Valentines made of paper. Ideas. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Valentines made of paper. Ideas. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The recognition of Valentine in love, in which the warmth of your heart is stored, will penetrate into the depths of your beloved soul.

Valentine's technique for quilling

Using the quilling technique, almost anywho wants to be able to make such a gift to his lover. In addition, for Valentine's Day, there is an obligatory condition - to make gifts with your own hands. Even if you have never used the quilling technique, you can easily complete the card with the proposed option. We make a valentineFor the production of such a postcard we need the following materials:

  • Strips of paper in different shades of pink (or other colors if desired);
  • Cardboard;
  • Figured scissors;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Toothpicks;
  • Glue PVA and brush for glue;
  • Gold ribbon;
  • A simple pencil.

First, on the prepared cardboard sheet, draw a heart of the size that is necessary for the valentine. Then cut out the outer edge of the layout, you need to do it with figured scissors. We make a valentineAnd with the help of a clerical knife, the core is cut out. We make a valentineThe next step is to wind up strips of quilling paper on the toothpick and distribute them inside the postcard. We make a valentineAfter all the stranded strips are laid, they should be fixed, greased with glue. Remainder of glue to collect with a napkin or a cotton cloth. We make a valentineAfter the composition dries, decorate it with a golden ribbon. As a result, there was a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day, made with love.

Bulk postcards-valentines

We make a valentineBulk postcards made from paper are very easy to make, withthey can be manufactured even by small children and presented to their beloved mother and father. Materials and tools that will be needed to make the product:

  • Two-sided cardboard in different shades;
  • Two-sided colored paper;
  • Scissors conventional and curly;
  • Figured puncher (optional);
  • Simple pencil;
  • Glue stick.

We make a valentineValentines need to do in two layers - the first,which is outside - cardboard, the second one, inside - paper. Before starting the creative process, you need to make the workpiece. Prepared colored sheets of cardboard and paper cut in half, and then each resulting sheet bends twice. Cream or light pink paper cut into strips a width of 8 centimeters, and red - on strips a width of 5 centimeters. We make a valentineNow we select the blanks so that the innerand the outer parts were of contrasting colors. On the bent halves, draw a pencil outline of the half-hearted, we take into account that the outer part is more approximately half a centimeter inland. Cut out the hearts along the contour with figured scissors. We make a valentineNext, we make one of the two contrasting hearts. Alternatively, you can leave the outer part in the original rectangular shape, then you get a variety of valentines. We make a valentineThe next step is to cut out the palms of cream-colored paper strips bent in half. We make a valentineFrom the red stripes we cut out the hearts, pre-folding the workpieces with an accordion. We make a valentineFrom the remnants of colored paper you can make small hearts or flowers. They are cut themselves, or a figured punch is used. We make a valentineAs a result, we have cut out details, it remains only to collect them in a single postcard. We make a valentineHearts from cardboard and paper are connected along the linefold and glue together. In the center we fix the palms. We glue the hearth from the hearts a little obliquely, each side in turn and add the product to verify that everything has come together along the central lines. We make a valentineThe gift is almost ready, it remains to decorate the product from two sides with prepared hearts and flowers. Doing everything should be neat and tender, thinking about your lover.

Wreath from valentines

A lot of time this occupation will not take away and still be prepared for it better in advance. You will need:

  • cardboard base in the form of a ring;
  • colored paper of different shades, it is possible with prints - in polka dots, a flower;
  • glue;
  • ribbon.

We proceed directly to manufacturing.

  • We cut out hearts of different sizes from colored paper.
  • We glue them on a circle of cardboard.
  • Do not glue the hearts completely. Then the craft will come out in bulk.
  • We tie a ribbon and you can use a wreath as an ornament for the interior.
  • The wreath can have not only the shape of a circle, but also the shape of a heart. For decor, you can use flowers from fabric, paper, as well as the usual pompons of thread. The latter option looks very unusual. Wreath from valentines

    Braided valentine-origami

    Another variation of the Valentine styleallows you to hide in the middle of a small surprise, for example, a candy. It is not difficult to make such a gift, it's enough to carefully study the scheme and consistently do all the necessary actions. On Valentine's Day such a gift with a surprise will warm everyone's heart, because you made it with love with your own hands. We make a valentine

    A heart with wings on origami technique

    There are many manufacturing optionsvalentine's day for all lovers in origami style. A detailed master-class how to make a heart with wings made of paper, using the origami technique, look at the video.

    Origami heart-stand

    Another great gift can be made withoutlabor. Making origami is very simple, especially if you have a detailed video instruction at hand. Such a gift is executed in a few minutes, so no one will be left unattended on Valentine's Day.

    Heart Postcard

    Option 1 Valentine as a decorationTo implement the idea of ​​an original valentine you will need:

    • A sheet of design cardboard for the base. Color choose at your discretion. Traditionally for valentines use red and all its shades, but for a basis it is possible to take any another.
    • Color paper of contrasting color for flowers.
    • Scissors and glue, double-sided adhesive tape or thermo-gun.

    valentine's accordionOption 2 Again, use the technique of quilling. Here you need cardboard, quilling paper of different colors, glue and a little time left. Agree, such a surprise, performed for Valentine's Day, will not leave anyone indifferent. We make a valentine

    Heart in the style of quilling

    If you are still unsure of your abilitiesregarding quilling, or worry that he will not have time to make a surprise on time - on Valentine's Day. In this case, you can choose a simpler valentine in the style of quilling. In order to do this, you will need a card base, it can be cardboard, red and green paper strips, glue and patience. This Valentine's Day will be remembered for a long time both of you. We make a valentineThe day of all lovers waiting for many with impatience,to express one's feelings again. And someone, perhaps, hides emotions and waits for this day to reveal them. In any case, this holiday can not do without valentines. And what can be more beautiful than making greeting cards with your own hands. There are many techniques and methods for creating surprises, the simplest ones are the valentines made of paper. See similar master classes: