Love tree from beads with your own hands photo and video

Love tree from beads with your own hands photo and video


Want to surprise your loved one in the form ofOriginal and beautiful gift? Give him a tree of love, a symbol of all lovers and loving people. Such an unusual gift can be presented on the day of St. Valentine, birthday, anniversary of the wedding or just a sign of sympathy for the person.
Usually the tree of love is differentCompositions with beads, paillettes, natural materials, ribbons, sequins and other decorative details. Master class for the manufacture of various types
, Can be viewed on our website. Most often such a tree is made in the form of a heart, but sometimes it is round or abstract in shape. How you want to see the tree of love, depends only on your imagination. On sale you can find many beautiful products, for any color and taste, but these are soulless industrial crafts. To enclose a piece of your love as a gift to a loved one, you can by making such a love tree with your own hands. To produce it, you can use different materials, but especially refined will be a tree decorated with beads. The use of wire in work makes it possible to give such a tree any forms and bends, the work on its manufacture does not require much time and large material costs. How to make such a tree will tell you the master class below.

Materials needed for work

First of all, this is a strong wire. It should be strong enough not to break when bent, and not very thick, so that it can easily enter the hole of the beads. To work with it you will also need wire cutters or pliers.

Work with beads. It should be large enough so that the patterns woven from it are not lost on the background of the tree itself. The tree - love, representing two woven halves of the heart, usually make two colors. Blue and pink halves, gold or silver, the color range of beads depends entirely on your preferences.
For the braid of the stems, a multicoloredWire, as its color range is limited for sale, this master class will be using silver and gold wire, they are easy to find on sale. Accordingly, the heart will be made of gold and silver beads. But these colors can be replaced if desired by others.
We also need a stand. For it you can use a piece of real wood, a special floral biomass, beautiful containers or pots. We will use a small pot, which we then decorate with the help of various parts or simply glue in multi-colored beads.
To decorate the trunk will be usedEmbossed acrylic paste, gold and silver acrylic paint. To give it a thickness, you need to buy a small piece of wire with a braid. All these materials can be purchased at any construction store.

Making leaves for a tree of love

First we will produce low beads, that isThe wires on which it will be stringed. We cut off a piece of wire with a wire cutter and make a bend at the end of it in the form of a circle, it is needed so that the beads do not slip, the same bend is made on the other end of the wire at the end of the work. We begin to thread beads on it to about half the length.
After the beads are strung, add upWire in half, combining the ends with bends, and level the amount of beads on both sides. We grab a piece of wire near the beaded end, about 1 cm, and twist it into the loop, twisting several times, and shift the other beads to the side. We get a leaf - a loop on the leg. Then, stepping slightly to the side, we make one more such loop with beads, twisting the wire. We get two loops a short distance from each other. The distance between them you can adjust yourself. The number of leaflets - a loop can also be made at will, the main thing is that they are evenly distributed throughout the wire. Having finished weaving the leaves, we cut off the wire and remove the extra beads.

As a result, we should have a wire withLeaves of beads - a twig. These twigs need to be made several pieces, making them in the same way as the first. If you want to make your love tree lush, then you need to make at least 5 such twigs.

Master class for the manufacture of trunk for wood

The trunk for a tree should be strong and flexible, so that it can be shaped like a heart, because a love tree is first and foremost a tree-heart.

For him, you can use a braided wire or buy in a garden store a holder for flowers of a round shape and give it a heart shape, twisting its ends together in the form of a figure-eight.
Curving the workpiece in the shape of a heart, we beginTo fasten wires to it with leaves of beads, evenly distributing them along the future trunk. We fasten twigs with silver wire on the side of the heart, where there will be silver twigs, and gold, where golden leaves. When screwing the branches, we retreat from the trunk 1-1, 5 cm, so that the leaves turn out on the stem, and do not grow immediately from the trunk.
To give the thickness of the trunk, we wrap itWire in a braid, passing through spirals attached branches with beads. On top of this thick wire let's spiral the gold (or silver) wire.
After the trunk is braided, and its endsFixed, it is necessary to fix it above the stand, where the tree of love will be "planted". This is done to ensure that the trunk is directly entrenched in the solution and is stable. You can hang it on wooden beams. Fill the base - the stand, in our case it is a pot, diluted with water, plaster or alabaster. And we lower there the suspended ends of the trunk. We are waiting for the gypsum to freeze, and the finished work can be decorated.

Teaching master class on decorating a tree

After the gypsum is frozen, the tree can be givenThe right bend and align the halves so that they form the right heart shape. To give the natural texture of the trunk, we make it convex using a relief acrylic paste. Add some acrylic lacquer to the paste, mix the mixture and apply it to the barrel with a piece of cardboard or plastic, creating bumps and reliefs of the bark. We expect the barrel to dry completely. We take acrylic paint of gold and silver color and we put on top of the tree trunk, not forgetting to apply silver where there are silver twigs, and gold paint, where gold. We also paint the plaster foundation of the tree in the pot. After the paint has solidified, straighten the twigs from the beads, giving a splendor to the tree. In addition to the twigs themselves, small bells, beads or other decorative details can be hung on the trunk.
Now it remains for us to decorate the pot -base. Here, too, you can show imagination. You can glue it with natural dried moss, wrap it with satin ribbons, paste with pastes, beads or sequins, that is, use all the materials that you have at your fingertips. Our tree heart is ready. Now it can be packed in a nice box or use a transparent package, tying it like a kulechka, and decorating with a bow.

Using this master class for the production of basic details for wood, you can create your own, original trees for various holidays and celebrations.

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