We place accents: bright walls in the interior (43 photos)

We place accents: bright walls in the interior (43 photos)

An important role in any interior plays, of course,Colour. He is responsible for the harmony of the room and the psychological state of the owners. We will figure out what bright colors you can paint the walls in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and children's room. image-204239Interior of a colorful living room

Overview of colors for bright walls in the interior

The primary colors that are familiar to every person are in the rainbow. As you know, this wonderful natural phenomenon consists of seven primary colors:

  • red;
  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • Violet.

The desire of each color to lighten will give white, and the departure into the dark - black. At each transition, various shades are obtained, which are used for decoration. 1448Living room with a bright burgundy wall. Considerthe characteristic of each color, based on the well-known science - Feng Shui. According to her theory, each color has its own personal properties. See also:. Red walls in the interior Derivative shades such as coral and burgundy are often used. This color represents the energy of life. Its main qualities:

  • increased passion;
  • increased attraction of glances;
  • dynamism;
  • creation.

But at the same time, red color also carries negative properties:

  • destruction;
  • cruelty;
  • violence;
  • stubbornness;
  • shamelessness.

Usually this color is chosen by people energetic and creative. Recommended for use in the living room and kitchen. It is not quite suitable for a bedroom. Orange walls in the interior Derivative shades are often used with this color:

  • tangerine;
  • amber;
  • honey.

This color represents optimism, sociability and freedom. It is preferable to use in those rooms where people communicate, for example, a kitchen or a living room. See also:. Yellow walls in the interior. The main derivative shades:

  • citric;
  • cream;
  • pale yellow.

Color carries love and joy. The color is ideal for a nursery. But the main thing is to observe the measure, otherwise you can get negative properties in the form:

  • talkativeness;
  • distraction;
  • excessive criticism.

See also: and. Green walls in the interior. Famous derived shades:

  • pistachio;
  • mint;
  • light green.

This color carries absolute harmony. Its main qualities:

  • peace and tranquility;
  • a life;
  • freshness;
  • complete poise.

This color can be safely used in any room. See also:. Blue walls in the interior. The main color scheme:

  • lavender;
  • sea ​​wave;
  • azure.

All of them are cold shades. Basic properties:

  • world;
  • equilibrium;
  • wisdom.

If you go too far with color, you will get complacency and excessive superstition. Ideal for bedrooms and relaxation rooms. See also:. Blue walls in the interior Derived shades:

  • electrician;
  • aquamarine;
  • indigo.

Blue color carries such qualities as:

  • independence;
  • justice;
  • devotion.

If you overdo it a bit with the amount, you get oppression. Ideal for living rooms and offices. Purple walls in the interior. The main derived shades:

  • lilac;
  • heliotrope;
  • purple.

This mystical color is often chosen by people of creative professions for their personal accounts and bedrooms. Basic properties:

  • power;
  • force;
  • wisdom;
  • kindness.

See also: and. White walls in the interior. This color carries purity and purity. Often used its shades:

  • Ivory;
  • Champagne
  • cream;
  • lactic.

It can be used in any room, especiallyin one that needs visual augmentation. It is undesirable to use a pure white color, because it is very cold and can be obtained as a result of a hospital style. Black walls in the interior. The main color scheme consists of:

  • graphite;
  • Marengo
  • Gray;
  • dark chocolate.

There is a lot of mystery and mystery in this color. Cannot be used in small rooms. Most often, black is preferred by single people or experts in the field of esotericism. See also: and. The colors and shades discussed above are used by designers for interior decoration. Thus, a unique and original interior is created.

