Valentines own photos and patterns of weaving from beads (video)

Valentines own photos and patterns of weaving from beads (video)


Holidays, as there are few of them, and after all the soul at times, so there is not enough romance. That's why in an absolutely miraculous way, in February there is such a holiday as Valentine's Day.
According to the customs of this holiday, lovers and persons nourishing sympathy exchange small notes with confessions in the form of hearts, the so-called "valentines."
Valentines buy, make of chocolate, cardboardAnd other materials, we in our master class offer to make valentines from beads. Beads are a rich, gentle material that will give your message even more romanticism.
And the shape of your valentine can be any: Key ring, pendant, just an element in the home decoration, in general, as your imagination will wish. In order to determine the form in which you see your message, to a person who is not indifferent to you, look through the photos on the Internet and the corresponding magazines on needlework.
Here are two variants of master classes in which you can make unique compositions with the help of step-by-step schemes.

Valentine's bead in the technique of a square bundle

To work needed:

  • Large beads, for the performance of the heart itself;
  • Any of your choice of beads, which you will decorate your composition;
  • Fishing line thickness, which is 0.20 mm;
  • Thin needle;
  • Satin ribbon and chain, just for decoration.

To create valentines from beads master classWill use the technique of a "square bundle" or as it is also called a "square bar". The main element in the scheme is a cube. So on a photo the scheme of "a square plait" for weaving our heart looks:

The process of weaving starts with 15 such cubes. Do not forget about the tension of the line, so your posts should be tight, not too sluggish. After weaving a column of 14 cubes, with this forming a right angle. So the sides of your product should be the same size, but remember that the first column of one side is the last one for the other. The elements are also connected by means of common cubes.

Now we unfold the product at a right angle,Directing him to his side. The ends of the column we get to ourselves, we connect them and sew them, keeping the right angle of the composition. So the heart turned out. In order to make the structure more durable, you can additionally fix it with beads.
These decorating beads, there may be moreSize and distinctive from the primary color of the heart. If you want to make your valentine more original, replace the beads in the felling, so your heart will not just be smart, but shine.
We draw your attention to the fact that if doneThe composition is more tight you still did not work, you can still fix it. To do this, the finished heart in addition draw a line and decorate with beads and beads.
So the main part of your product is ready, but you should think about feeding. To do this, you can use a satin ribbon, chain and beads of a larger shape.
Alternatively, you can make two hearts, different in size, which are sewn together with a satin ribbon. The ends of the ribbon are decorated with beads and large beads.

So the valentine from beads "I and You" is ready!

Delicate hearts with wings

Such a master class to create a very tender and romantic composition is suitable for especially loving natures.
For such a heart, you will need:

  • Beads, medium size;
  • Transparent, glass beads, 2 mm in diameter;
  • Line or string;
  • If you wish to fasten the composition as a keychain or pendant, take still the connecting rings.

Immediately, we note that this master class is not simple, only those who have already had experience with beads and its complicated circuits will be able to cope with it.
Our whole composition will be rooted in one working thread. We start, as in the diagram, from the first link. To do this, we first select 3 faceted beads and three simple beads, then close the ring.

Next, weave four more links, in each of whichWhich contain the same number of beads and beads. The sequence of their alternation should be the following: bead-bead-bead-bead-bead-bead. Each of the newly formed links weave with the previous one.
The scheme is given to you, first of all, in order to constantly monitor yourself during the work. When the last link is completed, you need to dial one bead and pass it through the bead of the first link.
Compare your result with the diagram and photo of the finished product.
The next step: type one bead, after one bead and again one bead. The set of such beads pass through the beads of the previous link and after again through only the woven links.
Each new link in our heart is plaid strictly according to the scheme. And when you come to the eleventh step, our scheme, you can finish the weaving of the first part of the heart.

Next is the second half of the heart. So in your scheme you will already have the contours of the first half and your new links. For convenience, it is always better to have a visual diagram in front of you. Therefore, the photo from the article is better to redraw or print.
Completely ready our heart will be on the 27th step of our scheme.
A special romanticism will be given to our product by wings. We will also make wings of beads with our own hands. In the work we will have only one thread.
For wings, let's take a larger diameter beads. So at the base of the wings will have a more subtle shape than the edge.
We begin to weave the edge of the wings from the eighth step of our scheme. From this point on, the main part of the wing begins to be present in the overall pattern of the weave, which you can also trace according to the scheme.

After the wings are woven into the specified places. Finish work on the composition will help ring and chain. With the help of these decorative elements, we will give the product a finished look.
So you can make a heart with wings unique pendant or romantic, unique keychain.
Finished products lay on a light background andTake a photo so that you can share your creations with others. If our simple schemes and tips for making products yourself came to your place, then just share your impressions, add your comments.
We are sure that you have not received such wonderful valentines that you made with your own hands. Enjoy your process and the warmest emotions!

Video: Plait heart-valentics from beads