We make pumpkin decorations for our garden, summer house and home (38 photos)

We make pumpkin decorations for our garden, summer house and home (38 photos)


    Autumn decoration of the garden with a pumpkin

    Indian summer is a wonderful time to spendlast days in the summer cottage, and decorate the garden or the house with juicy and ripe pumpkins, and having shown a little imagination you can make original decorations from this very useful vegetable. How to decorate pumpkins in the garden and cottage - photoHow to decorate pumpkins in the garden and cottage - photo

    Welcome pumpkin

    The largest and most beautiful pumpkin should be left forgreetings of guests, using a marker or acrylic paints, you can write a funny greeting on it, and if you put a marker next to it, then guests will necessarily write a message on the back or leave an autograph. Welcome pumpkin for autumn garden decorWelcome pumpkin for autumn garden decor At the end of the season, such a pumpkin will be a pleasant occasion for memories and in order to meet again for a pumpkin pie. Pumpkins at the entrance to the house in the country or in the cottagePumpkins at the entrance to the house in the country or in the cottage

    Guest house guard

    To start, there’s a guard at the door of the house,or a gatekeeper who will welcome guests. It will take two pumpkins, one slightly smaller than the other, a hat, several large beautiful buttons, and a collar from an unnecessary shirt (you can replace it with a bow tie). In order to make a funny face, a wine cork, a felt-tip pen, and several pins will be needed. Brave Pirates - Guardians of the Pumpkin HouseBrave Pirates - Pumpkin Guardianscan be cut out, or drawn with a felt-tip pen, a cork is used instead of a nose, a collar is located between the pumpkins, it can be fixed with pins. You can plant such a figure in a large floor vase, decorated with dry hay. A simple guard at home - a pumpkin witchA simple guard at home - a witch of pumpkin Other crafts from the autumn gifts of nature: - - - - - - -

    Decorated Pumpkin Lanterns

    From small elongated pumpkins you can craftfunny lanterns, just draw a lantern with a felt-tip pen on a pumpkin, and carefully cut out the hole for the candles. You can not do this, and imitate lighting with special luminous or reflective paints. Children will perfectly cope with such a task, and they can be attracted to such a useful and incredibly interesting task. Beautiful do-it-yourself pumpkin lanternsBeautiful do-it-yourself pumpkin lanterns How to make pumpkin lanterns and decorate the gardenHow to make pumpkin lanterns and decorate the garden Patterned Ideas for Making Pumpkin LanternsDesign ideas for making pumpkin lanterns Here is a video master class on how to easily make such a pumpkin lantern:

    DIY pumpkin decor

    To decorate a house or apartment, you canuse an interesting technique when a maple leaf is glued onto a large pumpkin using PVA glue, a leaf can also be glued to the pumpkin stalk. The color of maple leaves should be contrasting and distinguishable and the golden color of the pumpkin, for example, green or bright burgundy. For decoration, you can use the leaves of other trees, and so that such a pumpkin pleased with its freshness longer and the leaves do not wither, they can be made from colored paper. Pumpkin decoration for decorating a summer house and homePumpkin decoration for decorating a summer house and home. Moreone idea is to completely transform the pumpkin. To do this, you can use foil, colored paper, fabric, lace and other materials that need to completely wrap the pumpkin. Here's what we get: Pumpkin in lace - stylish and neat.Pumpkin in lace - stylish and neat. MoreA simple option is to paint the pumpkin and draw some patterns on it. For example - we paint a pumpkin in white color and use a stencil to apply snowflakes, a pattern of autumn leaves or bats and witches on it, if you make Halloween decorations. We paint a pumpkin and draw patterns on itWe paint a pumpkin and draw patterns on it

    Pumpkin candlesticks for home and street

    From small and very small fruits, you canmake streetlights for the dark. It is enough to cut the pumpkin in half, slightly cut the base (for that, then the candlestick will stand stably) and cut a small depression in the pulp to fit the candle. For safety reasons, it is recommended to place such candlesticks on metal trays, or decorative plates. A small hanging planter can be bent from the wire, and then they can be hung on trees. Making pumpkin candlesticks with your own handsMaking pumpkin candlesticks with your own hands

    Pumpkin Flower Vase

    Any holiday, and weekday at the cottageflower decoration is necessary, so from a pumpkin of the Aport variety you can make funny vases for flower bouquets and autumn compositions. As with candlesticks, you need to slightly cut the base for stability, and pull out the seeds. Vase for flowers - do-it-yourself pumpkin clockVase for flowers - a watch from a pumpkin with your own hands Such pumpkins will stand for a long time, pleasing the eye with autumn colors of flowers and collected compositions.

    Pumpkin figures for garden decor

    Bear and pumpkin vase - decorate the garden by autumnBear and pumpkin vase - decorate the garden by autumnFor some reason, it is believed that decorating the house and garden with pumpkins is possible only for Halloween, which means that the theme must be gloomy. But you can also make quite cute figures for a garden from a pumpkin, for example, make an owl from a pumpkin, a dragon or a caterpillar, a carriage, as in the fairy tale "Cinderella", a dog, a large piece of cheese with mice .. In general, show your imagination. Positive pumpkin caterpillar for garden decorationPositive pumpkin caterpillar for garden decoration Pumpkin house Pumpkin Owl Pumpkin carriage Dog and cheese Halloween Pumpkin FiguresHalloween Pumpkin Figures

    Pumpkin Flower Pots

    From pumpkins you can make pots for thoseplants that tolerate small frosts well. Only in this case, the pulp must be carefully removed all. From afar, such a pot will resemble a pumpkin, which was accidentally lost among flowers, and only approaching, you can be amazed at the original idea. Flower pots and flowerpots from pumpkin for a decor of a summer residenceFlower pots and flowerpots from pumpkin for a decor of a summer residence

    Pumpkin decorations for the garden and garden - photo

    And traditionally in the end there are some more original ideas on how you can use pumpkins to decorate your garden and cottage by fall: We also recommend viewing:

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