Vest for girl spoke: knitting master class (photo)

Vest for girl spoke: knitting master class (photo)


The ability to knit not only makediversity in the wardrobe. There is always a possibility in time to get the right model. Vest for girl spoke - a great option to protect the child from the coolness and a little breeze. Bail out at any time of the year. Stylish vest can be combined with a sweater, jacket or even a jacket. Girls like the duo sleeveless denim shirt or turtleneck. Babes feel comfortable in a beautiful fashion a new thing, and hands-free.

Knitted sleeveless needles can be accomplished in several ways:

  • dense embroidery;
  • relief or openwork pattern;
  • with the addition of ornamentation;
  • combining different styles and materials.

Any model vests fit of two halves,which then simply stapled. For beginners, masters it will be quite easy. The first time is better for a girl to tie vest spokes usual facial or purl stitch, so as not to be distracted by vyvyazyvanie drawing. Before you begin, you need to prepare a yarn and knitting needles, take your measurements and tune in to the creative process.

Stages crochet waistcoat

Rules knitting vests for little childreneasier than for adults. Merauke need to shoot less and pattern vests for girls not even be needed if the child is small. But, the basic rules of knitting have to perform. Before you begin, remove the key measurements:

  • hips (the chest). These measurements are taken separately, if a girl has grown up and is different. For kids enough to fix one volume;
  • shelf length armhole. Measured on a side from the underarm to the desired length sleeveless;
  • armhole height - is the length from the underarms to shoulder in centimeters. Metering make a straight line without bending;
  • the total length of the finished product. This is a line from the base of the neck to the desired length.

You will need a few tools and materials:

  • Yarn thickness and color desired. Can come to the remains of other products, if you plan to color palette;
  • needles of two different diameters. Eraser will be good to keep the shape, if it is to tie spokes thinner, sleeveless This will look more aesthetic;
  • needle or hook for stitching details.

For beginners, skilled workers, first and foremost, bettertie back sleeveless. This technique rescue if necessary to slightly increase the product or not enough threads. In the first case, you can add up to 4-6 loops on the web prior vests for girls, in the second - a yarn of a different color or a suitable cloth. The back knitted vests do not have to tie up.
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Getting Started

To children vest fully consistentsize, will have to carry out the necessary mathematical calculations. Basic measurements to remove children without tolerances. Adjustment is carried out at the time of calculation loops. To determine the width of the knitted sleeveless, taking the value of the hips and divide in half. For example, if the hips (the chest) girls 64 cm, 32 cm - width shelves sleeveless one. In the calculations take into account the thickness of the needles and yarn.
First knit a sample of the spokes to calculate the totalthe number of loops gum. There is only a small canvas size 10 x 10 cm. Then, measure the exact width of the square, calculate the number of loops in one centimeter. The result is multiplied by 32 cm - the width of the shelves. To add the final figure 2 P (edge). You can now dial the total number of needles for knitting loops the bottom of the tank tops.

Begin with a set of loops on a thin needles to start knitting gum.
Gum type and height determined according tomodel. For kids it is not necessary to knit the general and bulk. Small product for girls is better to issue a combination backstitches and facial loops (1x1), openwork or dual band. Its maximum length for a child's vest - 10 cm.
After vyvyazyvaniya gum thread duringknitting row (on the reduction - P), transferred to larger diameter needles. For older children in the first P uniformly add 6-8 loops. Then continue to knit flat fabric to armhole.
To obtain the line armholes close 1-2loop (further in the text applies reduction P) from both sides of the web. Doing this better early R. Total closed loop - no more than 6 per side. Continue to work on the shoulder without subtraction. Having reached the desired length, close all n in one thread R. neatly trimmed and secured to prevent unraveling of the product.

Knitting before the process of knitting the front halveswaistcoats for girls similar to knitting back. A small challenge for inexperienced knitters is the neckline design. The easiest way to get to make a Y-shaped. Pre-determined place the beginning of the neck. You will then need care not to miss the intended length. Dovyazav to the desired P bisect II, note the middle leaf pin or thread of contrasting color. With this mark are beginning to close P.

Now knit separately each half forehand. Knit face P to a point P and a closed end series. The backing dovyazyvayut P to the line and move to the front. Again, a close P. So continue to the shoulder line. Close the remaining P and transferred to vyvyazyvaniyu second half before. All knitting steps are repeated in a mirror image.
Build and design
Every detail of knitted wash gentlystripped. If children vest tied with a relief pattern, the iron you need to wrap a damp cloth and bring it, as much as possible, close (without touching) to the product. Thus, the pattern retain bulge.
Sew part waistcoats for girls can be a thread ora hook. Neck and armhole treat gum. To do this, measure the desired length, knit on the size of the eraser. Height - not more than 4cm. Carefully sew, and can be carried out fitting.
In this way, it fits the easiest optionwaistcoats for girls. Experienced masters will add sophisticated neckline, original pattern, edging leather or fabric. Any knitting patterns will delight the girl, because made with love.

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