Trees made of beads made with their own hands will serve as a good decoration for any interior

Trees made of beads made with their own hands will serve as a good decoration for any interior

Trees from beads are wonderful elementsdecor, both for home and office. They perfectly fit and look great in the home-like comfort of the rooms, and in the business, strict style of office space. Schemes of weaving of trees from beads are very diverse, as, indeed, the beaded trees themselves. Take, for example, a tree of beads "Birch". These trees, even if not real, still act as symbols of love and friendliness. In this small master class we will consider the scheme of this tree. We make the birch from the beads with our own hands. Photo №1 To create a tree like a birch, the following materials will be required:

  • beads of 4-5 shades of green color (such a number of shades will allow you to maximally convey the color of the young foliage);
  • wire;
  • thread floss or others for winding;
  • paints and brushes;
  • alabaster;
  • glue.

We make the birch from the beads with our own hands. Photo # 2 First, you need to form foliage. The whole beads of shades of green are mixed, and the beads are taken, without choosing a particular color. 7 beads are threaded onto the wire, a loop is twisted (the end of the wire is then passed through the first bead). This will be the first central sheet. From the received sheet through 1 sm on each side of a wire loops-leaves are made: on 7 beads it is tightened and the loop is tightened. And again it is necessary, having retreated 1 sm, to make 4 more pairs such петелек from бусинок. After that, the wire bends in half, and the central loop just should be located at the break. Thus, we get a branch of birch. They must be made at least 15 pieces of 9 leaflets each. There should also be twigs of 11 loops in an amount of 57 pieces. Then all the branches prepared in the above way must be linked together. Twigs of 9 loops twist into bundles of three. The same is done with the branches of 11 loops. There should be 5 small twigs for the top and 19 for the crown, respectively. We make the birch from the beads with our own hands. Picture №3 The scheme of weaving of birch from beads provides usthe ability to make on the tree is not one but two tops. Therefore, for the first tip, three bundle-twigs must be connected, and for the other two. Both wires are wound with a wire 3 mm in diameter threaded for winding. By twisting the ends of the wire from the two tops, one trunk with a triple top and one side are formed. One branch is attached to the trunk. So, on the main trunk there is a triple top and 12 branches; and on the side - a double top and 7 branches. Crown branches are wound with a thread. As a stand to the birch any mold is taken, a polyethylene bag is lined in it and a solution of alabaster with glue is poured. In the still not frozen solution, the tree itself is "planted". After 10-12 hours, the birch stand can be removed from the mold by pulling the edges of the bag. Now the painting begins. To prevent the branches from getting dirty, they need to be wrapped in foil. Painting is done with a mixture of glue and alabaster, and after 10 hours (after drying), they are painted with paints diluted with glue. White paint on the birch is applied in two layers, after which, with a fine brush and black paint, the strokes of the bark on the trunk and branches are noted. When the paint on the craft is dry, the foil can be removed, straightening the twigs. And now, the birch is already ready! We make the birch from the beads with our own hands. Photo №4 However, there is another scheme of a tree of beads. Materials for the second birch will need the same as for the first craft. The branches with loops are prepared in a similar way. But in this version, each loop consists of 12 beads. Such billets of twigs for birch will need 50 pieces. They need to be grouped into branches for 5-6 pieces, winding with a thread or floral tape. Branches that are slightly larger are formed by the coiling of smaller ones onto a wire 1 mm in diameter. The branches are covered with white paint with black strokes that mimic the birch bark. Finished branches are attached to a piece of thick wire (3 mm in diameter) from top to bottom in an arbitrary order. They are fixed by double-sided tape or floral tape. For greater realism and naturalness, the trunk must be lowered downward. To do this, it is wound on pieces of old cloth, gauze or dalleled plasticine. And from above the trunk is wound with threads or with the same floral tape. For stability, the birch is fixed on a stand, for example, from plasticine. On clay for fixation in the pot, a mixture of alabaster with water and glue is applied. The same mixture covers the trunk of the birch. Then the handicraft should be left for a while, so that it stiffens. After thorough drying, you can start painting the tree. Decorative stones and beads are used to decorate the stand. After reading this master class you will already know how to make a tree from beads. You can make both a birch tree and another tree according to this scheme. Here, it all depends on your desire. Feel free to start work on the craft. And do not be afraid, there is nothing complicated in this! And, working on the glory, you will get a very beautiful tree, which later decorate your favorite corner in the house, or you can put it in your office as an ornament. I wish you success!