Wall mural: night city in the interior (70 photos)

Wall mural: night city in the interior (70 photos)

Tired of the gloom at home? So it's time to change something and start best from the place where you live. It’s no secret to anyone that it is in home life that we draw our strength and inspiration. Therefore, what surrounds us in the apartment is so important for the common good. And when everything is tired - it's time to change the interior, and you can start with wallpaper. Actual idea: urban foooboi with a night city - will revive any interior. Wall mural city in the interiorWall mural city in the interior Content

Wall mural in the interior

In fact, the choice of wallpaper, including photo wallpaper is quite large. But we will consider specific topics, namely the wallpaper of cities and a megalopolis in your home. First of all, it is important to note that each ofThe cities will carry their atmosphere and harmony. Whether it's the city of love Paris or the lights of nightly New York. Therefore, it is worth deciding in which style and direction it is best to move. An important point in modern photo wallpaper is that, compared to the old Sovdepov samples, they convey a sense of reality, and you begin to really feel that you are in that picture. With the help of some photo wallpapers of cities or their streets in general, you can create an alternative reality directly of the street itself or other plots from the picture.

Wall mural Night city in the interior

This is one of the categories of urban wallpaper that can be used in the interior of the house. They create a special cosiness, and even a certain mystery in the atmosphere of the room. The plot of the night cityThe plot of the night city on the wallpaperWallpaper on different textures, ranging from the glossy version, ending with decorative plaster. Now even there are such wallpaper models that are glued to the wall without the use of glue, which greatly simplifies the process. Moreover, in some cases, this wallpaper can be re-glued several times to other surfaces or the wall.

Advantages of Using Night City Wallpaper

Before buying, you need to study all sorts of factors and find out what benefits will be characteristic of our wallpaper.

  • Quite original and very attractive look. He invigorates, but at the same time intrigues. Very colorful and really uplifting.
  • Variety in the choice of material from which the wallpaper is made. They can be vinyl, paper or non-woven. There are also glossy or matte.
  • They are glued to any type of surface and combined with any color theme in the room. Universal enough and really will become a beautiful decoration of your home.
  • It can be combined with any lighting, even make additional illumination of your night city.
  • Comfortable enough to care for. Easy to clean from dirt and dust. Moreover, due to the dark shades, in some cases, these errors may not be visible at all.
  • Important points

    • It is recommended to glue the murals of cities in modern interiors of hi-tech, modern, minimalism, etc.
    • You can choose any of the plots of the night city,but consider the fact that such wallpapers can make the room a little gloomy. To avoid this, you should think about additional color accents and accessories that will help brighten up this nuance. It is best to use light furniture, then all pieces of the composition will look perfect.
    • It goes well with glass and plastic parts. They can be additionally used to create the desired atmosphere.
    • Use additional illumination for night theme wallpapers, or purchase original lighting fixtures and lamps.

    Popular topics of cities

    As mentioned earlier, each of the cities, orOther places on the photo wallpaper carry their idea and mood. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with all the options that are presented on the market and making your choice. One of the most popular topics of night cities are: London, Paris and New York. Of course, this is not the whole list of famous and beloved cities, but now we are investigating precisely these three options. Read also:

    Wall mural London in the interior

    City of rains and red buses. By the way, such photo wallpaper with red buses and telephone boxes is also a fairly popular idea for modern interiors. Wall mural London in the interiorWall mural London in the interior Here are some of the first associations that come to our mind. But this is only a superficial opinion, in fact London is much more interesting and multifaceted. Wall mural night city in the interiorWall mural night city in the interior Plots withthe night interiors of this city can not only relax, but at the same time charge with their energy. Of the main advantages of choosing this topic and direction, there will be a complete feeling that you are in London. Even without additional accessories in the house, you can feel the real English style and atmosphere. Plots that are often used in the theme of London at night on the wallpaper:

    • The illuminated Big Ben is one of the biggest attractions, as well as a kind of business card.
    • The intrigue of night parks, alleys and squares is also one of the options for photo wallpaper. You can use beautiful landscape scenes from the Greenwich Night Park or Hyde Park.
    • Buckingham Palace at night or Tower Bridge will also find its admirers among lovers of urban night murals.

    As you can see, London is not only rainy and pleasant sadness. There are other options that you can use for ideas in translating photo wallpapers with this city into your home interior.

