Valentines with their own hands: 10 ideas and master classes / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Valentines with their own hands: 10 ideas and master classes / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

On Valentine's Day it is customary to give valentines. It would seem that postcards from paper, which can be simpler, but everyone wants to make a special valentine and put their meaning into it. We will tell you how to do this and what materials to use. All crafts in honor of Valentine's Dayunites the meaning and meaning that they bear: loving or sympathetic people give hearts as symbols of their tender feelings, admitting love and devotion. Everyone wants to please their soul mate, surprise with the originality and creativity of crafts and gifts. Therefore, variations can be a huge variety - from serious and solemn to ridiculous and funny.

1. Soft hearts

To create soft felt valentines you will need a fabric, a pattern in the form of a heart, a padding and a decor that you want to decorate the product. valentine's card from fabric

  • First, print and cut out the heart of the size you need.
  • Transfer the template to the fabric and cut it (for each craft, you need two identical pieces - two sides of the heart).
  • Sew the pieces together, leaving the bottom not sewn.
  • Accurately fill the heart. To do this, you can use sintepon, cotton wool or other stuffing material. Use a pencil or a thin stick to evenly distribute the padding.
  • Sew up the heart.
  • To it you can sew on the back of a smallBuckle to fasten to anything, as well as decorate at your discretion - sequins, paillettes, beads, beads, multi-colored scraps, fringes, etc.
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    2. Valentines made of clay or salted dough

    Salted dough is a wonderful material, fromwhich can be dazzled with very beautiful valentines. To make it, take 50 grams of flour and salt, mix, add 70 grams of water to the mixture and mix until a uniform mass is obtained. Make sure that the dough does not stick to your hands and is elastic. Roll the dough on a hard surface with a thin layer. valentine clayYou can use a paper template orform for cutting the dough to make hearts. Dry the products in a natural way or in the oven. When they dry out, you can color them with acrylic paints and decorate. Inca valence from clay or dough Polymer finished clay also perfectly suitedto create valentines. Just choose the colors you need and blend shapes. If you want to add some more figures to the hearts, modulate them, attaching them to the general frame of the composition with glue.

    3. Valentine's Coffee Heart

    Very nice looks coffee heart in a pot. coffee heart in a potTo create it, prepare the templates of hearts of the size you need.

  • Take one of the hearts and glue a pencil or a stick to it.
  • Then, to the back side, glue three wool discs over the whole shape to create a volume. Connect it to another workpiece.
  • The resulting form on all sides pasted with cotton wool discs and tie tightly with woolen threads.
  • Now paint your heart (it is better to take a dark brown paint).
  • After the product has dried, glue it with coffee beans, and wrap a pencil with a textile thread or braid.
  • The pot, too, will need to be beautifulcloth or lace and fill it with coffee beans and asterisks of cinnamon (put a foam or plasticine on the bottom so that the stick with the heart kept well).
  • We recommend a master class: .

    4. Valentine's photos

    Pleasant memories are so valuable that you can make an equally valuable gift from them.

  • Collect the photo where you are with your mate.
  • Cut only your pair.
  • Stick them in a chaotic manner on a heart-shaped base. Its size depends on the number of photos you have.
  • Valentine's photos

    5. Valentine with a secret

    The most intimate is in our hearts. On St. Valentine's Day, this secret certainly wants to share. Symbolically will look like a valentine bandaged with a ribbon. To read the congratulation, you'll have to untie the knot, open a kind of door and enter. A symbolic gift will reinforce the long-awaited words inside. Valentine with a secretWe recommend a master class: and .

    6. Garland of valentines

    Want to the arrival of the second half to decorate the room and give the holiday atmosphere, make garlands of valentine. Vertical garlands decorate the doorway, horizontal - decorate the wall. garland of hearts Such a decor will look more effective ifUse paper with prints or cut openwork patterns on valentines. Often the simplest things can surprise. Fix the hearts on the rope using wooden clothespins. Garland of valentines

    7. Wreath of hearts

    Excellent home decor and gift. Simply sew many small colored hearts. They can be fixed on a cardboard circle-base.

    8. Candlesticks with valentines

    Candles are always romantic. What can happen without them on such a day! For manufacturing you will need:

    • mini candle;
    • colored paper with prints;
    • wire.

    The manufacturing process does not take much time.

  • Cut out the decor for the can.
  • We paste it. You can also decorate the jar with a cloth. A flax or burlap will do.
  • We make from the wiring handle, so you can hang a decorative element.
  • We put a candle in the jar.
  • Candlesticks with valentines

    9. Of the buttons

    Beautiful valentines are obtained from buttons (lay your heart on thick paper or embroider it on fabric). valentine's button a panel of valentines

    10. Valentines made of wool

    Those who own the technique of felting can make creative valentines from wool.

    Other ideas on February 14

    • You can also embroider a heart with satin ribbonson the frame. To do this, simply first transfer to the embroidery fabric a pattern that you want, and then embroider a skeleton or a sketch with threads of a mulina. Then, using straight strap stitches, start embroidering. So you can get a beautiful picture, and a decorative pillowcase, and any other product.
    • You can make valentines from matchboxes or use other small boxes - decorate them, and inside put grapes or candy-dragees.
    • You can try to make a valentine from balloons, sweets, tie from ribbons, order a branded mug with hearts and a declaration of love or paint it yourself.
    • .
    • And you can connect a large three-dimensional .

    Your imagination and knowledge of the interests of your loved onepeople will certainly prompt you the most optimal option for a gift. With a little effort and patience, you will create a real masterpiece and be able to express with it the sincerity of your feelings.