Trapunto embroidery technique of bulk products (photo)

Trapunto embroidery technique of bulk products (photo)


Many girls are attracted trapunto appliances, withwhich can be used to give the amount of embroidery. One has only to see such beauty as just want to do something similar with your own hands. Because it looks really great!
We can not say it's easy. Trapunto requires attention, care, caring gentle hands. But for female patient - everything is possible. So let's take for the job! Ahead of us waiting for the master classes that will teach you a lot of interesting things.

Materials for work

It plays an important role in trapunto materials. So we talk a little bit about them. Stretch fabric, heavy materials, such as jeans, it is better not to use. They do not give the required volume! But cotton fabrics, batiste, chiffon, crepe satin fit well. After all, they do not interfere with the creation of the volume - this is important. Good kviltovye tissue, experienced handy often use them.

The color of the fabric does not matter. It can be white - then the embroidery will look more elegant, noble, elegant. Multi-colored bright fabrics also have their own charm. Creative nature is often used in his work different colors. So just to your taste should be guided in choosing colors for trapunto! Well, more on that for which you need the product - where you will use it.
As far as volume is embroidery depends onmaterial for lining. Sometimes a small layer of the volume, then it is desirable to put a second, or to use a second layer of material. The most convenient way to take the embroidery style trapunto padding polyester, non-woven, foam or holofayber. Sometimes they use wool. Needles better to take the extra long, for example, needles for quilting. As for yarns, they should be strong - this is important. Let us add that it is possible to operate manually, and can be

Master class on machine embroidery

What we need to trapunto:

  • organza (upper layer);
  • sintepon;
  • facial tissue;
  • Wrong side of fabric;
  • silk thread, thin and strong;
  • water soluble adhesive and a stabilizer;
  • glue stick.

Teach that the embroidery work for a bitIt shrinks. So take a little more fabric than you need. More sintepon lightly ironed before use. Plan the design. For it will require three shifts of thread. And remember - the design will have to be repeated three times, one millimeter without moving it. Otherwise, the work will turn sloppy.

Guide to action. Let's start working on trapunto:

  • The hoop must insert a water-soluble stabilizer;
  • Then, to the same place sintepon;
  • Next comes a layer of organza;
  • Everything is secure with pins;
  • Silk thread wound around the bobbin;
  • Hoop set in
  • Load the machine design;
  • This is followed by the first color embroidery;
  • As soon graduate from the first color, tear off the stabilizer. Cut along the contour padding polyester. Organza with no need to touch;
  • The main fabric is necessary to glue. That needed adhesives stabilizer. Fabric zapyalte;
  • Next, use a water-soluble thread. With it, embroider contour drawing;
  • Along the lines of the drawing, apply glue;
  • Take trapunto on organza. It must be combined with the received loop;
  • Then take and change a thread on silk;
  • Hoop is placed back in the machine;
  • The rate of decrease in the machine up to the minimum;
  • Then go embroidery, which should all interconnect layers;
  • Note that a covered organza fabric, even better with a margin. After organza mobile and can "escape" and stock it will not allow it;
  • Then you need to pull out of the hoop organza. Here embroidery and ready! It remains only to use it. For example, to sew a decorative pillow to pillow, or sweater, or simply insert into the frame and hang on the wall.

  • Embroidery technique trapunto manually

    We have already said that the work in this stylecan manually. To this end, the main thing to learn how to apply the image, and the right to choose for Shadow (shadow) material. Figure shadow applied to the upper layer fabric. After its application, begins processing the contour drawing stitches. Shadow - a very interesting style. Use it - a pleasure.
    Needlewoman say that Shadow is perfectsuitable light box (it can be replaced at the paper for freezing). Of yarns of wool is better to take. They should embroider a pattern, he must get clear. The marker should be used only water-soluble.

    Trapunto shadouKogda drawing on paper willready, it must be ironed (paste). When pasted pattern, paper tear and should be discarded. And the very fabric soaked in plain water. Wait until the marker is completely dissolved. Personal trapunto - do not twist the fabric, do not squeeze it, and spread out evenly and allow to dry yourself. Then the pattern can vary - for example, with colored thread. And to the little details in the picture become bulky, can fill their normal wool - it is very easy. As you can see, Shadow - it is not as difficult as it might seem.
    Many women during the process appearnew ideas - and embroidery varies. This is quite normal, valid option. Do not be afraid to make new items - they do not spoil the overall picture, but just give it an extra charm. It is desirable to use several colors in the thread. All stitches are made close one to another. Remember that sintepon not ironed, as the product primnetsya. Generally, even for beginners it is not difficult.

