How to weave a minion of rubber bands. Examples. 7 video lessons / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to weave a minion of rubber bands. Examples. 7 video lessons / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The popularity of these charming little onesmonsters broke all records. They liked the whole planet in "The Ugly I", but the release of the "Minions" in 2015 became their real star hour. To have at least one minion toy was wanted by all the children. Then there were master classes, suggesting how to> weave the minion.

Mignon - keychain

Master Tanya will tell you how to weave a minion of rubber bands. You will need:

  • Blue - 30 pcs.
  • Yellow - 36 pcs.
  • Black - 4 pcs.
  • White - 3 pcs.
  • Clips - 2 pcs.

Tools require a machine with extendedforward the central part and the holes located from the master, and the hook. By following all the details of the lesson, you can make a pretty simple keychain in which the character turns out not at all evil, but very nice.

Mignon on a gum machine

According to the scheme and photos from Sergei, a wonderful minion of rubber bands on the machine is obtained. To make it we need a machine and a set of colored rubber bands:

  • Yellow - 90 pcs.
  • Blue - 90 pcs.
  • Black - 20 pcs.
  • White - 5 pcs.
  • Pink - 2 pcs.

Three minions of rubber bandsKnitting a three-dimensional figure consists of the following stages:

  • Prepare the machine with the central part extended and the holes looking to the right.
  • Weaving starts from the head.
  • Following the recommendations of the author of the master class to perform all the actions from the yellow details.
  • After 3 layers of yellow, the eye is made of black and white fragments.
  • The made eye is attached to the first column of the central row.
  • Next, another layer of yellow rubber bands (2 pieces each) is performed.
  • For the mouth, a pair of pink rubber bands is wound on the hook 4 times and fixed exactly like the eye.
  • Another layer of yellow structural parts is being made.
  • Then work begins with the blue details.
  • Then you need to weave the minion handles of black and yellow rubber bands, using the hook and finger.
  • Attach ready-made handles to the weaving of the body.
  • We introduce black parts for the pocket.
  • Bring the figure up to make it easier to work with overalls.
  • Weave the legs of black and blue rubber bands, put them into the weaving.
  • To finish work.
  • If you follow the instructions exactly, you will get a beautiful three-dimensional decoration.

    3D Minion

    This is another way, as you can weave from the rubber bands of the minion on the machine. Here you use lumigurumi rubber bands, and the woven article is available even for beginner. For work you will need to use:

    • Yellow rubber bands - 140 pieces.
    • Blue - 112 pieces.
    • Black - 60 pieces.
    • Gray - 24 pieces.
    • White - 16 pieces.
    • Transparent - 53 pieces.

    For weaving you need a classic machine.Used 10 bars of the machine with a remote central part. In total, 19 rows are used to produce a large flat monster. The weaving is done according to the scheme, and all the detailed explanations are clearly visible in the video. The work begins with the legs, which are woven from the black components, then go to the wicker blue, then - according to the scheme. The work ends with the addition of a funny head of black hair, tied with a loop and cut with scissors along the length.

    Flat character on the fork

    Even if there is no special machine at hand,you can make a nice minion of rubber with the simplest popular device - an ordinary plug. For work, take blue and yellow rubber bands with the addition of a small amount of black, as well as two white parts. The work is carried out on two forks, connected together with convex sides together. Only three prongs are used. The finished work looks like a small flat minion of rather symbolic shape - a rectangle without legs and pens. This simple technique, perfectly demonstrated in the video of the master class, is great as a training for a beginner master. The cartoon on the slingshot This entry tells how to weave the minion's rubber bands on the slingshot. With the help of simple and accessible technology, even a fairly simple figure is obtained, but it has arms and legs, it perfectly fits the role of a suspension or even a bookmark. A minion of rubber is dropped on the slingshot with the use of a hook. The work uses rubber bands of yellow, blue, black and white colors. This is the traditional color for such a product. The tongue is the main tool for weaving. It starts from the right column by winding 4 turns of the black part. It becomes the base of the foot - the shoe, then they are supplemented with blue parts, and one of the legs turns out. Repeating the operation with yellow elastic bands, you can get a second limb, only the arm. This way, you can tie one half of the minion. Repeat the procedure in a mirror image with a tie-pigtail, we get the body of the cartoon character. Completing the work of the black element from above and joining all three parts together, adding finishing.

    Mignon crochet

    There is also an instruction how to make a funnyminion of rubber bands without the aid of auxiliary tools. Knit crochet is easy, elements of the classic colors for the character are used - yellow and blue with a small amount of black and white. The minion follows the bars, all you need are three pillars of "braids" that are then connected together. For "stitching" of the stitches an additional rubber band attached by a loop is used. It turns out unpretentious minionchik, which can be made even for a child.

    Bracelet with minions of rubber bands

    Of the popular lomilum can be produced not onlypendants and key rings, but also a beautiful soft bracelet with a pattern of minions. In order to learn how to brace yourself a bracelet with minions of rubber bands, you need to use a detailed record. It shows the entire weaving in stages, so reproducing the process will not be difficult. Work begins with the selection of a pattern and the creation of a pattern. For weaving, a machine with two rows and a centered base is used. The holes of the columns look to the right. It is necessary to use the printout of the weaving scheme and the handle to mark the passed rows. It is recommended to use as transparent additional details. Weaving should be carried out exactly according to the author's recommendation, then the final result will be neat and beautiful.