Options for making beautiful curls on long hair in a home setting.

Options for making beautiful curls on long hair in a home setting.

Fashionable curls without the help of a master hairdresser. The most relevant options for making curls at home. The streaming waves of the waterfall from the hair have been fashionable for a very long time. And this is absolutely not surprising, because the hair with curled strands look natural, sensual, feminine, charming and simply beautiful. Not one man can not resist the sight of a huge beautiful mop of hair that falls to the neck or shoulders with curls or sensual waves. Quite exactly, with such a haircut you will not be left without attention, because it is the naturalness of long hair that possesses damaging magnetism, and it excites the male representatives much more than incomprehensible tails or coarsely hanging strands. Curly locks in the home. Photo №1 Many ladies who possess a long shockhair, mistakenly suggest that you can make interesting curls only in modern beauty salons, relying on the work of a professional master. However, this does not correspond to reality. Do not make yourself curly ringlets can only a lazy lady, or a woman who has absolutely no free time. In all other cases, hair at home with their own hands, the photos of which you will provide in the next publication, are quite accessible for execution in a home atmosphere. Therefore, carefully read our recommendations, use our descriptions of curl creation techniques in your home environment, and you will soon learn how to create incredibly charming ones yourself. And for this you do not have to look for time to visit the hairdresser.

Volumetric waves with ironing

The most beautiful curls in your home can beit is quite easy and quick to perform, using an ordinary hair iron. If before ironing was used only to straighten curls, today this device has become universal, and using special attachments, you can apply ironing and curling of smooth strands. At the same ironing is great for creating some extra volume, which will be useful for ladies with thin and thin hair. So, follow one by one the following steps to create curls without the help of a hairdresser:

  • First, comb the hair with a thick comb along the entire length. Before curling, the strands must be completely dried.
  • Select on one side a small strand of hair.
  • Stepping back from the roots of the hair about two or three centimeters, wrap the strand around the ironing.
  • Further scroll the iron 180 degrees, thereby forming curls. Do not over tighten the iron too much, otherwise the curls can turn out not quite beautiful.
  • We perform the same operation on the entire head, gradually winding the strand behind the strand.
  • After all hair has been wound, comb them gently with the help of a comb with sparse teeth. At the end, fix the result with a hair spray.
  • Look at the following pictures, how beautiful you can get curls that are curled with ironing. Curly locks in the home. Photo # 2

    Curls with a curling rod

    You can make locks with your own hands, usingsuch a device for styling hair as a curling iron. Having learned to quickly manage the curling iron, you can quickly wind your hair the way you like it. But, before using this device, it is desirable that the hair is washed and, of course, thoroughly dried.

  • Wash the head thoroughly with shampoo and dry the strands.
  • Before using the curling iron, first lift the top part of the hair and secure it with the clips, in order to rotate the lower strands first.
  • Next, separate from the bottom of the hair strands about two centimeters thick and start alternately wind on the curling iron.
  • After the lower strands are wound, go to the upper locks, and do the same.
  • Next lay out the curls in the right order to you and sprinkle the finished hair with varnish for fixation.
  • Curly locks in the home. Picture №3

    Elastic curls on the hairpins

    The original curls with your own hands can bedo and without the use of ironing or ploek. The use of special papillotok allows you to create beautiful wavy curls, absolutely without damaging the structure of the hair. However, for this you need to spend a little more of your precious time and try a little.

  • Wash your hair and dry it a little.
  • Begin winding small strands on the hairpins.
  • Continue to do a curl on the hairpins all over the head.
  • Hairpins on the hair should be left for about 12 hours, so that the strands get a good twist.
  • After the necessary time elapses, remove the devices and lay the locks in the manner that suits you.
  • The following photo-images will help you understand how to properly screw the hair on the hairpins. Curly locks in the home. Photo №4

    Locks with a hair dryer

    There is a way of executing undulating curlswith a hairdryer. Beforehand, wash your hair using a normal shampoo. Then comb the strands and apply the necessary amount of styling to them. Take a small strand of hair, wind it on a round comb and dry, using a hair dryer with a warm air flow. After that, carefully remove the comb from the hair. Do the same with all the hair. Curly locks in the home. Photo №5

    We use sports gum to create beautiful curls

    Surprisingly, for curling hair you can use ordinary elastic bands. In this case, this method is the safest, extremely simple and comfortable to perform.

  • First, wash the head, dry with a hair dryer and apply foam or mousse on them.
  • Next, put a bandage on your head or a rubber band.
  • Select the strand of hair from the front and wrap around the gum.
  • Next, continue in a circle to twist the hair with a strand of string around the entire head, until you wrap the hair around the entire bandage.
  • Leave an elastic band with twisted strands on her head for at least two or three hours.
  • When removing the elastic, place the curls accordingly and fix the result with varnish.
  • Sometimes women prefer not to remove such an elastic band throughout the night, and in the morning they get very beautiful chic curls. Curly locks in the home. Photo №6

    We twist hair with the help of braids

    Probably, every woman who haslong and smooth locks, a method of curling hair with the help of braids is known. Often this method is used to get the effect of wavy strands for little girls. But for the creation of braids it will take some time, but the braids can be made large or, conversely, small, depending on the final effect of the curls that you want to get.

  • First, wash your hair and dry your hair.
  • Braid on strands of braids of such thickness, which you choose yourself.
  • The longer pigtails stay on your head, the more remarkable the effect you will get.
  • It is noteworthy that instead of braids you canthe same way apply the winding by creating flagella from the hair strands. In this method, it all depends on how much time you have to do the weaving or flogging. Curly locks in the home. Photo №7

    We twist hair on hair curlers

    Of course, every woman heard about curlers,the direct purpose of which is the curling of the strands. In order to create large or not too curl, use curlers of the appropriate size. Today, you can buy many different models of curlers of different shapes and materials of manufacture. In any case, the principle of their application is the same: you need to wind a strand of hair on curlers and leave them on in this state for a certain amount of time. The fastest variants of curling hair can be achieved by using thermal rollers. Look at the following photos, on which you will see the styling, which are created by using different curlers. Curly locks in the home. Photo №8

    Curly hair from beams

    Another interesting option for winding hairare bundles. That is, you can tie the washed hair into a number of twisted beams, and as a result you will get beautiful curls. In this case, it is best to use a sufficiently large number of bundles to obtain a large number of curls. With the bundles, you should also take sufficient time to allow the hair to take the appropriate shape. Curly locks in the home. Photo Number 9 So, we got acquainted with the main ways,which can be applied by any woman who wants to make herself curly ringlets. And then the choice is yours. If possible, it is worthwhile to try each of the options to understand which method is most suitable for you and what effect you can get from applying this or that option. Be always beautiful, lovely women!