tray from the locker door with your own hands

tray from the locker door with your own hands

Serving tray - an indispensable thing, if youlike to have breakfast in bed or to lay on a table outside the kitchen - in the dining room, on the veranda or in the garden. Of course, you can buy a large convenient tray, but we, as usual, offer an option that you can do with your own hands from the available materials. Let's make the serving tray from the locker door! Trays from furniture doors can be made in different styles and with the use of a variety of decorating techniques. But the main stages of work are similar for any models. serving tray from the door with a stencil

How to make a tray from the locker door

  • Main materials and tools:
  • Wooden door from the locker or other furniture;
  • two furniture handles;
  • putty for wood;
  • primer and paint;
  • Painting tape;
  • sandpaper;
  • 4 screws and drill.

Depending on which tray you wantyou can use colors of different colors in cans or cans, contour acrylic paints, mosaic, epoxy resin, stencil, lacquer, napkins and decoupage adhesive, slate paint for chalkboard, potal and other materials to create a beautifully decorated surface. tray from the door with your own hands ⇒ Step 1. Remove the hinges and the old handle from the door. If the handle is U-shaped and you have exactly the same second one, do not discard it, you can use it again for the tray. tray from the door yourself 01 ⇒ Step 2. Walk well with the large-grain sandpaper over the entire surface of the door to remove the old paint and varnish. ⇒ Step 3. Seal the hole in the hole with the putty from the old handle. Fine the patches well. tray from the door with your own hands 02 ⇒ Step 4. Cover the door surface with one coat of primer, let it dry and then repeat, especially for the dark wood. tray from the door yourself 03 ⇒ Step 5. At this stage, decorate the tray the way you want. There are a lot of options for decoration: you can paint several colors, age, cover with slate paint to write with chalk, make an interesting decoupage, paint with acrylic paints or apply inscriptions and patterns with stencil. To protect the tray from moisture, for example, if you accidentally pour drinks, cover the tree with a water repellent. tray from the door yourself 04 ⇒ Step 6. And, at last, we fasten the furniture handles to the tray with the help of screws. When choosing pens, pay attention to how convenient it will be to use them to lift and carry a tray with dishes. If desired, the handle can be painted in the desired color. tray from the door yourself 05 tray from the door yourself 06

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