Vase floor made of plastic pipe do it yourself: master class

Vase floor made of plastic pipe do it yourself: master class

If you like living in your houseflowers that bring a sunny mood into the house, we suggest not just putting them in a regular vase, but making original and very stylish vases made of plastic pipes with your own hands. Moreover, it is very simple, but they look amazing at the same time. How to make a floor vase from a pipe or a small home decor read here! The content of the article:


  • Hand saw.
  • PVC pipes (diameter 2.5 cm and 5 cm).
  • Gold paint in spray.

Technology and instruction

Step 1: Cut the plastic tubes

  • The first thing to do is to cut the pipes into pieces that will fit the size of the future vases.
  • This should be done carefully, so that the edges are smooth and beautiful, for this it is better to use a special plastic stand, thanks to which you precisely make even cuts.
  • As for the length of future vases, it is desirable that they be of different sizes from high to short to create an asymmetrical beautiful look.
  • Step 2: Painting We got six vessels from pipes, which need to be well cleaned of dust and dirt.

  • Then you need to paint them with spray paint or spray can, you need to do it outdoors.
  • Placing them on a piece of cardboard or newspaper, gently paint with a golden spray paint with a thin layer.
  • After about 20 minutes, when the paint dries, you need to cover them with another layer of paint.
  • Give a little dry, move to a closed room and leave overnight until completely dry.
  • Step 3: Decorating the Morning, you can safely pick up the vases in the house and put your favorite flowers in them, cutting off their stem according to the height of the vase. ATTENTION: And in order for flowers not to wilt quickly, a glass of water should be placed in the bottom of each vase. Thus, you will get original and very stylish vases that will decorate your home, and in which your favorite flowers will flaunt every day.

    How to make a floor vase from a pipe

    The principle is the same as with a small vase for the table:

    • We take a plastic plumbing pipe of large diameter.
    • Cut it to the desired length.
    • To make the vase stable, pack a bag of sand or small stones and place it on the bottom of the vase.
    • We decorate according to your wishes.

    Ways to decorate Painting: You can paint evenly with spray paint or create a structure with an acrylic paint and a brush. You can also make a coloring under the stencil. Jugut: Ordinary ornamental jgut, an excellent and quick method of decorating a vase. Before winding it around the pipe, it is necessary to lubricate the pipe abundantly with silicone glue or Moment type glue. Knitted fabric: knitted decor is gaining momentum more and more. A sleeve from an old sweater, suitable for your floor vase. Wooden veneer: if the pipe is very large, you can use small wooden slats to decorate such a vase. Fastening on the "liquid nails". Mosaic: More suitable for cottage or yard. But you can certainly apply such vases in the apartment. How to do:

    • You need a mix for a mosaic or you can replace it with a mix for laying tiles.
    • Mosaic of broken tiles, you can also take stones or shells, even coins.
    • Apply the mixture on the pipe and lay the selected material for the mosaic.
    • Let it dry for 1 day.