Vertical garden of the house: terrariums made of stainless steel

Vertical garden of the house: terrariums made of stainless steel

An excellent idea of ​​organizing a verticalmini-garden at home, using magnetic containers. There is a desire to cover the entire door of the refrigerator, metal racks and shelves with terrariums made by themselves! As a container for this mini-garden, Ikea box was made of stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, which perfectly holds on any metal surface. Materials for vertical magnetic terrarium:

  • gravel (in any pet store or garden)
  • soil (if you plant not aerophytes)
  • aerophyte plants, cacti or succulents
  • moss
  • box with magnet

If you could not get a container with a magnet, then glue the magnetic fastening tape to the bottom of the steel container, which you can buy at hardware stores. Of course, this idea can be transformed fornonmetallic surfaces, bases of magnets. Then, in addition to the materials, you need any box with a lid, preferably transparent (for example, round tin cookie boxes) and fasteners, with which the ready terrarium will need to be nailed / fastened / glued to a wall, wooden beam, window frame or simply suspended on ropes to a tree. In order for plants to breathe and to befree access - in the lid of the container it is better to cut a half-open window. And for aesthetics, of course, it is desirable that the second half of the lid be transparent. The process of planting plants is that you simply pour the gravel onto the bottom of the can, top the moss and aerophytes or some soil in which you plant succulents or cacti. Vertical minisade - the terrarium with your own hands is ready! The original master class can be read in English on ruffled.