    A simple way to make a complicated embroidery

    Now let's talk about how to make trapuntosimply and easily. Again, referring to the work of terrible. It seems that the take up is not worth it - still will not work. But actually, it's not that difficult! The main thing is to work carefully, to be patient, to choose the right object.
    Now we present to your attention a master class. You will learn to use the simplicity in his work.

  • Select the element for embroidery;
  • Take a cloth, the size a little larger than your selected item;
  • Take your picture, turn it inside out and pin it to the fabric bulavochkami or needles;
  • Select to trapunto string, strong, thin, and suitable in color;
  • Carefully sew the fabric to the drawing. The main thing is not to get confused with a thread - this often happens;
  • Carefully sew accurately along the contour of the figure,you will fill. You have to do the work so neatly to the front side is nothing much happened! If at first you do not get - do not worry. Nabёte hand, and everything will turn out!
  • Now select the sharp scissors. Stitched pattern for stuffing trapunto should be cut very carefully, only the lower fabric, rather than the one on which the drawing! By the end of the seam section must not walk away, because he can still raspolztis, so leave the place.
  • So, the gap was formed. In it we put padding polyester or cotton;
  • Turn the picture and see if you're all stuffed. Sometimes out of space - they must complete, accurate dispensing cotton wool padding polyester or a needle;
  • Of course, then you need to sew up the gap - very carefully. Here trapunto and you're done!

  • Embroidery using tapes

    Here we come to the most interesting - beforeus a master class on sewing ribbons. With the help of this technique can be a wonderful, very beautiful product. The main thing - do the right thing! In doing so, we will help you and. You know how to do everything, you know Shadow's good, so you will not be difficult.
    Let's try to tell you all the details - make it easier for beginners. Consider the example of an option will flower with leaves.

  • First, you need to draw on the fabric the objectthat we will embroider. That is the flower itself and the leaves - in our case. For the first time is better to take a white cloth, because it is easier to draw. Receive the cancellation trapunto!
  • To make the middle of a volume of the flower,you must take a white ribbon. It should be about 40 cm. In length and 2.5 cm in width. Fold it so as to obtain a rosette, and to fix a needle with thread. Fix rosettes need a good, hard. . Approximately 25 cm should be left - it will petals trapunto.
  • Petals sew neatly vdev tape the needle with a wide eye. The petals can be anything, there's someone on that much. Turn imagination and get trapunto magnificent!
  • Petals also need to fix as tight as possible. The more petals, the more beautiful will rosette. This is advice for beginners.
  • A pair of interconnected lobesdo bud. It should be positioned slightly away from the main rosettes. So that you can see that it is a separate bud, but that it is ideally fit into the big picture.
  • Rozochka have turned white. To give it a naturalness, take the pink acrylic paint and slightly its tint. Now this is really a rose! Paints should be specific to the tissue.
  • It remains only to sew the leaves. Then use a simple embroidery, nothing special. The main thing - strong thread floss green.
  • As you can see, a beautiful flower surrounded by green leaves ready! Now he can take, and make him some interesting forgery.
  • I would like to add that the needlework - any, in theincluding trapunto miraculously helps women to spend time. It supersedes even sessions with a psychologist! Why? Yes, because it helps to relax, calm down, take a break from everyday work and just feel like a real woman. Because really, it was needlework, embroidery - have always been the employment of women and only women.
    In addition, trapunto can be a good hobby,interesting and informative. It is always interesting to know their abilities. A needlework can reveal the talent, creative ideas, hidden inside every woman's soul! So use our workshops, learn to embroider, just, space, ribbons - whatever you like! Change yourself in a better way and decorate your home, making it comfortable and beautiful! And maybe one day crafts and, of course, trapunto, will not just be your favorite pastime, but also a great way to earn a living.

    Video: a master class in the art of embroidery trapunto