Toys for kids, ideas, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Toys for kids, ideas, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Developing toys are simply necessary forlittle children. The best option is to make baby rattles with your own hands. They will allow the baby to know the outer world, to develop coordination of movements, hearing, sight. igrushki-dla-malyshey-009What will it take to work? So, to make a developing toy for a child with your own hands, you need to prepare:

  • linen gum, the width of which is about 1 cm;
  • cotton knitwear;
  • Plastic bags that rustle in different ways;
  • thin cotton knitwear;
  • fabric of different colors;
  • sintepon;
  • bell.

Rattle "Flower"

toys for kids

  • To create a toy for newborns firstit is necessary to cut out the details of the cut. It will be necessary to make petals - 6 circles with a diameter equal to 8 cm, the core of the flower - a circle, whose diameter is 4.5 cm. Also it is necessary to find the basis for the bracelet - a strip with a size equal to 25 x 3 cm.
  • As a rule, noise rattles for the mostsmall ones are equipped with a bracelet, we'll start with it. Fold the strip face down. Sew, the width of the seam should remain at the same time 5 mm, on both sides not about 2.5 cm should remain stitched.
  • The next stage in the creation of a toy with his own handsassumes that you need to unscrew the sewn strip on the front side. Then fold it in half and combine the not sewn ends. Now you need to flash them together.
  • Next in the course of creating a bracelet for kidsFold the allowances in different directions and iron them. Inside place an elastic band. Sew the ends of the gum. Remain open sections of the bracelet, tuck them inside and sew.
  • Now we have to create a flower. First, a circle is taken from the fabric and is sewn by the "needle ahead" method. Do not cut the thread.
  • The core can be made of felt as well. On top of it lay a layer of sintepon and a bells. All this is tightened in a circle. Do not forget to fix the thread!
  • How to make petals? Take a circle of cloth and place on it a similar circle from the package. Fold in half and again in half. On the edge make a note, tighten the thread, fix it, but do not cut!
  • It will be required for other petal toys. Attach the remaining petals, see that their folds are directed in one direction. Close the petals in the ring. Do not cut the thread!
  • In the center of the flower for babies place the core. Pull all the slices together. Now it remains only to sew a bracelet. That's all - the toy is ready!
  • toy for a kid with his own handsBracelet-rattle may not necessarily beexecuted in the form of a flower. Instead, it can be any form - the head of an animal, a cloud, a heart and many other figures. You can make many different bracelets.

    Interesting options for the youngest

    There are many ways to make toys for babies. Consider the most interesting and simple options. small fish for baby Make a fish with their own hands under everyone's power. The fabric is knitted. The tail is collected from multi-colored ribbons. Inside the fish, filled with their own hands, a rustling packet is placed. Buttons are used as eyes. They must be sewn as tightly as possible! The toy perfectly develops the fine motor skills of hands. Vedernko with tufts Many people will be interested in such an unusual rattle as a bucket with tufts. To produce it, you need an empty plastic jar and ribbons of different texture and length. You also need to look for an old rattle. toy for a kid with his own handsAuthor: http: // / node / 166094To make a toy, turn the bucket and hole holes on its bottom. Ribbons will be inserted in them. On each of them it is necessary to tie a pair of knots. The length of the ribbons should be such that the rattle can be used by the child independently and does not require the constant presence of adults. The tapes are fired from two sides so as not to crumble. Inside, the buckets of the tape are fixed on paper and scotch. That's all - the toy itself is almost ready! It remains only to place an old rattle in it. You can pour into the jar and groats, but it is important that the lid tightly curled. The "Owl" igrushki-dla-malyshey-006Each mother can make her own childsuch an addicting toy as a jerk. The product is interesting in that it can move wings, ears or paws. The creation process is also quite simple. The thread can be made of cardboard or corrugated board, plywood. First you need to find the details. It is recommended to cut out separately the part that will move, and the rest of the parts will be combined into one whole. The cherry should look attractive. This means that he needs to make a beak and eyes - for an owl - for this purpose buttons are suitable. Of course, a person can be executed from other elements, then how do you fantasize will tell. How to attach the wings? To ensure that the jigger is durable, it is better to fasten them to small buttons using a thread and a needle. In plywood toys the fastening takes place on small carnations. Of course, then it is not recommended to use the pull-up for newborns. toy for a kid with his own handsFor kids, you can make a toy out of felt. Felt is a bright, soft and very attractive material for children. From it you can make noise and products for mobile. You can buy the felt in special shops for sewing or in online stores. To get a butterfly from felt, we take a picture, we apply it to the material, we trace it around the contour. Now you can cut. Now everything depends on your imagination. Butterfly can be used as a noise if you place bells in it. You can also just attach it to the mobile. So, you can make original toys for babies from any material. Suitable remnants of felt, fabrics and even plastic buckets. Do not forget about the hardware! The rattle should look attractive. igrushki-dla-malyshey-007In the course can go ribbons, beads, buckles,thermo-application. Products made of felt can be made rustling. For this, cellophane bags are used. The rattle will become thundering if it is filled with croup, bones or salt. And most importantly - toys made of felt or other materials must be made with love! Only in this way will they please the kids.