Various patterns of children's costumes for the holidays. Beautiful and bright models that will help you make an unforgettable image for any holiday. Simple instructions and photos

Various patterns of children's costumes for the holidays. Beautiful and bright models that will help you make an unforgettable image for any holiday. Simple instructions and photos

Remember, as before on children's matineesthe little guy came in carnival costumes for the New Year. And all the outfits were not very special. Around circled snowflakes, grandfathers frosts, Snow Maidens and snow queen. And, it would seem, everyone was completely satisfied with everything. But no. After several generations, the current children no longer want to go in a suit, if someone else wears it. It became important to be unique, and a festive costume should be exclusively in one copy. That is why the work of modern designers and caring mothers, who need to come up with carnival costumes for the New Year, Christmas, and, more recently, Halloween, which has become quite popular with young people, has significantly increased. And all these costumes should be beautiful, elegant and original. Even though there is a wide variety of such apparel in shopping centers and specialty shops, at times making such a suit at home is the best option for you. After all, mostly costumes for sale are made cheaply, without taste and imagination, and you can put on them a couple of times. And besides, sewing a suit for a holiday for your child is a very simple task that will require very little money from you, and the result will certainly surpass your expectations. The simplest solution will be the pattern of a child's costume in the form of an ordinary green Christmas tree. Take a simple green skirt, cover it with tinsel, put on the child a green golfcloth or, if possible, a blouse. Very opportunely will be a green cloak made from the most ordinary fabric, for example, satin, satin, guipure or something like that. A small crown is also suitable for such a costume, because a girl in a Christmas tree suit must become the main ornament of any New Year's holiday. If you add even more tinsel, then the costume will be able to compete with a real decorated tree in beauty and style. photoinstruction for the design of children's costumes. Photo №1 Another original version of the costume will bebee attire, which can also be easily created. All you need is the simplest black dress or black suit. Attach strips of yellow fabric to it. To complete the image, make a hoop with the mustache of the bee. It can easily be done at home, or found on the store counter. You can put on striped gloves on your hands, and wrap your neck around with a yellow-black scarf, which also will not be difficult to find. Using wire, tulle or nylon make your bee the real wings. photoinstruction for the design of children's costumes. Photo # 2 The image of an angel can be quickly created with the help ofunpretentious white dress. Wings on the back, as well as a small hoop above the head complete the composition. You can show a little imagination and creativity and remake the costume in Cupid, adding the necessary accessories, or in a butterfly attire, because the wings are already ready for you. photoinstruction for the design of children's costumes. Picture №3 In general, similar New Year costumes for girlsto make it very simple. In the family circle, discussing various original ideas, variations of outfits will appear, like mushrooms after the rain. The most important thing is to find the right image for your child and start performing this interesting, exciting and useful work. photoinstruction for the design of children's costumes. Photo №4 The most original and, perhaps, unexpectedcostume for the boy for the New Year and Halloween will be the outfit of the Snake Gorynych himself. That's it, who will not be overwhelmed by such a unique and beautiful costume? Again, in modern fashion, you can go to the mall and there spend a lot of your own and your child's time in search of a good and quality costume. And not always provided assortment will be to your liking and afford. But the carnival outfit, created by yourself at home, will certainly look great on your offspring. Such a suit will also be a great gift for him on the holiday. With the help of simple patterns of children's costumes you will have a spectacular and beautiful costume, and sewing will not cause problems, even if you do not have much experience in this area. Your attention is presented to the original and beautiful outfit for your child for any holiday where a carnival costume is required. This is Serpent Gorynych. photoinstruction for the design of children's costumes. Photo №5 With what to begin? The most important components at work are your unlimited imagination and qualitative patterns. Do not forget about the fact that such a legendary fairy-tale character had three heads, which we must skillfully create. There are two main options for the location of the head of the costume:

  • The middle head is the head of your child, the two side ones are put on hands and, thus, they, as it were, come to life;
  • Two side heads are sewn onto the shoulders of the child, which means that his hands are completely free and he can play more actively with his friends at the celebration.

The basis of this funny and original costumeSnake Gorynycha are the tail, how does the Serpent without tail, cloaks, as well as "bra", which will hold on all the heads of our hero. Naturally, the fabric should be selected in the right color, preferably in a yellow-green range. To better create an image, it will ideally display the scales on the suit. They can be made from the simplest sequins. Well, let's start making our costume. We will start to make various details of the outfit, and then we will unite them into one whole. For the central head of Goynych you can use a combination of a simple baseball cap and a cap from the balaclava. The visor from the cap will not disturb you and spoil the image, you will represent it as the upper jaw of the Serpent, on which the nostrils are located, and also two frightening canines made of foam rubber. From the inside, the mouth has to be trimmed with a red cloth, and the upper part is covered with green matter. Stock up with foam rubber, since from it we also make three combs on the head. It is best to make eyes for a costume from a self-adhesive film. How they will look, depends only on your vision of this fairy-tale character. The other two heads do also, using baseball caps. Inside, they will be stuffed with sintepon, on the outside they will be sewn together, like the central head. Also you can make extra heads made of papier-mâché or ordinary plastic bottles. Again, the appearance of the costume depends only on your imagination. To remind everyone that Snake Gorynych is a fire-breathing dragon, you can add a few scarlet ribbons, in the form of fire tongues. Patterns for the tail are also made quite simply. These are the usual two triangles, sewn together and filled with sintepon. Top up a large comb. To attach a tail to a suit, you can either dress it on a belt, or use special straps. Now it's our turn to add wings to our costume. To do this, you need to sew on the side seams capes, always green. Out of them come the sleeves and wings of the Serpent. It is advisable to decorate them with scales as well, in which case the suit will be more believable and beautiful. That's all. In general, our carnival costume for a child is ready. You can decorate it additionally at your discretion. You may want to add more scallops to the back of the Serpent, or make his fiery breath brighter. As you can see, working on a costume does not take much time and material costs. The main thing is that you and this child like this costume, because it's for this you started the whole process. Be happy!