Christmas tree of sisal with their own hands, photo, instruction / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Christmas tree of sisal with their own hands, photo, instruction / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

New is not only a festive mood, butand troublesome business. The main problem is where to get a beautiful Christmas tree for the holiday. If you buy something original and exclusive, it will cost a lot, and if you take a cheap, festive mood spoiled. The best option for solving the problem is the herringbone from sisal. This is a real air miracle that will present a holiday, both for children and adults. 2Sisal is a material that has an interesting andunusual appearance. Therefore, all the crafts that are made of it, have an unusual and festive look. You can create a New Year miracle from sisal in many ways. Everything depends on time and possibilities. For the basis of crafts, you can take as a cheap option - whatman, and more expensive - floristic foam for dried flowers. elka-sizal-003 fir-tree of sisal If you make a craft yourself on the secondoption, the composition will be more accurate and cute. At the same time, the time is reduced to a minimum, because the shape of the Christmas tree is set by cutting the knife. The first option is cheaper, but if you try, it will not be worse than with floristic foam. The sisal tree: materials and tools

  • Gouache under the color of sisal;
  • Glue;
  • Chinese chopsticks;
  • Plastic cups;
  • Sisal;
  • Sponge;
  • Whatman;
  • Christmas balls and garlands for the Christmas tree;
  • Scotch

Now it is worthwhile to disassemble the diagram of the Christmas tree with your own hands.

Step 1

Whatman is taken, which is pre-selected forthe future size of the Christmas tree, and is painted in the tone of the purchased sisal. It happens that the selected sisal is quite thick, or vice versa - thin. This feature of the material makes it necessary to glue the sisal with pieces or wrap it around the paper, leaving areas that are translucent. Therefore, a separate advice, will color the paper in the exact tone of the sisal, which will allow you to get less noticeable translucence. After the material is painted, it should be allowed to dry for about 10 minutes.

Step 2

Next, you need to make a foundation with your own hands. Painted Whatman should be rolled into a cone, after which the obtained figure is fixed with the help of glue (it is impossible to apply scotch, the figure will not hold). After that, you need to pass the iron wire through the figure and fix it with the help of an adhesive tape at the top of the cone. Now that the base is ready, you can decorate the tree with your own hands. The design turns tightly into sisal and is defended to purchase the mold. In order for the fir-tree of the sisal to have a neat shape, the material needs to be crushed slightly in the hands. This action must be carried out very carefully, because sisal is a very fragile material that can deteriorate in case of unsuccessful movement.

Step 3

Now you need to make your own hands forfir-trees of sisal. We take a plastic mill and Chinese sticks. All the sticks are joined together, after they are wrapped in paper, fastened with scotch tape. In a pre-prepared cup, a cast is poured and fixed Chinese sticks are attached. This building in the future will serve as a trunk for a herringbone of sisal. In the event that there is no plaster, you can make a base with your own hands from the sponge. This material is better to fix the tree from the sisal and does not allow sticking up. fir-tree of sisal

Step 4

The finished tree is decorated with various balls andgarlands, the design depends only on your imagination. You can begin to wind the Christmas tree from sisal with various ribbons that will serve as a garland. Then it should be evenly picked up on the whole surface of the Christmas tree: bows, beads, toys, as well as any other trinkets that will only be at hand. The finished tree of sisal is fixed on Chinese sticks, which are in a glass. fir-tree of sisal New Year trees with their own hands can do everything. Festive Christmas tree is made in about half an hour. Time is wasted a little, even if it is not high, but the impression remains for a whole year. Christmas tree of sisal can be put on an honorable, festive place and please all relatives and friends. Such a creation of fir-tree from sisal can serve as a gift, which will be especially original among other presents for New Year's holidays. Look at similar master classes: