches.
  • Toys made of natural material-2Of conesAll toys made of natural materialare also good because they are made from environmentally friendly tools. Look at the photo, how many interesting things you can make with your own hands from the usual old cones. Of young, yet undiscovered cones it is difficult to make something, they are very resinous.

  • A hedgehog made of cones. The paws and muzzle are easy to make from polymer clay.
  • Bear. Glue the toy from the old blooming cones of different sizes, gluing eyes from the buttons.
  • Funny skiers and deer of cones are obtained using polymer clay.
  • Christmas toys made of cones can be done by simply painting them with different colors or applying glue and sprinkling with rugged tinsel.
  • The fir-tree of cones looks very natural, especially if it is painted green.
  • The most natural result is a leshy of cones with eyes from buttons.
  • Christmas tree toys of buttons

    Each family has accumulated a lot of buttons, fromwhich also can be made original toys on the tree. From the buttons you get not only colorful plastic eyes that decorate soft toys, but they themselves can become funny handicrafts. And all that is necessary is to assemble a chain of buttons, threading them on a string in a certain order. Charge this job to your child. Collecting columns from buttons:

    • stimulates the fine motility of his fingers;
    • develops fantasy;
    • relieves excess of buttons;
    • increases his self-esteem, especially if he except for the figures shown, come up with something else, collected from the buttons.

    Christmas tree toys of buttons

    Toys from foam plastic

    We acquire many things, as a consequence, in theThere are a lot of packaging materials in our life, in particular, foam. It's great that we can use it and make something with our own hands that is useful or simply beautiful. Storks If you see these beautiful birds from afar, you will immediately believe that a couple of storks have flown into the garden. In fact, this is an odd thing from the usual old things in our everyday life:

    • a piece of styrofoam;
    • plastic bottles;
    • a piece of wire;
    • metal mesh;
    • corrugated hose;
    • two old cans.

    From old cans with split handlesthe torsos are formed, which are wrapped in a grid. They are fixed to a rod or a thick wire that mimics the legs of a bird. A hose is inserted into the neck. The feathers cut from plastic bottles are fastened to the mesh and hose. The heads are cut from the foam. Toys from foam plasticAirplaneSamoletik from polystyrene, which canfly, surely like your son. If there is no thick foam at hand to cut out a solid airplane, glue it out of several thin parts. Toys from foam plastic-2