We create a small kitchen design with our own hands. How easy and free to increase the kitchen in a small apartment with simple recommendations and tips with photos

We create a small kitchen design with our own hands. How easy and free to increase the kitchen in a small apartment with simple recommendations and tips with photos

Each mistress dreams of a beautiful and cozy kitchen. This personally its space becomes not only the main "working ground" in the house, but also often a favorite place for family gatherings and a pleasant evening pastime. That is why the kitchen is one of the most important and desired parts of each apartment. But often the problem of modern megalopolis development is manifested - total space saving. Often, these cuts in the living space, for the sake of its cheaper, occur at the expense of vital premises such as, for example, a kitchen. And it is very difficult for a modern young family to allocate 4-6 square meters for a room under the room, not only to equip a real paradise for cooking, but also to place all necessary household appliances in a trivial way. But, after all, nothing is impossible. It is in this article that you can learn how to easily design the original and actual design for the kitchen in 2014. In addition, most of the tips you can implement for free with their own hands. Taking advantage of our simple recommendations, you will surprisingly see that the interior of a small kitchen made by yourself can be surprisingly functional and attractive. Tip 1 Redevelopment Photo examples of design of small kitchens. Photo №1 A simple kitchen without walls smoothly turning into aliving room and corridor. What does the kitchen look like in a normal Soviet apartment? Rectangular, tiny, opposite the window or in the corner is the door, which also opens inward thus selecting the missing meters of the precious room. In addition, even the withdrawal of sewerage and water pipes in the corner, and gas pipes and heating columns along the walls take away the remains of the vital space. What to do in this case? First, we change the layout. We transfer the pipes, change the door opening, and if the kitchen is adjacent to other rooms, the optimal variant is the demolition of partitions that separate the kitchen from the next room. For example, if the kitchen touches the living room (usually the adjacent wall is not a carrier), you can very simply leave the kitchen space as a cooking space, and transfer the impoverished table to the living room and arrange a place for a family meal. Also do not forget to use the window's capabilities. For example, if a kitchen with a loggia is reasonably warm it, remove the inner window frame and arrange a dining table on the sill. If there are no loggias, also do not forget about the window opening, place a table on the windowsill for cooking - this will save a lot of space. The space under the windowsill is also easy to use. Just replace the huge cast-iron batteries with flat and more economical aluminum radiators, and the pipes run under the floor. Tip 2 Repair and design Correctly assembled and matching the texture and colors you can easily increase the sense of space, perspective and visually the size of the kitchen. To do this, make the ceiling lighter than the walls and without a noticeable transition. Also, avoid the mirror decoration of the ceiling, this will turn a small kitchen into an uncomfortable visually high pencil case. Glossy stretch ceilings are better placed with a gloss in the center, this will avoid artificial overestimation of the room. Photo examples of design of small kitchens. Photo # 2 Old as the world of reception - white and light colors,will help the room to seem bigger than it really is. When choosing a color scheme, focus not only on your own discretion, but also on placing windows relative to the sides of the world. If they look to the south - it is not recommended to use golden and yellow tones, they will make the room in the summer even hotter. In this case, the cold blue and gray shades are perfect. The northern side, on the contrary, will require refreshment and warming. Therefore, use warm and joyful colors: ocher, gently green pink. Tip 3 Household appliances and furniture In order to ensure that your small kitchen was maximally comfotable, you must first calculate and plan the placement of all the necessary furniture and equipment. Ideal looks plan - refrigerator-stove-sink. This will avoid unnecessary furniture. Also an excellent solution will be the manufacture of furniture to order. For example, the space will perfectly save and do not damage the functionality of cutting the depth of standard kitchen sets from 60 cm to 45 cm. The sink must be installed in a corner. The furniture you choose should not make contrast with the walls and be defiantly bright. The excellent color scheme of the kitchen set will be white top, dark bottom, without bulging external handles, as in the photo below. As for household appliances. Here, too, has its own rules.

  • Try to combine the necessary for you in the householdfunctions in one device. Oven and microwave can replace a more expensive but multifunctional oven, the functions of a meat grinder, a food processor and a mixer will perfectly perform a modern blender with a lot of baits.
  • Try to choose smaller pieces of equipment in comparison with the standards, because modern shops offer a huge choice.
  • Refrigerator - the main and most bulky itemappliances in the kitchen. It can easily be hidden, abandoning the standard models and installing several refrigerating compartments in the kitchen set. This is quite enough for a family of 3-4 people.

Photo examples of design of small kitchens. Picture №3 Tip 4 Properly selected lighting LightIt is also very important in the process of forming a design for a small kitchen. The working area is better illuminated more brightly, at the dining room table use more light and matte lighting. To do this, make lighting for each individual zone using point-mounted luminaires. The usual chandelier from the ceiling is better to remove - it will be a room visually more spacious and high. If you want to leave it, then use a lamp with matte not round shades above the work area, and lighten the dining area with separate unguided local lights. Photo examples of design of small kitchens. Photo №4 Tip 5 Use Original Ideas Photo examples of design of small kitchens. Photo №5 And finally the last, but probably the most importantadvice - do not be afraid to be creative. Use the original dishes, decorations - they will help make the room more cozy and give a unique charm. Use the built-in home appliances that will give the room extra harmony. Also for the design of small kitchens with their own hands, the idea of ​​placing shelves under the ceiling is perfect. Simply install the shelves there and put the things that you take out once or twice a year and your kitchen will instantly get rid of unnecessary trash under your hands and it will look not only cozier but also more original. Do not forget about the flowers. But do not use the huge and often uncomfortable ceramic pots. Better take advantage of the new trends of 2014 and place your green favorites in glass transparent pots filled with hydroponics. Such products will look very unexpected and fresh. Photo examples of design of small kitchens. Photo №6 Thus, you can see that usingour simple tips to create a small kitchen design with their own hands is extremely easy. Therefore, do not be cautious about our simple recommendations, be creative. And when the long-awaited day comes and the creation in which you will put your soul and means will appear before your eyes, you will be surprised yourself with the unexpected magnificence and cosiness of the design created by you. In addition, all your household members and all future guests will admire the way you created a work of design art from a small and unpretentious space.