Wall Mural Expanding Space - Kallibry

Wall Mural Expanding Space - Kallibry

Making repairs in a small room, you needPay special attention to maximize space. Wallpaper, furniture, lighting - everything is of great importance for the expansion of space. Here we look at how you can visually enlarge the room with wallpaper, and in particular photo wallpaper. The content of the article:

How to choose the color of wallpaper photo wallpaper

Dark shades can steal up to 40% of the spacebut white walls are also not the best option. The optimal colors for the walls will be: cream, light beige, light yellow, sand, light pink, peach, gray, blue-gray, gray-green, light green, light blue and bluish-green. TIP: It is also important to consider the lighting in the room: if you have a small dark room you need to choose warm colors, if the lighting is good enough, you can choose cool colors. The structure of the wallpaper is also of great importance: textured wallpapers form small transitions of light and shade on the walls, which give the impression of expanding space. Color combinations:

  • Pale yellow and creamy colors can be combined with light purple, grayish pink, pale green, light gray, green and muted red;
  • Pale pink will look good with light green, light purple and blue;
  • Light green with dark green, lilac and pink;
  • Blue-gray with gray and cherry;
  • Light gray goes well with purple, magenta or light magenta.

Tips to increase space

There are several tricky tricks followingwhich can expand the space of the room. Let's sort each of them. Contrast Wall The idea is to stick monochromatic wallpapers on the three walls of the room or with some usual small pattern, and make the fourth wall more bright and with a large pattern. Wall, which will be a contrast, choose based on what you want to select. It can be a wall with a TV, bookshelves or a table, depending on your preferences. 3D-trick Wallpapers with very large and bright 3D patternsmake a small room even smaller. But what if you have such a room, and like a large pattern? In this case, take a roll of wallpaper, cut out some of the elements and paste them on bright plain wallpaper. Thus, they will look like decorative items. Extra decor If the wallpaper in the room seemsyou are too monotonous, then you can fix it with additional decorative elements. For example, you can hang on the wall a few huge chrysanthemums (vertically or horizontally), or something like that. You can also stick one strip of photo wallpaper with a large pattern.

Selection of photo wallpapers

Now we will dwell on the use ofphoto wallpapers. They not only help to make one of the walls a contrast (as in one of the methods above), the drawing can also create the impression of continuing the room or refreshing it with the beauty of nature. Nature The images of the forest and the sea are so realistic, as if walking around a sofa, you can walk between the trees or swim in the warm sea water. Due to this, the size of the room increases significantly. Urban (architecture, city streets) If the photoshows a corridor (or a street stretching into the distance), then the room becomes visually longer, it serves as a continuation of it. A photo with a view of the city, a large number of houses, enlarges the room due to the fact that all these really huge buildings here will be quite small compared to the room. ATTENTION: Both nature and Urban have a very wide color gamut. But remember that the photo also applies the rule that the picture should not be too dark.

Photowall-paper in different rooms

These wallpapers can be pokleit in any room.apartments, as well as in the hallway, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Just keep in mind that in any separately, but not in all at the same time, otherwise it will look too colorful and inappropriate. Living room Very often they are glued in this room, so that you can admire and show your guests. Here are suitable images of both natural beauty and urban. Bedroom Here, more suitable images of nature in quiet and calm colors. Such photos can adjust on dreamy mood or calm before going to bed. Corridor or hallway Since these rooms have poor natural lighting (they most often do not have windows), it is better to choose wallpaper in lighter colors. Kitchen or dining room Pick up wallpapers that are in your understandingcorrelated with cooking or eating. Thus, you adjust yourself to the desired mode. For some, it may be a photo of a French street with small pastry shops, and for someone a photo of the ocean. Bathroom Since this is the smallest room of the apartment,its visual magnification is especially important. The choice of photos, again, a matter of taste. Someone will like to take a shower with a view of the sea (at least in the photo), and someone will introduce such an image into depression. We hope that these tips will help to make your apartment more comfortable and, in any case, visually increase its size. Good luck!