We update the mat in front of the entrance door

We update the mat in front of the entrance door

The theater begins with a hanger, and the impression ofapartments - with an entrance. Or even up to the hallway - with a rug in front of the front door. Down with neutral boring colors and faded patterns - add colors and creativity so guests come into your house with a smile and a cheerful mood! The decor of the usual door mat for wiping your feet will not take you much time. For work you will need:

  • cardboard
  • spray adhesive
  • spray-paint in spray can
  • stationery knife or scissors

Suppose you have this kind of nothinga remarkable boring mat of incomprehensible brown color. In this example, we used a rug for wiping feet from coconut chips with a rubber sole Ikea Trampa. mat before door decoration With the help of stencil and paint, you can easily turn it into such a cheerful and welcoming visitors floorboards: mat after door decoration To begin with, you need to make a stencil pattern, whichyou want to apply. To do this, we take a thick sheet of paper or cardboard, attach it to a board or other surface that you do not mind scratching with a knife, and draw the desired ornament. If you want to make some complicated pattern or pattern - find it on the Internet and print it in the right size. stencil paper pattern on paper Cut with scissors or a clerical knife what happened to draw or print. The author of the idea even numbered the figures for convenience in order to place on the mat in the correct order. we cut out the stencil Carefully place the prepared stencil on the mat. Since the paper will crack or in the course of work can move, it is better to attach it to the mat with the help of a spray-glue. Make sure that all elements of the stencil are held in place. glued stencil If you are planning to use several colorspaint, then pre-close those places of the stencil, which you will paint in the second turn. Shake the can with paint and spray on the stencil perpendicularly (not under it) from a height of about 25-30 cm. Where the color will seem lighter, take a spray again. we paint a rug Allow the paint to dry and gently remove the paper. Done! mat in front of the entrance door Think of other drawings, ornaments and inscriptions! rugs in front of the door bright mat with your own hands wiping mat The original master class can be looked at curbly.