Volume embroidery - the process of creating live paintings (video)

Volume embroidery - the process of creating live paintings (video)


Homeland occurrence of this type of needleworkEngland is considered, it is there in the 17th century, first appeared unique embroidered linens. Volume embroidery is a different kind of techniques to create original embroidered linens that come to life before our eyes, creating a 3D effect, resulting in a so-called tableau. The name itself speaks about the art is that it is not flat embroidery on the fabric as sewing stitch, and volume, rising above the surface, giving the fabric to embroider expressive relief.
Attached embroidery volume, you can usespecial convex joints and materials. For the work can be used beads, silk ribbons, sequins, beads and various decorative elements, possibly as a combination of these materials, it all depends on the imagination of embroiderers.

Despite the fact that this very unusual embroiderycolorful, with lots of items to embroider, it is available for beginners handy people. Even the most inexperienced mistress, having mastered this technique may eventually show his own master - class for creating exclusive embroidery. To do this, you must know how to choose the right materials, which seams to use and, preferably, before the eyes see photos of work to embroider, to have an idea of ​​how it will look like in practice. The most simple and ideal for embroidery - buy a ready-made kit containing in itself the necessary materials.

Volume embroidered ribbons

The most popular among embroiderers consideredvolume embroidery silk or satin ribbons. It is simple and very colorful embroidery that allows skilled workers to express their imagination, embroidering the original drawings. Ribbons embroidered home furnishings, clothing, pillows, linens, jewelry boxes, cosmetic bags. Superb tableau embroidered ribbons will also be a wonderful gift for any occasion and a magnificent interior decoration. This type of embroidery fit just
Because the canvas is filled very quickly, thanks to the large material filling most of the embroidery.
The main motives
are plants, flowers, insects, ribbons can bebe different floral arrangements. The paper can be used not only by satin ribbons, suitable as ribbons of velvet and organza, the greater the variety of materials to be used in embroidery, the more interesting and more original is sewn product. The embroidery ribbons can add a variety of decorative elements - beads, beads, sequins, which can be embroidered, such as core flower or insect wings.
Highlights embroidery ribbons
In the only needles are used with ribbons withwide gilt eyelet (Gypsy needles, needle masters). The wide eyelet need to feed when sewing slide freely inside the needle, twist to her there was no assembly and hooks.
Working the fabric should be taut in the hoop, so that the seams lay smoothly and embroidered items are not slack.
When working with tapes, it is desirable not to use the classic round hoop and hoop - frame or
. Then the tableau will be accurate and not skewed.
For better embroidery ribbons to use the material with a large weave, the needle is pulled easily through the cloth tape. .

Tapes and cut into small piecesare fixed on the fabric by using a flat knot (nodule can be ready to look at the photo). Wrong side of the embroidery should be very careful, especially for embroidery clothing or accessories. Master - class on what should get the wrong side of the ideal, can be found on our website.
The volume embroidery, there are two basic stitches -a straight stitch and tape. We direct you can vary the length and tension, stitch belt allows a ribbon through itself, it is embroidered flower petals. Twisted straight stitch sewn stems and greens.
Live picture Victoria Combe
Volume embroidery ribbons Victoria LozhbinoyImyaThis mistress knows almost every needlewoman, nutty embroidered with ribbons. Luxury Victoria works can be seen at various exhibitions and presentations. Its unusual embroidery mesmerizing sight, and it is from - for what. ribbon embroidery comes on a colorful canvas, provides a complete picture. On the basis of the color image is applied and that its details are emphasized with embroidered ribbons. It can be a girl's dress and bouquet of flowers in a refined lady, flower bed or basket with Christmas gifts, floral gazebo or town house. That is, the bulk embroidery on their part, live painting has several plans - front, embroidered ribbons and back with printed background. This embroidery needle women suit everyone, as embroiders elements and a little work can be done in a short period of time. For convenience needlewomen workshop troughs produces ready-made kits for embroidery with ribbons, in which all the necessary materials are present. By purchasing this set, you can immediately start to work on the painting.

