Used tea bags - home use

Used tea bags - home use

After using tea bags, we are used tojust throw them out. And in vain: tea has a large number of useful properties, thanks to which it is successfully used in traditional medicine and the economy. The content of the article:

What kind of tea can I use?

Black tea will help get rid of eye strain,and green will speed up the healing process for wounds and bruises. Used bags eliminate unpleasant odor, and brewing is good to use as a fertilizer for plants.

Use in traditional medicine

A tea bag is soaked in cold water andApply to the eyelids for a few minutes, like a compress. This will help remove redness, remove swelling, and will also be an excellent prevention against eye diseases. Black tea is good for the procedure, but green and white will have a more effective effect. Moistened bags with warm water can wipe the area of ​​the armpits - it will relieve from excessive sweating, and save you from irritating the skin after shaving. In addition, it is possible to eliminate the discomfort of the bites of various insects.

Tea fertilizer for indoor plants

Preferred will be welding from krupnolistovogotea without fragrances, as it retains a greater number of components necessary for the plant. Slept tea can be used as a fertilizer directly during planting. Application: At the bottom of the pot lay a layer of drainage, a layer of tea, then the soil, and plant the plant. If you decide to feed the plant, then you need to take dried tea leaves in order not to create a favorable environment for the midges and not to harm the microflora of the roots. It is forbidden to water the flowers with sweet tea - they just die.

Sachet used in everyday life

To get rid of unpleasant smell in shoesor a refrigerator, you need to put a sachet inside - after a while the smell goes away. You can hang the bags around the apartment, then it will give the room a pleasant refreshing scent. If you can not wash the dishes from fat, thenjust soak it in water for the night and put a bag of tea there, in the morning it will be much easier to wash off the fat. Are there food or drink stains on clothes or tablecloths? No problem. Boil tea bags in a large saucepan for about 20 minutes, and soak there a dirty thing: after a while the stain will disappear.