Chalma knitted knitting: in photo and video master classes

Chalma knitted knitting: in photo and video master classes


Not every craftsman will dare to tie a turban. However, a difficult scheme seems only at first glance. We will analyze several schemes that will be able to even beginners knitters.

Model of the first knitted turban

Scheme of knitting № 1. Materials for work: knitting needles number 3,5, yarn - about 100 gr.
Description of the convex elastic band pattern:

  • 1P. The first and last loops are edging. Between them - 1 IP, 2 LP - we repeat this sequence in the whole series;
  • 2P. As it shown on the picture;
  • 3P. 1p edgeband, 1 IP. Next, the loop should be connected as follows: 2nd LP (behind the back wall), you do not need to remove it from the spokes. 1st LP (also for the back wall). We continue to knit this way to the end of the series.

We begin work in the back of the turban. The sequence of stages can be viewed in the proposed video. We type 18p. According to the figure "convex elastic band" it is necessary to connect 4 cm of canvas.
Next - we start adding loops - 5 pcs. Each. On each face line. Thus, we continue the work until the canvas is 16 cm long. After that we continue knitting without adding. We will reduce the loops mirror-on the front side by 5pcs (we untype the 2 IPs together 5 times). We finish when 18p remain on the spokes. We divide them into two parts and we sew them separately. Close the hinges after reaching the total length of the product 28-29 cm.

Assembly. It is just as important to collect a turban as it is to produce it. The front parts are crossed and sewn with a knitted suture. Then you just need to sew the first part to the second one.

Video: Winter turban

Model second knitting turban

The next turban with knitting needles is a more simplified scheme. Knit it is just a pleasure. This is a knitting pattern number 2. We choose the yarn thicker, so that the product is more voluminous.
As the basic pattern is used an elastic band. How to do it, you can learn from the videos presented on this site.
We type 30p on needles. 28 of them are the main figure, and 2 are the edge pattern. We will knit an elastic band according to the scheme; 4 LP, 4 IP. The width of the resulting scarf will vary from 18 to 25 cm. The length should be about 120 cm, after which the loops must be closed.
We stand in front of the mirror and begin assembling the turban. We begin from the back of the head, cross the ends on the forehead. From the tops of the ends go to the back of the head. There they must be fastened with a hook. Our knitted hat is ready.

Scheme three: simple and tasteful

Another description of an interesting cap we offerOn your court. This is the # 3 scheme in this lesson. It will require about 90g of yarn and needle No. 4. The cap is suitable for the size 56-58. Knit will be a rubber band on the attached picture.

In total it is necessary to connect a rectangular scarf in the sizes 11 * 100 see In the basic binding to a yarn it is possible to add decorative shining braid that the turban has turned out a little bit more variously.
Now it remains only to assemble the product. The cap is formed from the rim. We wrap the head around the scarf, cross the ends on the forehead and wind them on the back of the head. Sewing them, a little picking up. Make a seam in the middle of the head. Straighten the crossed ends.

Scheme four: oriental flavor

A knitted cap will be sewn from the bottom and the turban itself. The width of the latter is 10-12 cm.
Description of the main figure, which teaches the scheme number 4:

  • 1Р .: 1 ЛП, 1 ИП - on all length of a number;
  • 2R .: opposite to each LP must knit LP, before the IP we make a cape, the IP itself - we remove;
  • 3P. (+ Follow-up): LP and NC to tie together, before the IP we make a cape, the IP itself - we shoot.

For the desired width of the product, type 24p. Knit the main pattern until its length is equal to half the circumference of the head.
We divide all the loops into 2 parts and bind them to theOne of them is 4 r. After this, we place the longer part over the short, as it were crossed, parts, changing their places. We collect all the loops for 11 spokes and continue to work. At the end, close the eyelets.
Type the loops in an amount equal to the length of the strip,
8 r. And an elastic band 1 * 1 - 2,5 cm. We pass to the bottom - we use hosiery knitting. The bottom should be evaporated. The cap is stitched from behind.
Video: Knitting patterns of turban with knitting needles

A hat in the oriental style will look better atYou, if you make it a little freer. When choosing a yarn, pay attention to the thicker, and take the needles as large as possible. Very effective is the turban with knitting needles, decorated with a brooch with a little bit of vine. Such a simple reception very well support the eastern style of things.
Any turban is made up of a scarf,Which is specially crossed and sewed together. The drawing should be along the scarf, so as not to spoil the product. Choose the scheme very carefully, so as not to spoil the appearance of the turban with an incorrectly selected pattern. When crossing ends, try to spread and beautifully lay them.

Photo MK

Video: Chalm with a pattern