Video and photo workshop netting fish from the gums

Video and photo workshop netting fish from the gums


If you are fond of weaving colored irisesRainbow Loom, the offer to complete your collection of handicrafts, small colorful fish. For it is possible to attach a ring and get the original key fob. Consider how to use two table forks and multi-colored rubber bands to weave fish.

Scourge fish

This method of weaving is suitable for those who do nota special machine for weaving or slingshot. For convenience, the two plugs connect to each other by adhesive tape. Also you need any gum color, a pair of black and thin hook for knitting.

Fish drags very easily and quickly. For one evening you can weave a fish tank and give away to your friends and relatives.
We begin to weave fish with what we putrezinochki three times and put on two pairs of columns of one of the forks. Next you need to add two rezinochki in two and put them on the 4 column 2 on a single instrument, 2 in another.

Now take a thin hook for crocheting, sizewhich does not exceed №2, rather thinner, otherwise the work will be very uncomfortable, it will not work from the first time to pick up and stretch an elastic band. Iris, which are folded in three turns and picks up the hook is pulled through those who have just put. That's what this has to happen.

Duplicate similar effect, and again puttwo rubber bands, stacked in 2 turns. Thus around each pair of teeth was 4 rezinochki. We act the same way as the previous pair of colored rings. Now that the action has become clear, repeat it 4 more times. In this form of needlework it is important not only to remember the order of action, but also to understand them. It is necessary to understand the process of weaving the fish, as the work goes faster.

Elastic bands located on top of our weavingWe need to translate columns adjacent to the two sides. As a result, each device has two columns, completely free from the base material. On the other two of four rainbow wearing ring. The following rings put around the same "job" tines. Two pairs of loops, which are located at the bottom weave need to translate upwards. The result is two tabs. And we already looming future fish tail. Weave trunk fish will also be easy. Continue!

Using the hook, gently stretch the rings andchange clothes them with two to 4 columns. Take six new rainbow rings, and put them in pairs on the fork as follows: 2 rings on the two parallel cloves, 2 following four central, and 2 more on the 2 side.

Then remove those loops that we stretchedaround 4 teeth. That's what comes out. New rezinochku add up to two and put on the whole device. To continue to weave a fish, it is necessary once again to take six rings, and put them on the plugs in pairs, as we have done recently.

Start Shooting rezinochki. First, the one that stretched the entire fork, after all the bottom three couples. Now we can relax a bit and do something that has already been spent. Repeat three times already familiar action, starting with the moment when the 1-well, folded in two iris, wrap around all four teeth, removing all the finishing loops.

Slowly but surely, we got to a place where there are fish eyes. Black Iris, folded 4 times, wrap around the two central teeth of each instrument.

Again, repeat the same steps: one ring on all teeth, then three pairs, in the end, remove the black iris. Each plug must contain 3 pairs of loops. Repeat steps have already learned, only six elastics me for three. Removing tabs do as well. The remaining rings change clothes in the 2 central cloves.

We are nearing the completion of weaving. New iris wrap around the central teeth, remove the bottom eyelets 3 and get one loop. Pull the other one through, placing them side by side. To the resulting eyelet can be attached to the ring fob. Now you know how to weave a fish out of gum!

Video: Learn to weave a fish out of gum