Wall hanger for hats

Wall hanger for hats

If you have even a small collection of hats andcaps, sooner or later the question arises where to store them. Not always enough space on the upper shelves of the cabinet, and quickly find the right medium boxes is difficult. Therefore, we suggest placing all the hats in sight! A simple wall hanger for hats is not only convenient, but will also decorate the wall of the hallway or bedroom. wall hanger for hats For work, prepare:

  • a copper pipe (options: steel or plastic) hollow tube;
  • rope;
  • scissors;
  • clothespins.

⇒ Step 1. Stylish looks copper pipe, but you can take a plastic tap or steel and simply paint it with copper paint (or any other color). ⇒ Step 2. Consider how and at what height the hanger on the wall (ceiling) will be attached. Proceeding from this, pass the rope into the pipe, stretch it and cut off the desired length. wall hanger for hats ⇒ Step 3. Then tie several lengths of rope on the pipe. For convenience of the further use it is possible to suspend to them small weights, for example, weights from old weights, sand in мешочках or stones. Thus, the rope will always be stretched. wall hanger for hats ⇒ Step 4. Take the hats and attach them with wooden clothespins to the ropes. You can also put things on hangers on hangers. wall hanger for hats wall hanger for hats wall hanger for hats wall hanger for hats