Vest with knitting needles for women: stages of knitting in patchwork style

Vest with knitting needles for women: stages of knitting in patchwork style


Patchwork is a very interesting activity, when fromSmall multicolored elements formed a single canvas. For the first time in Russia this technique was told in the late 80s of the twentieth century in the magazine for women "Burda Moden". There was printed a master class on knitting a plaid patchwork on knitting needles. But women's clothing, created in this technique, looks more interesting than small objects of decor. Women's knitted waistcoats and jackets of this kind are an integral part of the wardrobe in the style of Boho.
Usually a women's knitted vest is made of pieces. In this case, rarely the elements are tied with knitting needles, they often use the hook. These things are very beautiful outside, but untidily look on the wrong side because of the large number of seams. It is more interesting to tie the waistcoat with knitting needles, but so that the pieces are organically woven into the canvas. This work only at first glance seems difficult, in fact, to tie a waistcoat with knitting needles in the patchwork technique is easy even for beginner needlewomen.

Knitting a Vest for Beginners

For work you need the following materials:

  • Threads: 4 coils of yarn (60% wool, 40% acrylic), 100 grams, length 200 m. In the thickness of such yarns should be about 4-5 mm. It is better not to take contrasting colors. For example, we take a gentle female scale: burgundy, with it pink, beige and milky-gray;
  • Knitting needles: №2,5 for those who are accustomed to knit freely, №3, take women who knit tightly;
  • Centimeter tape, a sheet and a pencil and ... a computer.

A waistcoat with needles for a woman in this technique is not necessaryLeveling on the pattern, it is enough to make a scheme, compiled in the simplest computer program, in a standard editor, where it is possible to create a table. Such schemes can be immediately supplied and a description of the work. But first we make measurements. Need to know:

  • Girth of the waist;
  • hip girth;
  • Height of armhole;
  • Width of back;
  • Length of the product.

A knitted sleeveless shirt with needles does not require large measurements. In women of 42-44 sizes, these measures will be approximately the same: the length of the product is 55 cm, the waist is 70 cm, the hip is 92 cm, the armhole is 20 cm.
Step-by-step work stages For beginner needlewomen, let's consider the simplest variant: knitting rectangles of different colors.
The fineness is one: they must be arranged in a chaotic manner. We need to distribute the colors so that it looks stylish on our waistcoat. We draw a simple diagram on the computer.

Now translate it into loops: Bottom - 182 loops (this is almost a full girth of the hips + 2 edges, take a little less real girth, since the knitted vest does not reach the measurement point, its length is less). The height of the square, we will call it a tier - 5 cm. These are eight rows. We knit a waistcoat with knitting needles for women in the technique of a shoe polish, guided by the simplest description:

  • We collect 182 loops with a gray thread. Now we need to tie two rows (we knit the entire fabric with the facial surface: the face is the LP, the back is the IP). Now gently knot the knot and from the new one - we begin the first square with maroon thread;

  • Small female tricks: For knitting squares or rectangles, it is better to roll small glomeruli from the main skeins. And the first square is typing 26 st of maroon threads, then we leave this thread, we attach and we sew the next color of 40 n. And so on. We knit a tier, but in the last river. We remove in a pink color 1 loop on the connection with beige, one on both sides in beige color and one in gray on the connection with beige. Totally remove 5 loops;
  • When the tier is tied, carefully fix all the threads and cut them from the glomeruli;
  • Again we type on the spokes a gray thread and knit two p. We remove in the course of work 5 more loops;
  • In the next tier again we type rectangles, we sew and cut the loops in the last river. according to the scheme. So here it will be five loops smaller;
  • Gray bar: remove another 5 p. Now our knitted vest is fitted. Total removed 20 p; It remains to link the remaining tiers according to the scheme, breaking them in gray strips. We finish before the armhole, too, in gray color;
  • In the armhole close under the scheme of 4 loops and in three rivers. Remove three more at the edges;
  • We bind it to the neck;
  • In the shoulders to collect after the gray bands of 20 loops, remove in five rivers. 5 points in each shoulder.

Female waistcoat is ready with knitting needles. Now it must be ironed and sewn on the shoulders. The entire model tie a crochet with gray thread columns without a crochet, in a single row, in the course of mating to make loops. Sew on the buttons, and you're done.
Such a woman's sleeveless sweatshirt knits just fora few days. Any beginner needlewoman, having just mastered the technique of the patchwork, can already experiment on her own. But when you see a photo of a model in patchwork technique in some fashionable magazine, you can always fulfill it, and not expect to buy a branded female thing for a lot of money. For example, with the help of another scheme, you can tie an equally attractive vest.

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