Vases and flower pots from plastic bottles

Vases and flower pots from plastic bottles

The second life of empty PET bottles is different. Someone cuts them under pots for seedlings, but someone likes to make plastic containers for "pies" for a children's sandbox. Some of them make comfortable sovochki for loose products from polyethylene bottles, while others manage to create from real unnecessary plastic cylinders real works of decorative and applied art - figured flower pots and original flower pots. Homemade vase from a plastic bottle can amaze with the magnificence of artistic performance. And you can do this with your own hands. Original vases from plastic bottles However, we will not run ahead, even if you alreadyWe can not wait to cut vases from plastic bottles according to our inspirational illustrated schemes. First, prepare the necessary materials and simple equipment: a pair of multicolored PET flasks, comfortable scissors, acrylics, colored aerosols or plastic markers, stickers and stickers, any decorative additions (beads, buttons, ribbons, etc.) in their design. For drawing of ornaments on openwork vases from plastic bottles, you will need a soldering iron. Are you ready to proceed? Then we begin our fascinating master class.

Vase with a figured border

To begin with, step by step we will learn a simple scheme - Fig. 1. This interesting article can be, for example, a desktop candy bar, and if you take an empty five-liter bottle for it, you will get a real floor vase. So: Plastic vase with a figured border

  • Cut off the upper conical part of the bottle, you will not need it in this diagram;
  • Then cut the scissors with uniform strips. Cut each end at the same level;
  • Bend each strip outward and squeeze, giving the design a shape of the sun from the children's drawings;
  • Now bend the strips inward at an angle, fixing their ends in the adjacent slots (as shown in Figure 1).

Additional decoration depends only on your imagination. You can simply tie the workpiece scarlet ribbon or paste it with bright stickers. An unusual vase for fruit is ready.

Flower pot

Was the outdoor vase easy for you? Then you will make a pot from a plastic bottle without any special difficulties. Will help to inspire rice. 2. Let's look at it in more detail: Flower pot

  • Cut off the top of the bottle, given that this is the future bowl of a flower pot - plan its size;
  • Make a hole in the cork, through which excess water from the irrigation will flow into the stand;
  • Insert the tip from the bottle with the stopper down into the remaining base of the same bottle. A pot of drainage is ready.

Pot with drainage You just got your hands on a pot ofordinary plastic bottle, and now decorate it and fill it with soil. Plant seeds or cuttings of your favorite flowers and wait for the emergence of abundant shoots.

Funny pots for herbs

How to make a vase from a polyethylene bottle to usalready known. And simple flower pots now too not a problem. But the flower pot may not only be the same as we discussed above. Let's now make funny grasses, using a cut-off bottom of a plastic bottle for this? So: Herbal pot Grasshopper pot

  • Cut off the bottom of the PET bottle with a "puff" to be able to give the pot the desired shape;
  • Give the "face" to the herb, gluing the eyes and the spout from the colored stickers (see Figures 3 and 4);
  • Set the shape of the pot. It can be a cat or a bunny - cut out the ears of the desired length;
  • And you can give the grassy look of a funny gnome, using plugs from PET bottles like his nose and eyes.

Fill the pot with soil and sow itseeds of lawn grass. Very soon your grass will have an original green hairstyle. Just do not forget to water the hair of the garden troll from time to time.

Decorative vases

Look how simple the originalan odd job from an empty plastic container! Just cut the walls of the bottle into thin strips of different lengths and put on them balls of white foam plastic, foam or cardboard blanks of inflorescences or roses from corrugated paper - you will get a luxurious decorative composition for decorating home interiors. Unfading original bouquet.

Openwork vases

What can you say about the luxurious openwork vases, looking at Fig. 5? Are you ready to create such a masterpiece? Maybe not, but try right now! Openwork vase from a plastic bottle

  • Cut off the top of the bottle at the point of narrowing the neck, setting the desired size of the neck of the future vase;
  • With the help of a soldering iron or burner, create an author's ornament on the body of the craft. The bottom can be left untouched, so that the vase holds water and is practically useful.

Almost finished vase from a bottle with its ornamentswill be almost invisible, if you do not paint a transparent article with colored aerosol. Having done this, you will see how the patterns-slits on a unique author's vase will play vividly. This is not a shame even to give, loved ones will certainly appreciate your original hand maid. And in general a plastic bottle in itselfan inexhaustible source of ideas for making original vases, pots and decorative desktop compositions. Start with our step-by-step instructions and do not notice how you are covered by inspiration and more complex ideas will be born by themselves. Your creativity will manifest itself without instructions and visual aids. Are you ready to decorate the house with beautiful vases of your own making? So it's time to start an enjoyable work!