Warm slippers with your own hands from a sweater

Warm slippers with your own hands from a sweater

In the cold season there is nothing more pleasantcome home at night, take off your shoes and put on warm slippers, in which tired, and sometimes very cold feet comfortably rest after a day's work. This master class will help you make home slippers with your own hands from an unnecessary knitted sweater. And it will be very simple! You do not even need a sewing machine. By the way, such homemade sneakers can be an original gift to family or friends for the New Year! Gifts handmade, made with love close people, always a pleasure to receive!

Materials for slippers

So, to make home slippers yourhands, you need very few materials: an old sweater, scissors, paper, pins, a woolen yarn skein and a thick gypsy needle. Optionally, you may need an insole inside the sneaker or a non-slip rubber pad on the sole. It is desirable that the sweater is tight knit, otherwise it will quickly creep when you cut it. Warm slippers with your own hands from a sweater

Slippers with your hands from sweaters - work progress

Make a pattern of the sole. Just circle the foot on paper, giving a stock of 1.5 - 2 cm from the edge of the leg. Cut out the shape. Warm slippers with your own hands from a sweater Put the pattern on the sweater cloth, and pinpins, so as not to move out. Notice that we fasten both the backrest and the sweater to the pins. The sole of the slipper will be double, so that there is heat even on the cold stone floor. Carefully cut out the sole. Repeat for the second leg. If you do not want a double sole, then these two parts are used for the right and left legs. a pattern of home slippers with your own hands Dress the sleeve of the sweater on the leg to a comfortable length - to the knee or just to the ankle. Cut the sleeve slightly diagonally so that only the foot of the foot remains uncovered. how to make slippers with your own hands out of a sweater master class sweater slippers Pin the pin to the main part. Start with the sock, pulling the canvas where necessary to connect all the pieces. Warm slippers with your own hands from a sweater Drive the woolen yarn into the gypsy needle. Begin stitching the sole with the main body from the sock. There are plenty of options for sewing. You can simply sweep the edges, you can stitch a line, and then decorate the edges with a ribbon, you can use the decorative decorative seam shown in the photo below. Warm slippers from the sweater Knitted wool sole can slip stronglyby sex. If desired, wash it with another outer sole made of fine rubber, cork, leather, silicone. To personalize such cute slippers, clean your bombs, bows, ribbons, buttons, embroider the name of the owner, make appliques, etc. And let your feet always stay warm and cozy!