An extensive article on how to quickly and inexpensively create a chic vampire suit with your own hands.

An extensive article on how to quickly and inexpensively create a chic vampire suit with your own hands.

Nowadays the theme of vampirism is popular, asnever. Vampires are present in modern tales, cartoons; The cinema is simply full of mysticism and beings from the other world, but no matter how many books and films appear on this topic, their popularity only increases. Vampire costume with your own hands. Photo №1 Therefore, it is not surprising that in costumecarnivals and parties are dominated by costumes "wickedness." The most common are witches, zombies, ghosts ... Well, they are in the lead in our "dark" rating, of course, all the famous costumes of vampires! After all, there are so many mystics and mystery around them - fans of fantasy and the supernatural simply could not pass by such fascinating creatures. But how to create a vampire suit with your own hands,that the image was spectacular and truly magical? Created quickly, easily and preferably on your pocket? In this category, we will deal with such questions! Who is he a vampire? And what attributes does it have? First you need to figure out who the vampire is. The better we understand what kind of creature is, the more accurately we will be able to recreate the image in reality, and the vivid our vampire costume will turn out. So, what do we know about vampires, and what characteristics do they have?

  • The predominant black color in clothing;
  • Fear of sunlight;
  • Pale skin;
  • Vampires drink blood;
  • Vampires have sharp fangs.

According to the descriptions, we will recreatea vampire suit. First of all, it's makeup! The skin of the vampires is pale. In order to realize this in life, we need white make-up. A very light foundation, powder, watercolors will suit you. Black eyes are brought up, for this use a simple cosmetic pencil or eyeliner. Vampires drink blood, so be sure to draw blood streams from the mouth, as if he had just drunk a favorite drink, then the most common red lipstick would do. The main costume Since vampires constantlyhunt, they need comfortable clothing, restrictions only in color - exclusively black. The first mention of vampires begins in the Middle Ages, so in clothes it is better to adhere to the traditions of this time. Let it be a gothic, aristocratic style. Blouses with ruffles, coats or cardigans; Narrowed trousers or leggings. To fully endure the style of the era, shoes are best to choose with an extended toe. Mantle Vampires are afraid of sunlight, sowe need a black robe. This is an obligatory attribute of a vampire costume. The mantle will create an unforgettable effect! Sewing the mantle will not be difficult. We need a rectangular piece of black fabric, the mantle should be just below the knee, it should include a hood or a stand - a collar - of your choice. In the thematic shops you can search for overhead fangs, but if you do not find it - it does not matter. Where it is more important to enter the role.