The volumetric picture from the bars and wooden bars

The volumetric picture from the bars and wooden bars

A relief picture on the wall is an unusual andThe original way to decorate the interior of the room. Perhaps you thought about the expensive masterpieces of contemporary artists and designers? We propose to make with your own hands a stylish bright canvas of wooden slats. A three-dimensional picture from the bars is made very simply, and the result is worthy of an exhibition in the contemporary art gallery. three-dimensional picture from bars This picture of bars length 1.5 m, width 60cm consists of two identical parts in size (75 cm by 60 cm). If desired, you can make a solid cloth or divide into two. For work, prepare:

  • 2 pieces of dense plywood 75 cm by 60 cm (or any other desired size) about 1 cm thick;
  • about 100 bars (planks, skirting boards, corners) of different sizes;
  • 7 or more paint colors;
  • brushes, nazhdachku, saw and liquid nails (joiner's glue).

wood bars for wall decoration Choose the bars that will serve as the firstlayer in the future picture. We cut them in length of 60 sm to completely cover a plywood-basis. Then we saw other bars of different sizes to give the picture a depth and volume. To measure the length and plan the future location is not necessary, just cut an arbitrary number of different bars. picture from the bars master-class In advance, choose the range of colors that you willuse. Suitable paint for interior works: latex, acrylic, water-emulsion. It can be calm warm colors with a pair of bright accents or the whole picture can be colorful and flashy. Before painting the plank it is desirable to sand it. Estimate approximately how many planks of what there will be colors. Perhaps you want large parts to make calmer tones, and small ones - juicy and bright. Or, rely on your intuition and color the strips as you want! Perhaps some parts will have to be painted several times to achieve the desired color depth. Make sure you have where to dry all this number of bars. master class a three-dimensional picture of bars and laths with your own hands After all the details have dried, you canstart planning the composition. Put the first layer of the blocks on the plywood, and then randomly stack and move the remaining boards until the result completely satisfies you. For fastening it will be convenient to use liquid nails. Apply a small amount of adhesive on the side of the board and firmly press against the surface. master-class a three-dimensional picture of the bars themselves After a couple of hours of perseverance and patience, the picture will be ready! It remains to attach it to the wall and admire the result! master-class three-dimensional picture from bars From the bars you can add not only the abstract pattern, but also any drawing or inscription. It's your fantasy and creativity! master-class three-dimensional picture from bars Here are some more examples of painting a picture from wooden bars: a picture of bars and laths picture from wooden bars