Wallpaper selection in 2019: the most fashionable colors, prints and gluing method (39 photos)

Wallpaper selection in 2019: the most fashionable colors, prints and gluing method (39 photos)

I think everyone will agree that the atmosphere inanother room can be created not only with furniture and accessories, but also with wallpapers that need to be selected by color, material and other important nuances. Fashionable 2019 Wallpaper Choice Many People Makeyour choice in favor of wallpapers, because they are easy to glue and care, serve for a long time, and you can choose completely different design options and patterns. But it is worth considering the factor that fashion is changing more and more every year, so let's look at what options are best to choose in 2019. Content

    What wallpapers will be in the trend of 2019?

    In order to understand which wallpapers will be fashionable and relevant in 2019, it is worth analyzing what was in demand in past years. Trending wallpapers of 2019. First of all, it coststo pay attention to the fact that for several years in a row plain-colored wallpapers have not gone out of fashion. In this case, it does not matter whether it is ordinary natural shades, or some kind of bright color. It’s best to build on the size of your room. If the room is small, it is recommended to use lighter and more natural tones. Thus, the room will appear visually a little larger than it actually is. A completely different situation with the rooms of largesizes. Here you can afford to use bright accent points. The main thing is to do everything in moderation, so use one accent wall so as not to overload the atmosphere of the room. In the 2019 trend, the option of a beautiful combination of wallpaper will remain unchanged, with which you will have the opportunity to visually divide the room into several useful zones. Dividing a room into zones using a color combination of wallpaper Wallpaper with interesting prints will remain fashionable. This option of wall decoration will help give freshness and zest to your room. Unusual wallpaper with a beautiful print of daisies In 2019year use wallpaper with a wide canvas. This solution is quite convenient and practical, because the joints will be much smaller, respectively, and the view is much better. Wallpaper with a wide canvas with virtually no sticksWallpaper in the style of minimalism, in 2019, will also not lose its popularity! Simplicity and the absence of bright additions make it possible to create open and spacious interiors. In design, minimalism is expressed in pastel colors and natural motifs. Minimalism styleMinimalism style wallpapers. Read also:

    2019 Wallpaper Materials

    There are many different materials from which wallpaper is made. Which ones to choose is up to you to decide, but first you should familiarize yourself with the available options.

      • Vinyl wallpapers have proven themselves best. They remain not only the most popular and sought-after in the past few years, but also very affordable financially. Basically, they are chosen for the fact that the quality of these wallpapers is at a high enough level, they are durable, and you can choose the most unusual coloring options. Another undoubtedly important factor is that vinyl wallpapers can be cleaned using special tools.

    Vinyl wallpaper for sticking in the apartment

      • Non-woven wallpaper also occupies one of the firstplaces among the wallpapers that are popular. Their main trump card will be that they are durable, and they can be used for their intended purpose, or they can be taken as a basis for painting a room. They are very convenient in sticking, because in this case the glue will not be applied to the wallpaper, but directly to the walls themselves. This will minimize the risk of tearing the material during gluing, as well as erasing the pattern.

    Beautiful non-woven wallpaper for the room

      • It is predicted that particular popularity in 2019will have liquid wallpapers that resemble painting walls more than sticking. This is a very convenient way to quickly refresh a room with minimal effort and time. These wallpapers do not leave seams; they can be combined with various accessories and decorations in the room, creating an irresistible atmosphere in the interior design.

    Unusual liquid wallpaper in the interior of the house

      • Textile wallpapers will continue to be relevant,which on the one hand look very beautiful in the interior. On the other hand, they have an important nuance, which consists in the fact that they should not be subjected to wet cleaning. This moment can create difficulties, because no one wants dust and other dirt to collect on the walls.

    Textile wallpaper in the trend of 2019

    Choosing the basis of wallpaper

    Presently on the marketmany options for the basis of wallpaper, each of which has its own more positive qualities and nuances. Therefore, before buying, you should still ask about this issue and choose the best option.

  • If we talk about cullet, then they areone of the modern species, which is very popular among its audience. They will not always be relevant specifically for home use, as they have a fairly limited range of colors. But speaking of the benefits, it’s easy to stick and care, and also have fire resistant qualities.
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    Beautiful cullets in interior design

  • Examining wallpaper from a natural base frombamboo, cane or cork can be noted for their environmentally friendly origin and safe use. They have a fairly high level of isolation from extraneous sounds, and are also able to disinfect air to some extent.
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    Natural bamboo wallpaper

  • A variant of textile wallpaper will give the roomfeeling of wealth and nobility. If you decide to purchase them, be prepared to constantly look after them and follow, because they are very responsive to moisture, the sun and can quickly be erased.
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    Assortment of textile wallpapers for the home

  • Vinyl wallpapers are considered one of the most resistant and durable. They are practical to operate and easy to maintain. This is one of the best options that you can use at home.
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    The choice of vinyl wallpapers in different colors

    Fashion sticky

    One of the secrets of a beautiful view and selection of wallpaperis the choice of not only color themes and material, but also an approach to wallpapering. I think many people wondered how this is best done, because it is worth considering the issue in more detail. Here are a few options that you can use in the process.

  • It often happens that the walls are not perfectare even and have small errors. In order to hide such nuances, it is recommended to use wallpaper made of dense materials that will help you achieve the desired result. For example, use non-woven wallpaper to decorate the room.
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    Thick wallpaper for uneven walls

  • When the ceiling height in the room is not very large, try to choose a wallpaper with beautiful vertical stripes.
  • Another secret is the use of small patterns and prints in the design of walls and the selection of wallpaper. This will make it possible to visually increase the space in the room and make it more spacious.
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    Using fine print wallpapers

  • If you want to achieve the opposite result and slightly reduce the space, choose a wallpaper of warm colors.
  • Wallpaper selection for different rooms

    Depending on the type of premises, it is worth choosingappropriate wallpapers that can betray the interior with a beautiful appearance and harmony. Here are some useful tips you can use when buying.

  • It’s best if the wallpaper matches the overallcolor scheme of the room and furniture in particular. Remember that they will play the role of the background in the general atmosphere, therefore it is not worth it to catch the eye and be like a bright spot.
  • If the apartment is one-room, or the room area is small, opt for the colors of natural tones that can betray the interior with beauty and harmony.
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  • If you have a lot of rooms in the apartment, it is recommended to design them in approximately the same tones and textured drawings.
  • The color scheme is best chosen according toto the room where you paste the wallpaper. For example, in the bedroom there should be calmer and calmer colors, in the kitchen it is recommended to glue such wallpapers that can be wiped off from dirt without problems. It is important to note that experienced designers recommend gluing wallpaper in the kitchen on just three walls, and lay the fourth tile.
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  • Speaking of the corridor and the hallway - it’s best ifit will be a warm color scheme that can imitate stone or brickwork. Designers do not recommend using the option of textile wallpaper, it is better to replace them with vinyl or paper.
  • Remember that it is strongly not recommended to glue paper and textile wallpapers into the bathroom. They are very sensitive to humid environments and simply will not stay in this room.
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  • Speaking about the situation with the decor in the office andliving room - he is very rich in a diverse range. You can stick wallpaper from materials of completely different types there, the main thing is to choose the appropriate color or pattern.
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