Wall-wrench woman with her own hands from the locks

Wall-wrench woman with her own hands from the locks

Usually old locks and door handles interiorOr external doors ruthlessly sent to the garbage can, giving way to modern and reliable door hardware. Do not rush to throw out the old locks and the keys to them! It would seem that already useless trash can be turned into a functional and vintage decor. The original wall housekeeper with her own hands, integrated with the coat rack, will be a useful accessory in the hallway. Wall housekeeper own hands In order not to search for keys in your pockets or inBag, it is very convenient to use the housekeeper. Of course, you can buy a factory ready. But it is much more pleasant to make it yourself, especially if you have left the old door hardware and key sets after repairs. For work you will need:

  • Unnecessary door handles and locks with keys;
  • wooden plank;
  • Drill and fastening material.

Prepare a board - the base for the housekeeper. If the wooden board is old, you can restore it, restore the cover, open it with wax, varnish or use other materials for wood restoration, presented in the store http://restavraciya.com.ua/katalog/derevo/materialy-dlja-restavratsii-dereva. Attach the door handles and locks to the bar, mark where they will be fastened. For some lock models, you may have to make holes in the wood so that the locks are snug against the base. Mount the handles and locks into the board. Housekeeper with her own hands from old castles Wall wizard with their own hands from the locksOn the protruding door handles it will be convenient to hangOuter clothing, hats and bags, well, the old locks will serve as a housekeeper. The key of the old lock will be the key ring for your keychain. When you get home, just insert this key into the housekeeper's lock and you will always find the keys to the apartment or car in one place! Hanger and housekeeper own hands