Unusual jig for large fish

Unusual jig for large fish

Inveterate fisherman Vladimir Popov offersSeveral modifications of the standard jig tackle to use instead of one silicone bait immediately three. According to the author, such a modification gives very good results, and when fishing, both from the shore and from the boat. Unusual jig for large fish Three twisters quite successfully imitate a smallA flock of fish, what attracts a pike, a pike perch, and in the autumn and asp. Bites on this tackle happen at the most various wiring, including the usual step. Benefits. The octopus is often tempted by a large fish, swallowing several twisters at the same time. Plus the originality of the bait increases the chances of catching a predator in places that are subjected to high pressure from the spinners. Well and one more advantage - even at damage of one of baits tackle continues to work. This is not so essential, but in rare cases it can bring additional bites. Unusual jig for large fish Disadvantages. The most significant drawback is increased sailing. To throw an octopus far away from fishing from the shore will be difficult, especially by a short spinning. Further, in order to make all three twisters play, you will have to increase the weight of the sinker, which will also lead to some inconvenience, for example, it will be more difficult to determine the delicate bites of pike perch. Well, with the hooks, the losses will be more substantial.

Making bait

Unfortunately, the instructions for making baitThe author did not leave. But it's not scary, because the photo is more or less clear, and you can think up something of your own. The only important point, twisters with offseters should not cling to each other. To do this, they need to be separated by a sufficient distance. If necessary, to catch the upper layers of water, bait instead of a sinker can be equipped with a bombardment (float). This method is suitable for fishing, when the pike is in half water or closer to the surface, as well as for asp. Unusual jig for large fish