Wall hanger of screwdrivers: a master class

Wall hanger of screwdrivers: a master class

Today, many people use a screwdriver onbattery or screwdriver with interchangeable heads. Although often a conventional screwdriver is all that you need. The given project will help to solve at once some problems - storage of a set of the necessary screw-drivers or repeated use of unnecessary as original wall hanger for clothes, accessories or tools. A screwdriver hanger can decorate the hallway wall, be useful at the dacha or help store tools in the garage. How to do it - look further. master class screwdriver hanger Tools and materials:

  • 10-15 different screwdrivers;
  • a wooden bar;
  • paint, can be acrylic, several colors;
  • Angles and screws for fixing the hanger to the wall;
  • drill;
  • sandpaper.

screwdriver hanger - materials

Screwdriver hanger: step by step instruction

⇒ Step 1. Remove dirt and grease from the screwdrivers, if any, wash, dry tools. ⇒ Step 2. Paint the handle of the screwdriver. You can use paints to work in the interior or acrylic for decorative painting of different surfaces. In this case, the screwdriver handles were first immersed in white paint, hung on the thread to dry. Then the end of the handle was immersed in colored paint and again hung up to dry. MK hanger of screwdrivers - we paint MK hanger of screwdrivers - dry MK hanger of screwdrivers - colored screwdrivers ⇒ Step 3. Place a screwdriver next to the bar. Mark pencil on the wooden bar places for holes, where the screwdrivers will be located. Take into account the diameter of the handles and the distance between them. Holes can be made at the same distance from each other or on different, having screwdrivers in groups. master class screwdriver hanger master class screwdriver hanger ⇒ Step 4. Drill through the holes with the drill. Take note of the size of the screwdrivers! Then sandpaper along the surface of the bar, removing irregularities. master class screwdriver hanger master class screwdriver hanger ⇒ Step 5. Attach to the wall using the corners. Mounting the hanger to the wall using corners master class hanger from old screwdrivers Done. You can hang clothes, scarves and hats, bags on the screwdrivers. You can also hang other tools with the help of loops from the rope. wall hanger from old screwdrivers storage of tools on a hanger of screwdrivers