    Wall mural Paris in the interior

    City of love and romance. How many young couples who were in love visited here and were able to fully enjoy the atmosphere of this city. Paris at night in the interior on the photo wallpaper will be able to convey all that intriguing moment of the dark time of the day, which, undoubtedly, will be highlighted by the "lights of love." The interior will be able to create a unique charm and a great sense of style. Can be combined with different decor options. It is considered a certain classic that can be used not only in the French direction of the style, but also in many others. Wall mural night ParisPhotowall-paper of night Paris One more side -Provence style direction. Often the murals of Parisian streets can be seen in the premises of this design. Again, the use of wallpaper, including night Paris, is best suited for a modern interior. The most popular themes for photo wallpapers with this city will be: parks, streets and nature motifs. You can also find photo wallpapers with the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles, paving stones and other attractions.

    Wall mural Eiffel Tower in the interior

    One of the most visited places in the world,where thousands of people every year discover something new and unknown - we already wrote about city wallpapers with Paris, but if you choose one of its symbols, then this may be this attraction. This wonder of the world is used in the design of rooms very often. Therefore, there will be a lot of options with nightly scenes of the Eiffel Tower. Among them, it will be different in its form, scale and other elements. Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower For example, one of the ideas to stickilluminated Tower on the wall and buy a sofa without a back. Thus, we can fully enjoy its view and even part of the boulevard. If the tower is large, you need to pick up a slightly different version of furniture. It can be a white sofa, for example with colored pillows, which will be combined with the illumination of the Tower in the picture.

    Wall mural New York in the interior

    The city of a huge metropolis in which notonly daytime, but also nocturnal. In New York, one feels activity and dynamism, movement and life. So if you are depressed and always want to be in the cycle of events - this feeling will give you a night of New York on the photo wallpaper. Wall Mural "New York" Wall Mural "New York" Mostly usedstories of night skyscrapers and a view of the city. But this is not the limit! You can use popular attractions, and hang in your apartment your personal Statue of Liberty or an image of Central Park. For those who like an active nightlife, the theme of Times Square or Wall Street is perfect.

    Wall mural Brooklyn bridge in the interior

    It belongs to New York, but has its own separateatmosphere and grandeur. Embodies the greatness and significance of the city with its illuminated bridges and unflappable energy. It is popular on wallpaper both at night and in the daytime. The Brooklyn BridgeThe Brooklyn Bridge

    Wall mural Manhattan in the interior

    Manhattan Island is the heart of New York, so meeting the murals in this direction is also not uncommon. How do you like this modern city on the walls of your apartment? ManhattanWall mural city: Manhattan

    Wall mural Moscow in the interior

    But what are we all about abroad and abroad? By the way, we also have cities worthy of imprinting on murals, and sights that are not embarrassing to look at and decorate the apartment. Of course, our capital is most popular. This is Moscow City night photo wallpaper with a thousand lights, and a view of the Kremlin and Red Square, and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and the statue of Columbus in the center of Moscow, and just familiar to all of us, if not from travel, then from the numerous films of Moscow streets. Wall mural Moscow in the interior - Moscow CityWall mural Moscow in the interior - Moscow City But we do have a “second” capital, do not forget about it.

    Wall mural St. Petersburg in the interior

    Peter is considered the cultural capital of Russia, and notin vain - there are much more sights and beautiful views with ancient buildings. And if you like this city, then why not use its motives on your walls? Wall murals with St. Petersburg, even with a night city, even with a day city, can be very different. Wall mural St. Petersburg: view of the canal above the bedWall mural St. Petersburg: view of the canal above the bed What are the most popular motifs for night Peter on the wallpaper? Of course, this is the bridges - the main night show of this city. You can also take photographs of the rivers and canals of this city with windows and ancient lanterns burning in the houses along the banks of the city, which can become the central figure in the photo. The Hermitage (Winter Palace), the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Bronze Horseman, Kazan or St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Admiralty, the Summer Garden and other sights of St. Petersburg can also be used on city murals in your apartment. In fact, this is not the whole list of nightcities that can be used in the home interior. There are a lot of them and each of these topics will carry something of its own. So look for, choose, and do not forget some rules for sticking wallpaper on urban topics. It is important to remember that the picture itself will be fascinating to the point of madness, but do not forget about the general situation. So glue "night city" on the walls is best to use light furniture and color accents.

    Wall mural city in the interior - gallery

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