Unusual door handles: original design

Unusual door handles: original design

In any residential area, even in one-roomstudio apartment, there are at least two doors - the entrance and the interior in the bathroom. Sliding types of interior doors can do without door handles, but for hinged doors on hinges, the presence of the handle is necessary. Door accessories are one of those subtle details that form the interior and make it complete. Try to put a style that is not appropriate in style - and you will see that it can ruin the whole situation. So the door handles are not only a necessary functional, but also an important decorative element of both the interior and exterior of the entrance to the house or apartment.

Types of door handles

Are these models standard or do you chooseunusual door handles, it is important to know the basic types of classification that will help you decide on the choice of door hardware. First of all, the door handles can be divided according to their purpose:

  • input;
  • interroom.

Obviously, the entrance door handles in the firstturn must be reliable, strong and durable, because they have an important role. In the design of interior door handles, more attention is paid to the beautiful appearance. Although nothing prevents the input pens from having an original appearance, a non-standard form or color. Depending on the design, the door handles are:

  • stationary;
  • falevye mobile with a latch.

Stationary handles are in no way connected with the lock and nothave a rotary mechanism. They are needed solely to pull and open / close the door. Most often, stationary handles are made in the form of staples, but other shapes are also used. unusual original hammer handles Movable handles, in turn, have two types -Rotary (they are also called knobs - from the English knob) and pressure. Rotary knobs look like a small ball-head with a lock or a latch in the middle, which open the door with a simple turn. Such handles often have the ability to block the opening of the door, so they are installed mainly in bathrooms and rooms, where the owner needs a personal space. unusual door knobs with pearls The big popularity and distribution have received push pens which represent the lever, pressing on which moves a фалевую a latch and opens a door. original metal door handle Handles for doors are also divided intomaterial of manufacture. Wooden handles are made from hardwoods, often valuable. Look wooden handles are always excellent. They can be decorated with carvings, inlaid inserts, and just a natural wood texture will be an excellent decoration for both the entrance and the interior doors. It is worth remembering that many wooden handles are not intended for use in a damp room, so you should not install them in the bathroom. original door knobs in the form of buttons Metal door handles are made fromdifferent alloys, depending on which their performance characteristics may differ greatly. The most popular deservedly use brass handles, as brass is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, perfectly tolerates large loads, and also very pleasant to the touch. Handles made of aluminum or stainless steel are not so strong, but many appreciate chrome or nickel-plated handles for their aesthetic appearance. Due to the peculiarities of different metal alloys, designers have great opportunities to experiment with the appearance of pens, make them "antique" or in the ultramodern high-tech style. unusual door handle Diego Amadei Combined door knobs can combinea few materials, for example, there are rotary knobs with a ball of Murano glass, wooden handles with inserts of natural stone, metal pressure handles with crystals and so on. Most often, this exclusive door hardware belongs to the luxury class. Murano glass knob handle Of course, there are also door handles made of plastic,as a rule, interroom. High-quality certified plastic can have excellent performance characteristics and last for a long time without breakage and abrasions. But from cheap plastic door handles, it's better to refuse right away.

Unusual door knobs

The design of door handles is not limited to threepopular styles: classic, retro and modern. In the door hardware industry, there are also their own trends and trends, unusual inventions and art objects. Manufacturers of door handles in cooperation with eminent world designers create unique models, often in a single copy. But simple artisans and small workshops often make custom-made unusual door handles, which pleasantly surprise and delight. Door handles are the first thing we touch when entering the house. Therefore it is very natural to make this door accessory in the form of a hand. Then the guests will start a visit to you with a handshake! door handle in the form of a handdoor handles in the form of a hand Naomi Thellier de Ponchevilleoriginal OM door handles Tradition to give door handles the shape of someanimals, chimeras and legendary creatures has been happening since the Middle Ages. Now you can also meet forged unusual door handles, stylized for gothic. But very original and non-standard look door handles from everyday objects, for example, from spoons or bicycle parts. unusual door handles made of bicycle partsoriginal door handles from toolscorkscrew door handleunusual door handles from spoonsunusual door handlesdoor handle in the form of a fairy-tale characteroriginal door handles in the form of a toadunusual door handles in the form of beer mugsunusual door handles in the form of a cochleaunusual door handle with printsunusual door handle in the form of a spannerunusual door knobs with spikesoriginal leather door handles Round door handles made of Bohemian or Murano glass look gorgeous! For the children's room, a knob can be stylized under a football or basketball. unusual door knobs made of glassoriginal door handles in the form of a skulldoor handles - soccer balls The model is not for the faint-hearted! The door is opened only after the trigger of the pistol is pressed. original door handles in the form of a pistoloriginal door handles gun Door handles can be used to leave notes. door handle with a place for scrapsunusual door handles in the form of clothespins for scraps A very useful improvement of door accessories has become their lighting function. door handle - lampluminous door handlesdoor handle with backlight In this model, you can even remove the flashlight from the door handle! door handle - flashlight Modern technological progress has allowedcreate handles for doors with electronic stuffing. The LCD screen of the pen will show the time, the temperature of the air on the street, signal that it's time to go to work, and also to welcome the family members by name. You can manage this lock using your smartphone. smart door handle with electronics For those who like to be alone, there are door knobs with a combination lock or pens that hide. Nobody can get into your room without permission! original door handles that hideunusual door handles with combination lock The choice of interior and entrance doors, as well asdoor hardware is not an easy task. If you decide to buy entrance doors, pay attention to http://doorsmsk.ru/shop/dveri-v-kvartiru, where for certain you can find a suitable variant for your housing.