Trio in frames: decorating the walls

Trio in frames: decorating the walls

A simple wooden frame can transformordinary everyday things in the original works of art. A collection of bizarre ideas within the framework of today will be supplemented with yet another simple but elegant idea. This white trio of objects looks interesting on its own, and now see what kind of "in action"! Materials:

  • wooden frame
  • plywood sheet
  • Super glue
  • central thing of composition
  • optional - paint, varnish, glitter

The progress of the work is very simple: Insert a sheet of plywood into the frame and paste an object. Then the whole composition can be painted in some color, varnished, painted, add sparkles, beads, mosaic and any other decor of your choice. In the case of the vase in the photo above - there are twooption: to find a ready-made vase - "half", with a flat side, or any other vase carefully cut in half with a glass cutter (tile cutter). In the first case, in a framed vase, you can safely pour water and put flowers, in the second case, water can flow if the edges are stuck badly. In this case, the vase can be turned into a flower pot by placing another container with plants inside. As shelves for photos and books is convenientwill use ceiling baguettes and cornices of PVC or wood. Let the result of your diligence decorate the walls of the house and give joy to relatives and family!