Openwork weaving from beads: patterns and ways of weaving

Openwork weaving from beads: patterns and ways of weaving


The openwork weave is aBeadwork of the grid. In the end, this grid is like an openwork lace. Thanks to this weave, you can create your own original ornaments in the form of bracelets, necklaces and rings. In this article, we will consider the ways of weaving different openwork chains that will differ between each other with the number of beads and their shape.

Types of openwork weaving

The first diagram shows how one can weave fromBeads openwork triangles. Type seven beads, and then thread the needle into the right one and tighten the ring. Next, type four more pieces and draw the thread into the sixth one. Do the same until you have a product of the appropriate length. How to fix this workpiece is shown in the diagram.

The following weaving resembles a ladder, whichIs formed in a chain of diagonal square cells. You need to string twelve beads and stick the needle into the very first. Then string seven more pieces and insert the needle into the ninth of them. Next, gain 7 beads at a time and push the main material into the one that is always in the center of all strung. In the end, the work must be secured.

This workpiece is called the "eight". It is very beautiful, and most importantly, that the weaving is very easy to make by yourself. From this kind of openwork weaving can create a huge number of different patterns. Eleven glass bottles are gathered on a string or line and pass a needle into the fifth of them. Then add three more pieces and insert the thread or line in the first. Then do the manipulations according to the following scheme: after typing new four glass, thread to the second of the lot that was taken earlier. Add 3 more pieces and thread in the tenth bead, which will be the corner of the workpiece. Repeat such manipulations every time: string four pieces, the third of this batch will be a binder, then stretch the needle to the 2nd with the edge, tighten the ring. Once again add a new 3 pieces, of which the second will become a binder. Finish manipulation by pulling the thread through the corner beads.

Another scheme demonstrates how to weave a chain"A thorn". This version of delicate beadwork is a bit more complicated than all the previous ones. It resembles a zigzag or a figure eight. You need to collect six pieces of glass and stretch the thread in the fifth. Then string three more, and stretch the thread into the primary beads. Be sure to tighten the workpiece in a ring. The next denticle is made with a set of three glass. In the second of these, the main material is stretched. Again, type the same number of beads and do the same as described above. Constantly doing the same actions, you will weave the necessary openwork chain.

Openwork weaving with beads ends in a chainUnder the name "Gothic". This is a simple way to create a pattern. String ten beads and draw a line in the ninth. Next, string three more and put the thread into the very first of all. After dialing 3 more beads, the line is pushed into the center line. As a result, you have a denticle, which is necessary.

Thanks to such schemes you can doDifferent beautiful costume jewelry not only on the basis of one example, but also a way of connecting several variants at once. By connecting your imagination to the working process, you can create unique and original things.


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