Christmas toys made of cloth by own hands, photo, video / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Christmas toys made of cloth by own hands, photo, video / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Beautiful Christmas toys made of cloth can make everyone. For this, it is not necessary to be a master and to have some complicated skills of needlework.

Simple forms

Hearts, fir-trees, bells, balls, mushrooms, boots, mittens, caps, birds and stars with their own hands - it's easy. Christmas tree toysYou can play each toy brightly andoriginally, in a single copy, changing the fabric and small details, or you can decorate the Christmas tree in European traditions by selecting the two primary colors. The number of forms can not be limited, the more a Christmas tree, the more diverse it will be the shape of toys. We choose the material for toys. From felt, small masterpieces are created by hand, from which the forest beauty becomes a kind and sweet New Year sorceress. Large stitches, a seam "over the edge", bright warm colors of the fabric, contrasting decoration of felt toys are very well combined with cold needles. Christmas tree toysSuch Christmas balls and keksiki can befill it with sintepon or leave it two-dimensional. The fabric itself has a thickness, so multi-layered toys look impressive. Satin ribbons, beads, sequins fit well for decoration. Any shiny materials will emphasize the cozy haze fetra.Dlya sewing on the machine is very well suited cotton fabric. Finished products are not deformed, they have a dense and resilient appearance after packing, which gives sculpture to soft hearts and stars.

Handbell made of cotton fabric

ng bell toyVery simple, like all ingenious. Radial symmetry is due to the fact that the bell is sewn from three parts along the vertical axis. As a result, 6 elements - densely packed plump corners - leave from its center. materials for the bell toy-kolokolcik-2Interesting combinations of fabrics are obtained when using a material with a similar pattern in two colors, and, when assembling the parts are folded so that the petals of the same color are in contact.

  • First we make a simple pattern with our own hands, which can be modified in any way, changing the length-to-width ratio of the product, we cut out 6 identical parts from the fabric.
  • Sew together 2 pieces together, leaving 2 holes at the bottom. The resulting 3 blanks are turned out.
  • Exactly add the details in a pile and sew on the typewriter the New Year's bell in the middle from top to bottom.
  • Through the left holes, fill with synthepone or holofayber each detail of the bell and sew it with a hidden seam by hand.
  • It remains to decorate our Christmas tree toy with a ribbon from above, and from below with a bead or a bell.
  • Christmas toys in patchwork technique

    Christmas toys made of patchwork fabricDetails of such a New Year's toy are not at allnecessarily contrast. Sometimes, close to the color of the fabric, but with different fineness of the pattern, give a greater effect. Jewelry needs minimal: ribbon, bead, button. Traditional forms: a six-pointed star and a ball. To sew oneself a ball of the correct form is difficult. Therefore, a variant is invented that simplifies and speeds up the execution of such a toy. A ball of foam or polystyrene foam is used as a basis. The drawing of the future borders of rags is applied to it. According to this drawing, the cuts are made with a knife. Then the pieces of matter of the desired shape are applied to the ball and their edges are filled in the slots. Seams can be backed up with a cord.

    Use the buttons

    Christmas toys made of fabric and buttonsThe decor of the buttons is now in vogue. Whole pictures of button mosaic are created. Again, the contrast is appropriate. Toy Christmas tree of felt can be embroidered with buttons, as if decorated with tiny balls. On the top of the felt cake buttons will play the role of sprinkling. In addition, you can take a plastic Christmas ball and use your own hands to paste it with buttons using liquid nails.

    Pouches with a surprise

    Christmas tree toysA ball in a shred, candy or nut? What did Santa Claus put in carrots? The creation of such a Christmas tree is the most elementary approach to creating a textile toy with your own hands.

    Small copies

    Christmas tree toysOn the Christmas tree you can hang any softa toy made in a reduced form. Figures, small animals, small houses, cars. Someone likes cats, some owls or a whole zoo at once. Look at similar master classes: