Bulk artwork for the new year - 2 ideas for hand-made articles

Bulk artwork for the new year - 2 ideas for hand-made articles

On the eve of New Year's holidays I want to pleasethe nearest environment with the brightest, juicy and universal gifts. But, a gift, this is not only what you can give. It is also an atmosphere that can be created. Many children realize the New Year's holiday thanks to one feature of this unique and truly beautiful celebration. It is about how the whole city at one moment begins to live only a dream of meeting the grandfather of frost and believing in real miracles!

Bulk artwork for the new year - 2 ideas for hand-made articles

We can also help the younger, and do not mindhelp yourself in getting much needed mood. But to somehow wake up a holiday, the atmosphere can be recreated in many different ways. And, if the snow does not fall outside the window, and the Christmas tree does not look so magically and bewitchingly, it does not affect you - it is worth considering how you can decorate your house. There can be a lot of variants of crafts. We offer two common versions of crafts, of which you probably heard, but perhaps completely forgot the technique of creation. Of course, we are talking about a standard flashlight for the New Year's decoration, as well as a unique snowflake, which we all were making in the distant childhood. These lessons are excellent for teaching the younger generation of basics. The lessons are extremely simple and do not require special knowledge, but they instill assiduity and allow them to improve their skills in the field of needlework for the youngest. Do not forget that creating crafts with relatives is very fun. And that's not speaking about the fact that each of us can put our hand to creating something new and unique. Forming a flashlight A voluminous craft for the new year - 2 ideas for handmade crafts. Photo №1 For example, the technique of volumetric crafts, with the help ofwhich create a new decoration - absolutely not a problem. We all know that special voluminous crafts can both supplement the atmosphere of the holiday, and simply, "successfully fit into the interior of the house." In addition, the creation of such crafts significantly increases your skills and gives full opportunities for the development of their own skills. Therefore, we offer you options for bulk crafts that you can use!

  • Let's take colored paper on two sides
  • Also, glue for paper
  • As a tool we will use conventional scissors

The formation of the New Year's flashlight is very simplea task. Many of us in childhood, together with relatives, prepared such a craft. You need to cut two equal rectangles in different colors. We take one of them and twist it into a small tube, which must be fixed with glue. A voluminous craft for the new year - 2 ideas for handmade crafts. Photo # 2 Then, you need to take the second optionrectangle and also fold it into two parts. But, starting in the bend, it is necessary to cut small strips in the amount of half a centimeter. Do not cut the edges of the paper. After that, the paper must be cut and smeared with glue. We also put it in the tube, as with the first option. In the lower edge of the product for the first tube, it is necessary to lubricate it with glue and then insert one tube into the second one. We will receive an element of a beautiful flashlight that can decorate our house! How to make a snowflake? For those who will not have much of this solution, there is always a second option:

  • It is necessary to prepare the paper in white color
  • Also, prepare a pencil for work
  • Take the glue in order to connect the elements
  • Also, take a stapler for similar tasks
  • After, take a ruler, as well as scissors for processing and measurement.

A voluminous craft for the new year - 2 ideas for handmade crafts. Picture №3 So, you need to take 6 leaves of the samethe same size, in the form of squares, white. Squares form on sizes from 15 to 30 centimeters. Next, bend each piece of paper by aligning it diagonally. After. we make geometrical measurements. First, take a ruler and arrange the leaves so that the longest side option is at the bottom. We form the perpendicular element, which will come out from the upper height of the figure at the base to the long side. Next, make a note. Then, we make the measurement of the point - we form the middle, and after that - we divide the two segments into still the same 2 variants. Thus, we will have 4 segments, equal to each other. Then, do the same with the lower length of the triangle. After, connect all our perpendiculars and get triangles that are in each other. A voluminous craft for the new year - 2 ideas for handmade crafts. Photo №4 After, we form incisions for each of the segments,which can be called the sides of the lateral inner triangles. Do not completely bring to a point in the perpendicular - you need to leave 0.5 centimeters. Then. a sheet of paper is straightened and after, at the corners of the sector, which is in the center, is fastened with a stapler and then glued together. Then, the paper rolls over in this manner to secure the subsequent sector. We get a very beautiful ray. Six of these rays we form into petals and we clip, creating an element of a snowflake of a flower! Thus, it will not be difficult to make a completely new and interesting idea for the craft. Form your idea on the basis of these two common elements of voluminous crafts will not be difficult.