Palette and style: the rules for combining the color of walls in the interior

Each room necessarily consists ofa specific set of furniture, accessories, ceilings, floors and walls. Together, they all convey a certain style. Consider what palette this or that style consists of:

  • Fans of classics, Provence and romanticism should stay on the warm shades of the walls. Ideal beige, pale pink, milky, fawn.
  • For connoisseurs of minimalism, eclecticism, hi-tech and postmodernism, black and white should be preferred.
  • The rustic style, country and urban Morocco love the whole range of brown shades.
  • Fashionable and eccentric pop art and kitsch prefer to get along with a bright multi-colored cloud. In this case, the brighter, the better, and still need to have all this more.
  • Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles love white in combination with blue, black and brown.
  • c5c9d009fa0487cfad06d218d7d7Red wall and black ceiling in the living room

    A certain room has its own wall color

    The fantasy of each person is capable of much. But do not blindly trust her and paint the walls in the first color you like. Each room represents something different, so you need to seriously approach the choice of the brightness of the walls. color-furniture6Green wall combined with bright orangefurniture Bright walls in the living room This room carries a lot of positive. Here the whole family gathers every day and shares their news. It is better to make your choice in one of four colors:

  • Blue. Such walls go well with any shade of furniture and accessories. To revive the interior will help a colorful rug on the floor near the sofa, a bright picture, white or red sofa. It is better to refuse superfluous details.
  • Orange. This color will refresh the room. It will only be necessary to complete the interior with a bright carpet and an armchair. Other accessories should have a more consistent tone.
  • Chocolate. This shade in itself is beautiful and original. Additionally, you do not need to decorate the walls with anything. Upholstered furniture of turquoise, yellow, white or orange shade is ideal.
  • White. This universal color is suitable for those who have not decided on radical changes. A green, yellow or orange hue will help to dilute the interior. Furniture in this case is suitable for any.
  • 1255362865576fb807d3dbb0-46136358Living room in lilac shades Bright walls inbedroom interior Entering this room, first of all you should feel calm, which means you need to choose the appropriate colors. Ideal will look green, blue, yellow, pink shades, tending to white. svetlaya-spalnya-s-zhidkimi-oboyami-na-stenahBedroom in a rich delicate cream color Brightonly one wall can be made, which will not fall into view before going to bed. The best place to go is the headboard. Furniture is best chosen in light shades, such as bleached oak, wenge or honey birch. Choose the right accessories. If you pick them up under a bright wall, then they should be calm tones. Bright walls in the interior of the kitchen The bright color of the walls in this room must necessarily be combined with some factors:

  • Furniture. If you want to paint the wall in red, blue, green or yellow, then the furniture should be white.
  • Daylight. If the kitchen windows face the sunny side, then feel free to choose any bright shade for the wall.
  • The size of the room. There is only one rule here, if the room is large, then any bright but warm shade is allowed to be used.
  • Paints the walls black and dark brown in the kitchen is not recommended. This will reduce the room and give it a sense of dirt and mess. zapretnye-cveta-dlja-kuhniBlack facades and wall in the kitchen. Bright walls inthe interior of the children's room Children are an inexhaustible source of energy, warmth and joy. Here you need to use only bright shades, but not flashy. The main thing to observe is the measure. head_pic03Children's bedroom in lilac colors Best forChildren's room combine warm and cold shades. For a warm range, orange, pale yellow, pear shades are ideal. This gamut looks bright, but not sharply and does not injure the psyche of the child. head_pic02Bedroom for a boy in blue and brownshades For older children, focus on learning is important, so you should pay attention to pastel colors of the walls, and bright accents can be made on accessories and furniture. head_pic01A bright yellow wall in a nursery Neveruse only one bright color for the nursery. For the development of the child, the room must combine different shades. This will improve his perception of the world around him. Many child psychologists recommend making a bright color of the walls in the zone of games and activities, and where the baby is sleeping, you can choose the same shade, but much lighter and calmer. mgvnwkhvwsndyvdsscfrf35lvbtafm72Burgundy brown walls in children's bedroom CWith such simple colorimetry tips, you can make an interesting and bright design of all rooms in your apartment or house. Choose the right color combinations and they will give you the inner harmony that you will receive while inside the walls of your own home. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!