Trends and trends in the interior in 2018 - Kallibry

Trends and trends in the interior in 2018 - Kallibry

About the main trends in the interior for 2018,shared the company at the international exhibition in New York. This company is an expert in forecasting trends in fashion and interior design. So get inspired by ideas and improve your home in world trends. The content of the article:

New interior in 2018

All new trends, it is well forgotten olddirection that are reborn again. For all the novelties, of course, you will not hijack, and it is too expensive to make repairs and redevelopment of the apartment every year, but some updates can be made.

Trend # 1: Intellectual style is in fashion

Books that have been pushed aside for a whileInternet to the background, again returned and took their rightful place. Reading has become popular, which can not but rejoice, and at the same time it also turned into a kind of trend. And the paper book showed that it can easily compete with electronic readers. What does all this have to do with the interior? How to repeat the trend:

  • bookshelves,
  • whole home library
  • piles of magazines, pictures with famous statements on the walls, photos of writers and academics (for example, Einstein),
  • motivating posters and so on in this spirit - exactly what you need to be placed in 2018.

The photo below shows an example of using old books as room decor. Vintage plate with handwritten text.complement the interior of the dining room and kitchen. You can also paint pillows or walls. Creating such small masterpieces can be an interesting family activity for the weekend. - it's stylish in 2018! Or maybe you want to make a wall collage, using clippings from old magazines? Or do you collect an interesting collection of some figures (models of retro cars, for example) and can you put it in the living room? This style will help you reveal yourself. Any of your collection should not be hidden - put it on the shelf is in trend

Trend # 2: Water World in the Interior

This style uses all the delights of waterof the world. One of the best examples of this style - which is partially submerged under water. Its splendor simply captures the spirit, and, probably, most people would like to go there (and would like to live there). Of course, in our conditions such a masterpiece cannot be recreated (unfortunately, because I would definitely not refuse such a house), but here is the main idea. How to repeat:

  • Use in the interior a variety of shades of blue, including cool and azure tones.
  • Make a fish-shaped tile in the bathroom that looks incredibly beautiful, and its shades seem to take you into the sea during a normal bath or shower:
  • Also tile of this type can be made, for example, on the floor in the lobby.

And how do you like glass bubbles in the design of the chandelier,that resemble soap, and return all the joyful emotions associated with them? It seems incredible that they stick together rather than fly around the room. And how beautifully they reflect the sunlight from the window, or the evening lighting of the chandelier that passes through them. Chandelier in the form of sea foam Sea World - Seastar, coral, octopus and fish - will be a wonderful decoration of plates and walls, and the drawings made by yourself will look especially good, may be less professional, but creating a truly cozy homely atmosphere. trendy-i-tendencii-v-interere-v-201813 You can also decorate the mirror and photo frames with seashells, or put starfish on the shelves of the cupboard. Bedroom in nautical style

Trend # 3: Moroccan and Mexican Style

The culture of these countries is filled with beautiful andoriginal products of incredibly fine handmade - frescoes, furniture, lanterns, lace. Make houses a mysterious and fabulous corner, using the elements listed above. For example, here are such Moroccan lanterns at times will increase the comfort of the living room, and the partition will help separate personal belongings from the guests' eyes, making it extremely elegant:trendy-i-tendencii-v-interere-v-201811 Or here is a wicker furniture for the living room, with a large variety of bright pillows. It is not only beautiful, but also light, which allows you to easily move the furniture as needed: trendy-i-tendencii-v-interere-v-201815 trendy-i-tendencii-v-interere-v-20189 How to implement a new trend: You can paint the walls with stencils, put small colored tiles in the bathroom, use bright painted plates to decorate the kitchen, or even just hang pictures or photos of Moroccan streets and houses. This is a completely different culture, and its part can bring into your home the fabulous spirit of adventure. Moroccan decor elements trendy-i-tendencii-v-interere-v-20182Cacti - will also add the spirit of the Moroccan desert

Trend # 4: Loft Style

Using brickwork will make the roommore expressive, will create a certain accent. Moreover, in the absence of a real brick wall, it is possible to make a rather plausible imitation (there are several simple ways to paint it “under the brick”, to make a masonry on the wall of cut foam in the form of bricks; such materials - substitutes will cost much less). Here is an example of the use of this style in the bedroom, the decoration of one wall with brickwork and an iron bed:

  • Cement textures on the floor and walls, both in the kitchen and in every room in the house.
  • Use pipes to decorate the room.
  • In this style, various work materials, even rather coarse ones, can become a decor and decorate your apartment. For example, such a chair from a working car:

Here the main thing is not to cross the line, after which the apartment from the design in the style of "loft" will turn into a barn. So everything in moderation. trendy-i-tendencii-v-interere-v-20187Brick wall in the kitchen - also remainsrelevant in 2018. And as a result: use the style that you prefer, and remember that comfort is the main thing in the house, and fashion should only be used to create it, and not be a trend by itself. Good luck in design