We decorate the house for Halloween outside and inside (58 photos)

We decorate the house for Halloween outside and inside (58 photos)


    How to decorate an apartment for Halloween

    In recent decades, we are increasingly celebratedVintage Celtic Halloween holiday. Usually the celebration takes place in the form of a theme party, with suitable costumes and room decoration. To think about decorating a house for Halloween, you need to remember the symbols of this holiday: pumpkin lanterns, ghosts, sorceresses, skeleton, spider with cobwebs, broom, stupa, mummy, black cat, etc. How to decorate a house and apartment for Halloween photoHow to decorate a house and apartment for Halloween photo

    Pumpkin decorations

    In addition to traditional lanterns, you can come up withother pumpkin decor options. For example, in each room you can place small and white, orange, colorful and green pumpkins individually and in groups and decorate them with ribbons, beads, flowers and appliqués. Or make vases from pumpkins for asters, branches of mountain ash, physalis, colorful leaves. Read: We use pumpkins to decorate the house for HalloweenWe use pumpkins to decorate the house for Halloween Small pumpkins on a dishSmall pumpkins on a dishPumpkins can be used as candlesticks. In order for the design to acquire some kind of man-madeness, you can do carving for vegetables - carving. The front door will be very decorated with a wreath with decorative pumpkins. Here is a small workshop on pumpkin crafts: Making pumpkin craftsMaking pumpkin crafts

    Ghosts, cobwebs and other ideas

    If pumpkins could not be found, you can sew them from shreds of fabric or make them from glomeruli of thread. Paper pumpkins - simple, stylish, durablePaper Pumpkins - Simple, Stylish, Durablegauze or white sheets can create a ghost. To do this, moisten the fabric well with a solution of PVA glue, inflate a balloon and fix the fabric on it in the form of a ghost until it dries completely. Then blow off the ball, and on the fabric draw a black marker on the eyes and mouth. Such figures can be hung on windows, chandeliers, doors, hangers. Halloween gauze ghostsHalloween gauze ghosts White woolen threads or a nylon mesh will make an almost real web, which can be thrown over a chandelier, curtain rod or furniture. Ghosts and Web - Gloomy Home DecorGhosts and cobwebs - gloomy home decor. Chairs, vases, lampshades, mirrors and other interior items can be wrapped in a black veil and fixed with red or orange ribbons. Little ghosts on the chandelierLittle ghosts on the chandelier In the street decor for Halloween, you can also use ghosts: Ghost dance - decorate the garden for HalloweenGhost dance - decorate the garden for Halloween

    Halloween paper decor

    Many decor details that are offered inshops, you can make yourself. So, from black cardboard, you can cut out the silhouettes of ravens, cats, bats, spiders, witches and attach them with scotch tape to walls, lampshades, windows, or lay them on dressers, shelves, tables and chairs. And on plain paper, draw eyes, cut them and stick them on vases, walls or furniture. This will create the impression that you and your guests are being watched. You can also cut a skeleton out of paper and attach it to a refrigerator or door. An integral attribute of Halloween is the witch's hat. Making it out of cardboard or paper is a snap. Witch paper hat and other decor ideasWitch paper hat and other decor ideas Great for table settingcobwebs from black cardboard with a pattern painted in white. They can be made both large - under plates, and small - under glasses. Read also: Gloomy decor for the festival of evilGloomy decor for the festival of evil

    Branches, driftwood and fallen leaves

    Of twigs and snags found in a garden, forest orpark, you can create a gloomy forest. For this find, it is necessary to dry well and cover with black paint. After composing them in vases or jars of composition. It is desirable to wrap the vessels for the compositions with a black cloth, this will enhance the effect. Such "trees" can be wrapped with threads (cobwebs) and plant artificial spiders on them. Or hang small pumpkins, orange Christmas balls on the branches and tie a black ribbon bow. Driftwood in the decor of the house outsideDriftwood in the decor of the house outside Halloween Twigs DecorHalloween decor for home decoration onHalloween is widely used dry leaves. They can be scattered on shelves, tables and window sills, attached to curtains or filled with a transparent vase. And from dry leaves strung on a string, you get a garland. Dry leaves in a street home decor Dry leaves in a street home decor

    Other interesting ideas

    Black ankle boots are easy to turn intoSorceress shoes To do this, put in them bunches of twigs and dried grass and bandage the stems with a black ribbon. This composition is better to put in the hallway. A very simple way to decorate a room is to use orange balloons with scary or funny faces painted on them. Balloon mugsBalloon mugs

    Decoration of the facade, entrance and garden for Halloween

    Halloween Garden Decorating IdeasHalloween Garden Decorating Ideas Decorate Halloween entrance and house outsideHalloween Decorate Entrance and House Outside Decoratethe house outside and the garden can be just like an apartment. The ideas are the same - we use pumpkins from which you can create huge compositions in the garden. We are reading for this holiday. Decorating the facade of the house for HalloweenDecorating the facade of the house for Halloween Thus, to decorate the house for Halloween, it does not require large expenditures of time and finance, the main thing is fantasy! Do you like the article? Share on social networks!