How to weave the phone case from a rubber band: photo master-class

How to weave the phone case from a rubber band: photo master-class


Mobile phones now are not onlyAdults, but also in children. These gadgets allow you to always be in touch and therefore enjoy incredible popularity. For any mobile phone you need a cover. It not only protects the device from various kinds of mechanical damage, but also makes the communication device more stylish, exclusive and bright. Especially for all mobile phone owners today we will hold an interesting master class, in which we tell in detail how to make a phone bag made of rubber bands.
From multi-colored bright rubber bands it is possible to weaveAlmost anything. Making the first steps in weaving skills, people tend to create small figurines, rings and bracelets, and then start to experiment and to weave a three-dimensional things. This time we will offer you a training master class, in which we will describe in stages the whole process of making a cover for a phone made of silicone rubber bands.

We learn the weaving of the boot

In order to make a cheholchik for your phone from multicolored silicone rubber bands, you first need to prepare all the materials and accessories necessary for the needlework:

  • Machine without a central row;
  • Gum green, dark green and bright pink;
  • hook;
  • scheme.

At the beginning of the master class, you must correctly installmachine. The notches in the front rowers should look to the right side, and in the rear rows to the left. After this, it is necessary to toss an oblique piece of light green. The resulting crosses must be taken by crochet for 3 pcs. And strengthen the loop, as shown in the picture.

The gap between the parts on every third columnYou need to fill out. For this, the rubber bands are arranged in the form of a figure eight. At the next stage of the master class, we need to string a layer of dark green rubber bands around the circle. After that, the lower layer is reset to the center.

Next, alternate dark green andLayered layers until the weaving grows to 18 rows. Then all actions are repeated to 11 rows. Now after each layer removed, a new color is added to the weave - bright pink.

This original rubber phone case fits strictly according to the scheme. At the end of the work, the cheholchik is removed from the machine.

A ready-made case for a phone with a bright pink heart can be presented to your beloved person or girlfriend!

How to crochet a phone case

In the previous master class,How to make a cover for the phone on the machine. For people who are more comfortable with crocheting we suggest studying another lesson with a step-by-step description of the technique of creating a sheath of rubber with a conventional hook. So, for work you need:

  • Silicone rubber bands;
  • hook.

We begin to weave the case for the phone. Take the hooks with your hands and screw the first accessories onto it in 2 turns. Then take another 1 element and use the hook to stretch it through the resulting buttonhole. Under this scheme, you need to make a chain. Its length depends on the model of your mobile.

To find out whether the length has come outWoven from the rubber bands chain it must be attached to the mobile device. If its ends are not connected, then it is necessary to tie a couple more links. Ideal is the length when all the links of the chain tightly fit the body of the mobile phone. In the woven chain it will be necessary to hold the working tool in 2 loops from the edge. Please note that during the calculation, the loop on the working tool is not taken into account! In this loop, you need to stretch 1 ring so that the hook is 4 loops. In these loops, another 1 rubber band is inserted. Then the actions are repeated according to the same scheme. Each loop is padded as if instead of gum we had threads and we made columns without a crochet. The first loop in the rival is tied 3 times, and the rest one by one. The last loop is also tied three times!

When one side of the cheholchika is ready, weWe proceed to the weaving of the second. To do this, we need to skip one loop, insert the hook into the second and once to tie it. Then the second side we plait on the same scheme as the first. Having reached the rounding, we connect both sides, as shown in the photo.

At us the bottom for чехольчика has turned out. To make the cover look brighter the next ryadochek can be weaved from blue rubber bands. Before we begin to weave all the details on the hook, you need to spend another 1 rubber. When weaving this ryadochka we will use for each loop a pair of rubber bands. In order to keep the cheholchik straight, at this stage the master of the class of increase we do not do. At the end of the first color row, we return to the lifting loop of the previous ridge. This loop is skipped, and the hook is inserted into the first loop of the same color. A new rubber band is stretched into it, as well as a pair on the working tool. After that, a lifting loop is padded and a transition to a series of another color is carried out. The weaving of the phone case for the phone from the rubber bands continues in this way until the length of the product grows to the size we need.

At the end of the master class, when we weave the caseThe right size, we will need to close all the loops. To do this, we need to weave the last ryadochk half-pit: one detail is dragged through the loop of the row, as well as a pair located on the working tool. The last loop is fixed with a knot. The resulting "tail" on the knot should be lengthened with another 1 rubber and hide from the wrong side of the cheholchika. In addition, a ready-made phone case made of rubber bands can be decorated with an original keyring or suspension.

Using such a simple scheme of weaving, you canWeave not only a case for a mobile phone, but also a cover for a laptop or a console from the TV. Such unusual cheholchiki will transform any thing, making it more stylish and bright!

Video: Options for weaving the case for mobile