Video: embroidered ribbons picture

Volume satin stitch

Very beautiful and unusual embroidery suitsonly for experienced handy, as it requires a lot of time, patience, skill. Therefore, in this technique, we are sure to start only after you've "got the hand" and
. The highlight of this embroidery is that the amount of itgive flowers with wire, embroidered satin stitch, resulting in a beautiful and unique three-dimensional composition. Picture this exquisite embroidery and a step by step video production of flowers can be found on our website.
For use very strong and thinwire, it was she who would serve for embroider contour element. Its shape is folded in petal or leaf and fastened to the base with small stitches. Then, the wire begins to sheathe stitches selected color. The more colors and shades used in the work, in order to accurately convey the nuances of flowers and greenery, the volume picture is very realistic. The basic stitch used in the embroidery - satin stitch, is the basic stitch
Even for novice masters will easily master its implementation. After petal embroidery, its contours are sheathed wire
and cut out of the base.
Now you can make any petal bendattach to the fabric, securing the ends of the wire from the wrong side. Thus, it is possible to create a floral composition by using various kinds of flowers and herbs. Master - class on the technique of embroidery needle women will be interesting to all. Live picture of these colors will look beautiful on the walls of a nursery or bedroom.

Video: Master Class by volume Embroidery

Volume cross-stitch

Loved by many as a cross needlewomenI found its application in the bulk embroidery. Using it in this technique of embroidery, you can create beautiful and practical objects in three dimensions - vases, jewelry boxes, boxes for small items, toy houses. It turns out truly living picture, you can take your hands or play with it. The volume is achieved through the use of the plastic canvas. A plastic canvas can be purchased at any store crafts. First, the usual pattern is sewn on the canvas on which to make small allowances at the edges, and then the finished embroidery is sewn to the detail of plastic canvas that match the contours of the embroidery. Receives a separate solid parts, which are then bonded to each other "butt" to form houses, vases, boxes and other products. From the houses you can collect whole towns and villages, and to put a vase handmade flowers.
Volume cross-stitch - this is, basically,European kind of needlework, crafts such toy Europeans congratulate each other on various holidays. Photo of pretty houses and even whole villages can be seen on our website.

Live picture of the usual thread

One of the simplest types of bulk embroidery,simple to learn. We use all the usual seams, available and understandable for beginners handy people. In this technique, one can distinguish two main types:

  • Traditional volume Brazilian embroidery. Perform routine silk threads on all fabrics, silk yarn can be successfully replaced by iris or floss. The main motifs of embroidery - flowers and plants. The technique used by several types of stitches, they give volume to embroider flowers, raising them above the surface: a twisted seam, inlaid stitch lapel stitch, French knot, and other joints. Flowers performed a twisted seam, look almost the same as in the rococo embroidery, a method of winding the needle stitches the same. The detailed implementation of these joints can be viewed on video.

  • French rococo embroidery volume. These twisted exquisite roses and leaves almost all known needle women, they are used to decorate clothing and bed linen, and towels for the metrics. We use two basic stitch: stitch rococo rococo loop, however, the bulk embroidery turns out very beautiful and refined, especially if podobranny colors correctly.
  • Volume beadwork

    It differs from conventional beadwork isthat is not sewn beads of the entire surface, but only some fragments of the background. Volume embroidery with beads is used to emphasize the public - the parts or fragments of the drawing to highlight the main points and draw attention to the picture. Typically, this technique embroidered orthodox icons and vestments for them. Standard outline for such embroidery is not suitable, because the beads fall unevenly, in the better use of homogeneous tissue. Beads attached half-cross stitch, on top of these beads are attached following, forming a pattern that is sewn under the special scheme. In this case the main background is nezashitym.
    Icons embroidered in bulk technique is veryexpressive. Embroidery is not just for the fabric, and in print. So called tissue already put drawing (it is this fabric is used for the bulk embroidery Victoria troughs). It is completely ready icon, which has only embroidered robes and vestments. Lick and hands icons remain open, beaded garments give volume icon, a real tableau, with real fragments of the face and body. Embroidery Icons is very labor-intensive job, so its performance is best to look at the training video. For more information about bulk embroidery with beads can be found in the books of the writer and needlewoman Helen Pierce, which specializes in this type of technology.

    Video: volume beadwork on the icon example