A useful box for a home for all the occasions of life with your own hands. The original device for the convenient storage of your things

A useful box for a home for all the occasions of life with your own hands. The original device for the convenient storage of your things

Sooner or later each of us has a sharpa problem tied to the storage of things. There are so many of them that cabinets can not cope with all the variety of possessions accumulated over many years, and money for a large living space in the near future is not expected. What to do in this case? After all, throw out so dear to the heart, although, perhaps, not so often and often used things do not want to, and new furniture is certainly not place (and the price of it is now just off scale). If you are in such an extremely scrupulous, but at the same time, quite common situation, then the way out for you is quite simple. An original and useful box for a house made by yourself will solve the problem of placing your belongings and will not take away such vital space from your rooms. Besides, such a product will cost a mere penny!

To create, you need:

  • Cardboard box. It can be of absolutely arbitrary size, depending on what is planned to accommodate things and free space.
  • The cloth. The piece should be such that when you put the selected box in the center, you could wrap all the edges on four sides with a cloth.
  • Dispersion glue PVA
  • Needles and threads (they can be replaced by a sewing machine)
  • Brushes for glue, scissors, sewing pins
  • In addition, if you want to decorateThe box you may also need - brushes, acrylic paints, linoleum strips. First, carefully cut off the box cover (of course if there is one). We do this from all sides. After such simple manipulations you should have a simple cardboard box. Step-by-step instruction for creating a useful box for the house with your own hands. Photo №1 The next step is to prepare the handles from the fabric. Color, you can choose completely at your own discretion, the main thing is that it fits perfectly with the interior. In order to make the handles carefully cut out the strips of the desired width of your fabric, fold them as shown in the picture and below. Then simply in "tone" we spend with threads. When the workpieces are finished we apply them to the sides of the box and mark them on the slots at the estimated distance from one handle to the other. Cut through the markings with a knife for paper narrow windows about 3 mm wide. Next, we put our box in the middle of a piece of clothand draw it around the perimeter with a pencil. After that, lubricate the bottom of the PVA box and glue it to the place marked on the fabric. We turn the box and gently smooth the fabric so that there are no lumps and folds. The next step, in an absolutely identical wayWe glue the fabric to the sides of the box. We do not just glue the triangles that are formed on the sides, at the moment when you lift the cloth to the top of the box. Folds that turn out, for convenience, fix with pins and carefully cut corners at a distance of 2-3 cm from the edges of the box. Next, we form the joints of the fabric on the edges of the box. This can be done by carefully bending the fabric (as shown in the picture below) and pasting the layer that was planned to leave from below. While the glue dries under the cloth, grease the sides and, bending the top layer (as in the picture below), glue it over the bottom. The next step is to make the top. This is easily done by gluing a bent edge to the fabric and fixing the fabric on the inside of the box. Also, do not forget about the neat angles (see the picture below). All we have to do is fix the handles. Gently with a paper knife, make slots on the outside of the box. Next, using an ordinary pencil, put the handles into the prepared holes. Then just paste the ends to our box. All that's left is to give our pens strength. This is easily done with the help of ordinary strips of cardboard. All our useful boxes for the house are ready! Thus, in just a few hours athelp of elementary devices and tools you have made such an original and at the same time useful box for the house. It can perfectly store things, shoes, books, as well as your various adaptations for needlework. Not only that such a product will not take much place and will help to order the household utensils that have accumulated over many years, it will also perfectly fit into the interior of the house. You can vary colors and shapes, depending on the needs and materials used, and also decorate the received boxes with original inscriptions, etc. We hope that our advice and such a great product will help make your life more comfortable and life brighter.