Unusual crafts made of fabric and thread in the photo and video master class

Unusual crafts made of fabric and thread in the photo and video master class


In the technique of papier-mâché using threadsEach craftsman can create both interesting crafts or an amusing toy for his child, and an element of stylish decor. This requires patience, perseverance, creative imagination and knowledge of some small tricks.

Ideas for crafts made of thread and papier-mache

Vase for flowers in the papier-mache technique SometimesThe question where to put flowers becomes urgent. A suitable vase, of course, can be bought, but it is much more economical and more interesting to make it with your own hand. Our master class will help you with this.
Required inventory

To make a vase
You will need:

  • balloon;
  • Adhesive PVA or paste for papier-mâché (it can also be produced independently);
  • paper;
  • brushes;
  • thread;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • film;
  • Scotch.

Craft a vase
It will not take you much time to create this pretty craft. So:

  • Inflate the balloon (the size and shape of your vase depends on its size);
  • With paste or glue, glue the substrate with paper (it should be pasted in several layers);
  • After the paper has dried, carefully pierce the ball;
  • Attach cardboard to the bottom of the vase;
  • Make another layer of paste or glue;
  • Do not wait for drying, cover the vase with a film and remember until the wrinkles form and leave to dry;
  • After drying, "arm" with threads and glue the product with any patterns.

Winter handmade items: a snowman New Year holidays have died down, but the old woman does not think to give up her positions. You can brighten up this cold season, making nice
Or cloth in the papier-mache technique. If you want to have a cute snowman at your home, for the joy of your children and you, follow the recommendations that our master class offers.
Getting Started
The technology for making this craft is quite simple. To begin with, you need to make a few balls of cobwebs, and already from these blanks "blind" your snowman.

For work you will need cotton threads (or viscose), several small balloons, PVA glue and a large "gypsy" needle.

  • Inflate the balls (try to have them of different sizes, this will be the head, chest, trunk and hands);
  • Wrap them with threads soaked in a glutinous mass and leave to dry completely (so that the balls do not lose shape after the glue dries, the thread needs to be wound thickly and in different directions);
  • After the glue has dried, pierce the balls with a sharp movement with a needle;
  • If you want your snowman to get a respectable look, paint the workpieces with aerosol paint (the color can be silvery or blue);
  • Glue together all the blanks (in order for the details to hold well, it is recommended that the gluing points be slightly pressed into each other);
  • Given that the snowman turned out faceless in all senses, it is recommended to mold his nose out of plasticine, make eyelets from buttons or beads, and the mouth - from fabric or corrugated paper.
  • The snowman is ready. If you want, you can give him a broom or wrap his neck with a scarf.

    A strawberry and a lemon From spheres (it is possible to replace them with fingertips) and threads it is possible to make simple, but original hand-made articles, which can be used also as decor elements.
    In the manufacture of thready yummy utensils there is nothing complicated. How to make them? Our master class will tell!

  • For lemon, inflate the fingertip in such a way that the shape is slightly outstretched below. Wrap the yellow threads in the adhesive;
  • To make a strawberry, inflate the fingertip (not to the end) and intercept it in the middle. Wrap a thread of red color;
  • Cut out the paper for your "products" from green paper in a pattern.

  • Lily-of-the-valley
    If you have a vase made in the papier-mache technique, but there are no flowers, why not "lodge" the lily of the valley with thread?
    To do this, you will need to wind a fewCocoons (three sizes) of white color. The smallest will be buds, but more cocoons should be cut from the top to the middle. Bend each resulting petal outward. Paste the edges of the petals with silver braid or white lace.
    Sweet Candy
    In the technique of papier-mâché, you can also make a nice teapot or candy dish out of a thread. To do this you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Cut one of the thread cocoons in half;
  • Press the desired half to the table with a round jar and rotate several times in place. This will tighten the threads at the bottom and your candy bar will become stable;
  • Decorate the edge of the product with ribbon or braid.
  • Video: crafts from threads with their own hands

    Bracelet decorated with fabric

    In the technique of papier-mache can not be producedOnly crafts, but also stylish elements of costume jewelry. Our master class will help you create a unique "designer" bracelet made of fabric. And do not rush to get rid of old woolen threads and threads of mulina, with their help, you can also weave excellent bracelets and
    To create a bracelet from a fabric, you will need:

    • A bottle (plastic);
    • Adhesive PVA (dispersion);
    • Strip of fabric (its width should be twice the diameter of the bottle);
    • Paper for wrapping (2 colors);
    • brush;
    • Needle and thread;
    • scissors.

    Craft a bracelet

  • Cover the bottle in the papier-mache technique, mark out the shape of the mold and carefully cut the workpiece;
  • Cut the bracelet along the lines, soften the sharp corners, rounding them;
  • Cut out a piece of cloth and glue the edges;
  • Screw the blank with a cloth by gluing the paper with glue on both sides;
  • Glue the workpiece into a ring;
  • Secure the resulting bracelet with a thread. The fabric bracelet is ready!

  • Tips for papier-mache technology

    In order to work with threads in the technique of papier-mache brought only pleasure, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  • So that the threads do not stick to the base, before work, spread the ball with petroleum jelly;
  • For the manufacture of handicrafts not only PVA or office glue, but also starch paste is suitable. The recipe for its manufacture is simple: four teaspoons per 1 glass of water;
  • Place the puncture with adhesive tape. So the thread will slip;
  • Drying hand-made near working heating devices should not be, because from hot air the ball usually bursts;
  • In order for the article not to be deformed, it should be dried within a day.
  • And finally: work better with gloves and apron. This will protect you from unnecessary trouble.

    Video: we make ornaments from papier-mache