Grapes from beads with their own hands in the master class (photo)

Grapes from beads with their own hands in the master class (photo)


Creating baskets and panels from beads, manyNeedlewomen want to supplement a set of flowers and plants with berries, fruits, fruits. This addition looks colorful and picturesque. Very beautiful in such compositions looks grapes. But this plant has been respected by people since ancient times.

Necessary materials

Before you start weaving grapes from beads, you need to prepare all the necessary materials:

  • Beads. You need to prepare at least two colors of beads: green for leaves and blue or burgundy for berries. Just note that you can make berries of any color, because there are many varieties of grapes, and each of them has its own color. You can also combine several shades of the same color. So you can achieve the overflow effect;
  • Wire. You will need a thin wire for stringing beads and leaves, and thick wire for the formation of the berry frame and vine decoration;
  • Threads that repeat the color of beads for berries, as well as green threads for the winding of the trunk and vines;
  • Floral ribbon. It can be bought at any flower shop.
  • When everything is ready, you can start working.

    Master-class weaving of grapevine from beads

    Plait berries
    Scheme of a frame for weaving grapes from beads OurA master class we begin to make a vine, we begin with weaving grapes. Since this berry is large, so that it keeps the shape, it needs to create a skeleton. How to do this, we decided to depict with a schematic. On it red lines depict four segments of thick wire. You need to connect them by twisting their edges into a bundle. The yellow circle indicates the place where the wire is connected. To this place it is necessary to attach a thin wire, which will be a working wire. It is marked on the diagram in green.
    Now you can begin to string beads. In order to be clearer, we will break this process into several stages:

  • We string a single bead onto a working wire. We surround the working wire around the adjacent axis of the frame. Again, string one bead, and again circle around the axis. So we continue, while between each axis there will be one bead. The first row is ready;
  • In the second row we do everything, too, as in the first,But instead of one bead string three. In the third row we string five beads and so on. In each successive row between the axes there should be two beads larger than in the previous one;
  • Gradually bend the thick wire to form a dome;
  • When our berry reaches the desired diameter, we begin to reduce the number of beads in each row. We do this in the same order as the addition of beads;
  • Leave a small hole and fill our berry with woolen threads in a tone beads. It is necessary for the berry to keep its shape and be elastic. After this we continue the decrease;
  • When there are only one bead between the axes, we twist the ends of all wires into a bundle. We wrap it with floral tape, and then with green threads.

  • On this first berry is ready. The number of ready berries depends on what bunch you want to get. You can also make a few bunches.
    Scourge leaves
    Scheme of joining of grape leaves Our masterClass will tell you how to make grape leaves quickly and easily. To do this, take a piece of thin wire 20 cm long. Put one bead on it and slide it to the left edge, leaving a small tail. The long end of the wire is threaded into the same bead in the opposite direction. Then put on 2 beads, and repeat the procedure, then 4 beads, 6 ... Repeat until there are 10 beads on the wire unlikely. After that, start decreasing the number of beads in the same order. When you get such a peculiar diamond, thread the wire into the last bead 2 times and cut, leaving the edge at 4 cm. Make 4 such diamonds. Then connect their lower faces with each other. The method of connection is shown in the form of a diagram. Just pass a thin wire into the holes of the outer beads, connecting pieces of leaves. Wrap the ends of the wire with green threads and set aside.

    We make the antennae
    Continuing our master class, let's talk about howMake the antennae that harmoniously complement your bouquet or grape tree. It is very easy to do this. Take two pieces of thick wire and fold them together. Wrap them with a floral tape, and then wrap them tightly with a green woolen thread. It is better if the thread will be with a little nap. Carefully fix the edge of the thread with the help of PVA glue. Then wind the antennae on a pencil or spoke in the form of a spiral. Do as many mustaches as you need.

    This is our master class on the creation of grapeThe vine is completed. All you have to do is figure out how to put together all its parts. It depends on what goals you pursued in the beginning. If your grapes will be part of a bouquet or a composition, simply screw the ends of the wire to the other parts of the wire.
    But, if you want to create a separate tree, thenYou can make the barrel for it a wire frame and a gypsum-glue mixture. How to make a tree trunk tells our master class on creating a money tree. Find it on our website and repeat, giving the necessary relief to the trunk.
    Now your house will be decorated with a small grape tree - a symbol of prosperity and fertility. It can also become a wonderful gift for your friends or relatives.
    Symbolism of the plant Grapes were known inancient times. Surely, you've heard a lot about Dionysus - the ancient Greek deity responsible for the production of wine. The ancient Greeks and Romans simply adored wine, calling it "divine nectar."
    With the advent of Christianity, the vine becameSymbolize Jesus Christ. It was believed that just as it is visible, but it is hidden among the leaves and fruits, so the Son of God is noticeable in his deeds, and sometimes vice versa.
    Many also know the legend of Noah, who landed on the promised land, first planted grapes on it.
    In Jews, grapes are considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity.
    It is the grapes - this juicy ripe fruitAll kinds of shades and varieties, pleasing us every fall - our article is devoted. This master class told about how the vine is made from beads. We specially picked up a simple description, so even a beginner can cope with this task. In addition, we tried to find schemes that will help you better understand the sequence of actions.

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