3D hearts made of paper

3D hearts made of paper

The popular Saint's Day is comingValentine, which means that on February 14, red color and heart shape will again be relevant. We offer three simple master classes, guided by which you can make three-dimensional hearts from paper. Decorate them with the interior of an apartment, office or just give to close people and acquaintances! . Content:

  • Simple volumetric hearts.
  • Volumetric hearts origami.
  • Hearts in the form of boxes.
  • Simple solid hearts made of paper

    Look how original this wall decor looks! journal zhinochy In order to make a decorative composition of hearts, prepare:

    • sheets of colored paper (not necessarily only red);
    • scissors;
    • pencil;
    • glue.

    ⇒ Step 1. Draw a series of hearts on a piece of paper. You can use a template to make the heart shape accurate and correct. Scissors cut out each figure. master-class volumetric hearts of paper ⇒ Step 2. Make a small incision at the top of the figure, slightly bend the edges inward. Apply a small amount of PVA glue to the edges. master-class bulk hearts from paper - glue ⇒ Step 3. Using your fingers, grab the edges with the glue and firmly press each other against the back of the heart. master-class bulk hearts from paper - paste ⇒ Step 4. Hold the glued edges for a couple of minutes. master-class volumetric hearts from paper - appearance ⇒ Step 5. Repeat steps 2-4 with the rest of the hearts. volumetric hearts of different sizes The hearts can first be glued to a sheet of cardboard,and then hang the composition on the wall. Or mount directly to the wall with a double-sided tape. If the convex form of the heart prevents it from being firmly attached to the wall, glue the corner of the paper onto the inside, here are these: Paper hearts with 3D effect on the wall

    3D hearts origami

    The origami technique offers a lot of options likemake various figures, including voluminous hearts. We have chosen for you the most sweet, round and smooth. Such a three-dimensional shape is achieved by ... inflating the heart with air! 3D hearts made of paper in origami technique For work you only need scissors and colordouble-sided paper. Detailed step-by-step instructions are displayed in the photos below. Fold the square sheet of paper in half, then again in half and straighten. master-class voluminous hearts origami 02 Fold the corners as shown in the photos.master-class bulk hearts origami 03 master-class bulk hearts origami 04 Final stroke - inflate the heart through the hole below!master-class bulk hearts origami 04 Beauty! master-class bulk hearts origami

    Hearts in the form of boxes

    And how do you like these hearts, made in the form ofboxes? This technique can be used to make festive packaging for a small gift. However, and as an original crafts such hearts look very interesting, reminding pixel drawings. hearts in the form of boxes Necessary materials and tools:

    • thick paper (for gift wrapping - cardboard);
    • scissors;
    • Ruler.

    ⇒ Step 1. Print or re-print the template. template how to make a heart in the form of a box Hearts solid square ⇒ Step 2. Cut it with scissors or a stationery knife (X-Acto knife). Fold areas for gluing. To make it more convenient to fold thick paper, help yourself with a ruler. how to glue hearts in the form of boxes 01 ⇒ Step 3. Fold the main part of the heart by the lines, helping the ruler. Fold the figure into one. Apply a thin layer of glue on the appropriate protrusions, glue the heart. how to glue hearts in the form of boxes 02 If you make a box, then the ledges for gluing bend inside the box, and to the "cover" you can attach a tongue on the side to open it easily. three-dimensional heart in the form of a box