We use geographic maps in the interior

We use geographic maps in the interior

In the soul of each of us lives a traveler. And let not everyone manage to make a trip around the world, we still dream about it and, as far as possible, we are in other countries. Geographic maps in the interior can be considered indefinitely. World maps not only give aesthetic pleasure from contemplation, but also create an easy atmosphere of romance and adventure, bring pleasant thoughts about distant countries and memories of your trips. We offer to see how you can use world maps in the interior of the house.

1. Geographic maps in the interior as wallpaper

The geographic map on the wall will be centrala decorative element of the interior of the room. Today we will not consider the standard version of placing a small world map on a wall in a frame or simply pinned with buttons. But if you have a large-scale geographic map, you can completely cover the wall with it. In addition, now you can buy or order a photo wallpaper with your chosen image or vinyl decorative stickers on the wall. Maps in the interior can be modern, vintage navigation or abstract stylized. It can be a map of the world, part of the world, a country, a city or a metro scheme. Most often, the image of the world map is decorated by the walls of the bedroom, but so you can decorate the walls in any room - bathroom, nursery, living room or kitchen. You can use different children's environmental stickers on the wall. geographic maps in the interior as wallpaper geographic maps in the interior as wallpaper world map in the interior as a photo wallpaper Very interesting option for a children's room. Climbing hooks are fixed on the wall with a geographic map, and soft mats beneath them. geographic map in the interior of a child wallpaper in the bathroom world map Pay attention to the map - it is made in the style of fantasy and also "upside down". Instead of continents - the oceans, and in place of water spaces are located kingdoms. Vinyl cuff on the wall with a picture of the world map For interiors with modern styles modern, high-tech style stylized images of continents in the form of dots, lines, letters and other artistic techniques will do. stylized world map on the wall abstract world map as a wall decor painted world map on the wall wall decor wallpaper in the form of continents stylized world map in the interior of the bedroom

2. Geographical maps in the interior design of the floor and ceiling

If the decor of the walls by geographical maps is prettyit is rarely possible to meet such a design of the floor or ceiling. Nevertheless, this is also an interesting and original version. Do not turn the whole room into a world map. If you decide to make cards with the floor - you do not need to decorate both the walls and the ceiling, it is enough to support the general theme with small maps of the world on the wall or in accessories. full coverage in the form of a world map geographical map of the world on the ceiling Although this is an interesting solution, when the wallpaper with the image of the geographical map smoothly go to the ceiling. But in this case, in order not to overdo it, there are no more objects with cards in the room. geographic maps on the wall and ceiling in the nursery

3. Decor of doors and windows with maps of the world

Geographic maps in the interior can be present as curtains or roller blinds on windows. They can be made both with their own hands, and ordered from the manufacturers. Window blinds from geographical maps decor of windows with maps world map door decor

4. Furniture with maps

You can decorate different furniture with maps of the world. Geographic maps cease to be cards, turning into decorative cover of cabinets, chests of drawers and other pieces of furniture. As a rule, a paper map is glued to furniture in decoupage technique. And it looks much more interesting than just hanging a map on the wall. geographic maps in the interior on furniture Any chest of drawers with decor cards will be unique. You can completely cover the entire surface of the chest, and draw only drawers.map of the world in the interior on furniture geographic maps in the interior as the dresser's décor card as the decor of chest drawers In the same way, you can decorate the doors of the cabinet. geographic maps as decor of furniture And in this chair and a table decoupage in its pure form. Geographic maps cover all the details of furniture, from the legs to the crossbeams on the back. geographic maps in the interior - chair decoupage table with a geographical map

5. Fixtures with geographical maps

The maps of the world, illuminated from within by a lamp,acquire volume and look very unusual. But to glue geographical maps is better on factory plafones and lampshades for safety, moreover and to cover all fireproof composition for a fabric or a tree. Lampshade with the map of the world table lamp with a map map on the floorgeographic map on a ceiling light

6. Geographical maps in the design of interior items

Many small items and accessorieswill support the geographical theme of the interior. Pictures and photo frames, boxes and coasters, watches and dishes - all this you can put on cards or do decoupage. In our time, the time of active use of GPS navigators paper road maps have become almost unnecessary. Therefore, you can easily collect different cards from friends and acquaintances and make them a lot of nice and useful things for the interior. decoration of boxes and gifts with maps of the world geographic maps in the interior - boxesenvelopes from geographical maps passepartout for photos from geographical maps photo frames with geographic maps photo frame from city map accessories geographic maps in the interior paper flowers from cards decoupage by geographical maps accessories geographic maps in the interior picture with hearts from cards clock with map of Australia butterflies from geographical maps

7. Decorative letters from geographical maps in the interior

Wooden letters are a popular trend in interior design. The letters and words, pasted with geographical maps, will look even more original and stylish. geographical maps on decorative letters geographical maps on ornamental letters 02