Unicorn cross-stitch according to schemes (photo)

Unicorn cross-stitch according to schemes (photo)


There is a sign: If you embroider a unicorn with a cross, then you will soon marry. Of course, for love. The unicorn, "roaming" from European legends to the Slavonic, is revered as a symbol of chastity, tenderness and a happy family life. Embroidery unicorn, made by own hands, can be placed on the wall, and also be used as a pattern on a towel or tablecloth.

Required equipment for embroidery

In order to embroider a cross with this wonderful beast, you will need to prepare:

  • Canvas Aida-14;
  • the hoop;
  • Thread of a moulin;
  • A thin needle (according to some superstitious embroiderers, it should be purchased on Monday or Thursday).

Getting Started

Cross-stitch embroidery design of this fairy creatureIs very popular among needlewomen. It is important to remember that the "unicorn" scheme is complicated, and therefore it is necessary to take it into work only if you are confident in your abilities.

The preparatory stage includes the following manipulations:

  • Prepare the canvas (some of the types of fabric shrink, that is, under the influence of moisture change in size);
  • Carefully check the fabric for defects (for this, lightly moisten a small piece and dry it);
  • If the sections are heavily crumbled, then they should be treated (using an edge stitch or a zigzag made on a sewing machine);
  • Determine the center of the canvas;
  • To determine the center of each side of the canvas (for this you need to fold the fabric four times, then unfold and, along the folds that appeared, make along the threads of the canvas a delicate line of marking stitches);
  • During embroidery, you need to combine the work center (indicated at the intersection of the arrows) with the middle of the canvas.

Embroidery process of unicorn according to scheme

Embroidering with a cross even such a difficult beast,As a unicorn, for an experienced needlewoman does not represent anything complicated. Do not get confused will help the advice of our master class, as well as the scheme. You will work in two additions and in the technique of "from right to left," as follows:

  • Embroider the main motive in the way the scheme dictates to you (double addition of the thread, through two threads of plain weave fabric), using a "one-needle" seam;
  • Continuing to embroider with a cross a single thread seam "for a needle", embroider a fragment around the eye of your unicorn;
  • Using glass beads, embroider a water smooth surface (actual, if the "unicorn near the water" scheme is used);
  • To give the picture a special chic, "arm" with metal and silver threads and work out the mane and tail of a fairy animal (this is necessary to create a volume);
  • The unicorn embroidered with a cross will acquire more real outlines, if the transition to the next shade will be smooth (this can be achieved by exploiting the melange threads from the additions of 2 tones).

Scheme for cross-stitching a unicorn cross
The key to the unicorn cross stitch pattern

A few tips

Your embroidery will look aesthetically attractive if you follow the following recommendations:

  • Upper stitches of crosses tilt one way;
  • Carefully avoid the appearance of nodules, fixing the threads from the wrong side with a few stitches;
  • If you conceived a monochrome image, then carefully follow the correct alternation of shades;
  • If you think that your unicorn turned out not sufficiently colorful, safely substitute the proposed shades in the scheme for those that you prefer.

After you finish embroidering, refresh the work by placing it in a basin with soapy water. Rub gently and rinse in running water.
Ottyuzhte embroidery and put it in a beautiful brand. The embroidered picture with the unicorn to the gift is ready!

Unicorn Schemes

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